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Indien-Panzer Guide

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Indien-Panzer Guide

Post  Ding760 on Sat Aug 31, 2013 10:05 pm

The Indien-Panzer is a tier 8 German medium tank, also known as "mini-Lowe"

Its a rather interesting tank to play and a quite rewarding one for those who do well with it.

The stats:

Cost: 2,420,000 Credits
Hit Points: 1,300 HP
Weight Limit: 39.87/40.0 t
Crew: Commander (Radio Operator), Gunner, Driver, Loader
Engine Power: 500/630
Speed Limit: 50 km/h
Traverse: 34 deg/s
Hull Armor: 90/90/45 mm
Turret Armor: 90/90/45 mm
Turret Traverse: 36 deg/s
Elevation Arc: -10°/+20°
View Range: 380 m


The tank has only 3 guns available to it but then again its more than enough.

The stock gun is the "short 88"  8,8 cm KwK 36 L/56
Damage (AP/APCR/HE) 220/220/270 HP
Penetration (AP/APCR/HE) 132/171/44 mm
RoF 9.38 r/m (100% crew only)
Accuracy 0.38
Aim time 2.3s

The first gun you can unlock is the "long 88" 8,8 cm KwK 43 L/71
This is a Great gun for a medium tank
Damage (AP/APCR/HE) 240/240/295 HP
Penetration (AP/APCR/HE) 203/237/44 mm
RoF 7.79 r/m(100% crew only)

Accuracy 0.34
Aim time 2.9s

This is the last gun you can unlock the 9 cm KwK 54
This is an upgraded version of "long 88" and you thought it couldn't get better Wink
Damage (AP/APCR/HE) 240/240/320 HP
Penetration (AP/APCR/HE) 212/259/45 mm
RoF 8 r/m (100% crew only)
Accuracy 0.34
Aim time 2.9s


Only 2 options available the stock engine and its upgrade.
Stock engine: MTU MB 837
POWER: 500 hp
Fire chance: 15 %

Upgrade engine: MTU MB 837 A
POWER: 630 hp
Fire chance: 12 %

Note: Unlike other German tanks, the chances of fire on this tank are very low!


Unlike most medium tanks the indien-panzer does not need to upgrade its tracks to fit all of its modules + equipment. This is important because you can delay to unlock the tracks and instead focus your exp towards getting the engine and then the long 88.

HOWEVER: you should not neglect unlocking them. Traverse speed is the alpha and omega of medium tanks and the benefit of + 4 d/s is big enough to make a difference.

Stock tracks: B-PS 102
Load Limit: 40t
Traverse Speed: 34 d/s

Upgraded tracks: Indien-Panzer
Load Limit: 43t
Traverse Speed: 38 d/s


Well you only got the stock one! there is no upgrade for it right now.
At least it has good traverse speed and gun depression/elevation!!

Turret Indien-Panzer
Armor: 90/90/45
Traverse Speed: 36 d/s
View Range: 380m


There are 3 radios available with the first upgrade being unlocked from previous tanks and the introduction of a completely new one (this is important)

That means that you will have to unlock the top radio on this tank and you should do it right after the long 88 and the engine. Why? because simply put the 415m of the 2nd one will not cut it. Its just is not enough.
It'll leave you blind on most maps (remember there are maps 1000x1000): Radios enable you to relay and receive information to/from teammates!!!

Not good radio ---> arty cant support/heavies cant support ---> overrun medium ---> explosions ---> paying the bill to fix what is left from your tank.

Stock radio:  FuG 5 310 m
1st upgrade: FuG 7 415 m (it is completely unacceptable to not have this unlocked)
2nd upgrade: AN/GRC-4 720 m


The Indien-Panzer is not a very well armored tank, Although its upper front plate is very well slopped the overall thickness is not increased by much. The upper front plate has 90mm of armor and a quite easy to spot weakspot (~5 cm wide completely flat drivers view port). The lower front plate is also 90mm with slightly less angle.

NOTE: In order to use the angled front armor of this tank you must always angle the tank itself as well! By doing this you can increase your effective armor quite a bit.

