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Application - StarsSiren

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Application - StarsSiren

Post  StarsSiren on Wed Aug 21, 2013 11:02 am

In Game Nickname:rafpflt (Should be changing to StarsSiren soon)
Usable Languages: English
Previous Clan:None
Favorite Type Of Tanks (Heavy, Medium, Light... ): Medium/Heavy
Tanks Owned : Soviet upto KVS1 and German upto VH36.01(H)
Win Rate : 48.97%
Match Played :1842
How did You hear about SGTA?: I was searching through the clans and yours stood out from the crowd
Why are you applying to SGTA: I've played Lone wolf for some time now and feel that there are some battles where I am missing a trick or something as I die in a ball of fire. I wish to learn the secrets of becoming a great tank commander whilst been part of a team and hope this is the place to do just that.


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Re: Application - StarsSiren

Post  Wasp on Sat Aug 24, 2013 4:31 am

Hi Siren,

I think you found the right place to learn then Very Happy
Also it is less about secrets and more about having fun while playing Razz

Our admissions officer Sapaki will take a look at your application shortly - He is on vacation atm Wink

Feel free to look around the forums, and join the "Academy HQ" channel ingame (pw: proacademy) if you want to Very Happy

The key virtues in WoT are patience and caution, paired with the right amount of pushing aggressively at the proper moment.

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Re: Application - StarsSiren

Post  Sapaki on Tue Aug 27, 2013 6:28 am

Hello StarsSiren ,

I am the admissions officer of the clan. Sorry for the late reply but I was kind of on a dream vacation and a dream vacationt to me = no internet.

Your application will be processed within the next couple of days and you will receive an invite eiter for SGTA or from SGTA2. Both these clans are one and the same thing, you should accept either invitation.

Important note: Please confirm by replying to the present whether your ingame nick has now changed so we know for sure who to send the invite to!

In the meanwhile I invite you to read this:

and this:

Kind regards

His Royal Majesty the Admissions Officer of the Clan Himself
His Royal Majesty the Admissions Officer of the Clan Himself

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Re: Application - StarsSiren

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