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Blackchamber [Heavy] [Medium] ['Reading' a Match]

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Blackchamber [Heavy] [Medium] ['Reading' a Match]

Post  blackchamber on Wed Aug 28, 2013 10:17 pm

Hello everyone,
being one of the guys that has a connection to SGTA for a very long time(like Vallu or Wasp), I finally gave in to the harrassment(Razz ) of those guys and join the ranks of a Instructor!

As my field of expertise I would count:

Heavies: I have the E100, T110E5, IS7, ST1, AMX 50 120 and VK 4502B(researched)

Mediums: ALL lines(except the chinese) up to tier 9 at least

TD's: I have the Foch 155 and the T110E4 and the british AT15.(Oh and Jagdpanzer E100 unlocked for like 9 months or so..)

Lights: I am not the best light tank driver, because I prefer to deal damage to the enemy team myself. So if i play light tanks its the ones that pack a punch themself(AMX 13 90, T71)

I think I am a pretty well-rounded player and I have a lot of experience with many tanks. If you like to know something just ask me(I can make 1 on 1 sessions aswell).

See you guys ingame!


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