Well this one is a bit tricky, as the stats tell us that it has 90mm of armor on the sides, which is a blunt lie. The biggest part of the tank is covered by a mere 60mm plate armor with no slope whatsoever. It has 90mm of armor only at the part where the tracks connect to the hull. (note: check the armor scheme below for more details)

It only has 45mm of armor on the rear without any slop. Common sense advise to avoid pointing this part to the enemy. =)

Turret armor:
It has an effective 130mm spaced armor gun mantlet and a big mg port on the side with only 90mm of flat armor. (Not spaced armor on the mg port) The rest of the front turret (including the commanders hatch) is 90mm and most of its side armor as well. At the rear and some of the side (Check the armor scheme below) however the armor ranges from 60mm to 45mm.

Although the turret is constructed in a way that no matter where your enemy is shooting from it'll be angled against it, the thin thickness of the turret itself wont bounce much.

ARTY point of view:
If an arty can hit your tank behind the turret on that flat surface your tank will explode. It has 10mm of armor (yep only that much) and the tier 7-9 arties got WAY more than enough penetration to ruin your day. Do not let them do this. Use the tanks mobility to make their life miserable as you're dodging shots left and right!

Final notes on ARMOR:
Except from the occasional bounce and track eaten shot, do not expect this tank to bounce so much. The only way to "tank" the incoming damage is to avoid getting hit. 90% of the tier 7-9 tanks have penetration values from 150-350mm and frankly its more than enough for this. Think of it as a french medium placed on the German tree. Avoid getting hit, pick your shots/targets and back to safety.

Pros And Cons:

- Good speed and acceleration (+ good reverse speed/acceleration)
- Amazing gun(s): 212 penetration with 240 damage every ~6 seconds is amazing for a medium tank.
- Good traverse speed (general mobility)
- Amazing long range harass capabilities (600m + shots are viable!!!)

- It is HUGE and i mean HUGE for a medium tank. (Seriously it is taller and wider than quite a few heavy tanks)
- Bad camo values (due to its size)
- Your gunner will die at least once every other game
- Your armor wont bounce anything that is flying towards you.
- Average view range (not really a con but not really a pro either)

Your Role in the team:
Sniper, Support, Flanker

What you should never do:
Passive or active scouting, you are way to big for this, that IS-3 that is raging in chat and asks you to scout has a better chance to do it himself Wink
1v1 with heavy tanks that wont be dead after 1-2 shots: you got the traverse speed to move faster than their turrets, but you are a damn big target (ALWAYS judge the risk/reward factor)
Being hull down: Although the great gun depression will give you the feeling that this is a good idea, ITS NOT. You have to remember that unlike a patton you only got 90mm + a weak spot (mg port) on your turret. Every single shot will go right through it and kill your gunner. Just don't do it.

The Grind:

Well the tank itself without any upgrades is terrible. The short 88 has incredibly low penetration + bad accuracy for the tank to be viable (and fun) and if you haven't unlocked the first radio (FuG 7) go back to your previous tank and grind it there.

(assuming you don't have anything unlocked): You will need 16500 exp for the long 88 ---> 1360 exp for the 1st radio ---> 7300 exp for the second radio ---> 21000 exp for the top engine ---> 18300 exp for the 9cm (top gun) ---> 14000 exp for the tracks.

Thats a total: 78460 exp in order to fully use your tank! This is a lot of exp!!!

However if you have the radio + long 88 unlocked: The tank is a hundred times better to use, the long 88 is only slightly worse than the 90mm and is a viable choice and with the first radio upgrade you can focus on getting the engine and radio so much faster.

You'll need 17860 exp less and at the same time you'll enjoy your tank since you'll be able to actually damage your enemies instead of just bouncing off them with the short 88

Your ideal unlock route should be (*already having 88+1st radio):
Engine -> radio -> tracks -> 90mm -> leopard


Vertical Stabilizer
Medium-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer

Your equipment is aimed to increase your damage output. Binocs and optics are bad choices since your role is to damage and kill tanks not to light them up for the team! Camo is 100% useless the tank itself is huge.

Crew Skills
If you don't mind spending gold you learn repair as first skill, the moment it reaches 100% you retrain the crew for BiA (brother in arms) and as the second skill you learn the skill listed as 1st below.

