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putkonen's application

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putkonen's application

Post  xxputkonenxx12 on Sun Aug 18, 2013 9:28 pm


As you can see by the title i'm applying for SGTA. I love the idea and I would like to join because I want to have fun in this game, and I have fun when I win and kill everyone. So if i learn how to play the game better, the game experience improves and the grinds won't be that hard.

I'm also joining because i'd like to try coordinated gameplay, be it tank companies or platoons. I am fluent in English (a few mistakes here and there but mostly, people understand what i'm trying to say),I can install TS with no problems and i can hear my teammates,however i can't speak because as of now, because I haven't got a working microphone.

I'm always trying to learn something new so i think i'm a valid candidate.

Thanks in advance


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Re: putkonen's application

Post  Ding760 on Sun Aug 18, 2013 9:37 pm

Hi xxputkonenxx12!

Thanks for submitting an application and showing your interest with SGTA. May I ask that you consider re-submitting your application (as a reply to this thread if you want) using the following template. You can see that every applicant before you have done this and this is standard with SGTA applications. The template is below:

In Game Nickname:
Usable Languages:
Previous Clan:
Favorite Type Of Tanks (Heavy, Medium, Light... ): ...
Tanks Owned : ...
Win Rate : ...
Match Played : ...
How did You hear about SGTA?:
Why are you applying to SGTA: (you need to develop your answer a bit here. Simply writing "because I want to improve" will not cut it any more. Look at it as a mini-covering letter convincing us as to why we have to recruit you)

After you've done this, our admissions officer Sapaki will view your application, this may take up to a week, as he is on holiday.

Thank you! Very Happy

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Re: putkonen's application

Post  xxputkonenxx12 on Sun Aug 18, 2013 10:16 pm

Sorry, I didn't check the other replies. Really sorry.

Let's do it right then:

In-Game nickname:    xxputkonenxx12

Country:    Portugal

Age:     21

Usable languages:   Portuguese, English

Previous Clan:  none

Favorite type of tanks: Heavies

Tanks owned:  KV-1S

Win rate:  52%

Matches Played: 840

How did you hear about SGTA:
This account is very old and when i had 800 battles (a LONG time ago) i discovered SGTA on the forums. Then i took a break from the game and now I'm applying for it.

Why are you applying for SGTA:
The reason why I'm applying is because i really like this game. I've always dreamed of a game like this, a shooter based on historical vehicles that also featured some RPG elements, like xp and upgrading your vehicle and in the end getting a new, better one.

Also, another reason why i'd like to join SGTA is that i like to write guides and help other people, but right now, i'm not that good, so if i write a guide ont the forums most people will say that it sucks because i suck. If i learn something from SGTA i can apply that knowledge not just for my benefit but to the benefit of others as well, either by becoming an instructor here (would like to that as well, eventually) or by writing guides on WOT forums and so on.

But to achieve that goal of mine I need help from someone more experienced than me, and finding someone like that is hard. SGTA seems to have the answers for me, as it includes people that are willing to teach as much as i'm eager to learn.

For all those reasons, (and i'm sure i'll find some more along the way) I'd like to join SGTA.


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Re: putkonen's application

Post  Sapaki on Tue Aug 27, 2013 6:14 am

Hello xxputkonenxx12,

I am the admissions officer of the clan. Sorry for the late reply but I was kind of on a dream vacation and a dream vacationt to me = no internet.

Your application will be processed within the next couple of days and you will receive an invite eiter for SGTA or from SGTA2. Both these clans are one and the same thing, you should accept either invitation.

In the meanwhile I invite you to read this:

and this:

Kind regards

His Royal Majesty the Admissions Officer of the Clan Himself
His Royal Majesty the Admissions Officer of the Clan Himself

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Re: putkonen's application

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