Commander (radio operator): Sixth Sense --> BIA --> Repair --> Recon
Gunner: Snap Shot --> BIA --> repair --> Dead Eye
Driver: Off road Driving --> BIA --> Clutch Braking --> Repair
Loader: repair --> BIA --> Safe Stowage --> ANYTHING REALLY

If you are not using them, you need to start immediately. You should always carry a First Aid Kit and a repair kit, other than that you can either play safe and carry a fire extinguisher or pay the hefty 24000 credits for a "premium" consumable named chocolate which gives your crew magical abilities, also known as 10% better crew.

First Aid Kit: This is your new best friend. On it you'll see your gunner/driver name written on it. Seriously those 2 are your priority when it comes to resurrecting crew members. The loader is an acceptable choice as well but keep in mind he is not as important as the other 2.
Repair Kit: Be it your tracks gun or turret, it WILL save your life at some point, don't waste it! always value the situation you are in. (example if you get de-tracked in front of an ISU with a BL-10 that is aiming at you, it is a good time to fix the tracks and go to your merry way.)


The tank fits well in the role of support/sniper. With its fast firing and accurate gun it can damage/kill a tank from far away and by using its mobility to retreat from battlefield. It has more than adequate penetration to deal with T10 tanks (not uncommon enemy). The tanks armor is irrelevant since its fighting against tanks with 200mm+ average penetration, which means the only way to survive is to avoid getting hit. As a tall tank when its close to enemy tanks you should avoid aiming at the lower plates due to the increased impact angle (Example: face to face with an is-3 its lower front plate has double its normal armor due to the fact you are firing at a huge angle) instead aim for turret weakspots or drivers hatch.

Good tank with a good gun, a welcome addition to any game.

Last Thoughts and Personal Input: I love the tank, it fits my aggressive play style, its mobility allows me to relocate to flanks that need help and its DPM ensures me that i can have big impact on the each game. If you play this tank on its strengths you'll do well. My load out always includes some APCR shells just in case (anyway you wont need them in most games), always good to carry some (35/20/6 AP/APCR/HE). It makes decent money but i would not suggest to grind credits with it.

Originally written by bloodyfear

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Re: Indien-Panzer Guide

Post  nilzatron on Sun Sep 01, 2013 1:08 am

Another hard to master German tank, IMO.

It does have excellent gun depression and great penetration at range. Unfortunately, there is a gaping hole behind the gun mantlet where you would expect to have spaced armour (due to turret wall and mantlet doubling up), so prepare to get penned there a lot. Another thing that makes this tank fairly hard to play is the huge aim bloom. Whereas the acceleration, traverse and gun depression would make it seem exceptionally suited for hill peekaboo, it takes very long to aim this gun after moving. Combine this with a turret that can easily be penned from the front and you will find yourself shooting from a distance where you can try and stay hidden a lot.
At least the gun depression allows you to have very little of your tank sticking up over terrain. The good acceleration means you can quickly pull back after shooting, limiting exposure. The fast traverse means you can easily reposition and wait to restealth before you poke up again and set up for the next shot. I find myself playing this tank like that a lot and I only really brawl with it in self defense, where the excellent penetration of the 90mm helps a lot.

That said, I have tried the Leopard 1 on the test server and it has a similar (but much more flexible) playstyle. You still have no armour, yet massively improved mobility and very responsive (remeniscent of the Cromwell) and an insanely accurate and punchy gun, with which I had no trouble penetrating tanks at distance. It also has a much better camo value and great view range, so flexible second line support all the way and can double up as a vision control tank in a pinch.

If you roll top tier in this, you can do really well, as you will have no trouble penning IS-3's from distance and they won't be able to see you without help. It struggles in T10 matches however, because there it's view range does not give it an edge and the low alpha let's it down. Unfortunately, probably due to a combination of more people playing T9/10 tanks now and lot of T8 premium tanks with preferential MM hogging T8 spots in T9 games, it does see T10 an awful lot these days. Which is a reality for all regular T8 tanks now I suppose (or have we just been spoiled up to 8.6?).

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