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Moulie saying 'Hi all!'

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Moulie saying 'Hi all!'

Post  Moulie on Sat Aug 17, 2013 12:41 am

Hi there,

My name is Stu a.k.a. Moulie

A brief bio: old enough, as a young lad, to remember seeing the final few Apollo Moon missions on TV. Have been role playing since AD&D first arrived in the country. Lots on MMO time from UO pre-trammel to beta testing DAoC,WoW, LotRO
SWG and bucket loads of others. Quite a bit of FPS experience online, my faves being Joint Ops: Typhoon Rising from its alpha days, and BF2142. Aa a huge WW2 history fan I can't think of a better MMO then one full of tanks!

WoT-wise I have a tad over 2.5k games under my belt, mostly in tier 4 and 5 mediums/TDs although I have just taken the heady step of moving up into tier 6 with my T-34-85 and Hellcat....oh, and TOGII. I have also done a bit of pootling about in a KV-1 just for a bit of a change and to see the game from a heavy perspective. I started with zero knowledge of the game mechanics etc and did spend a long time trying to save cash for stuff by buying tanks with 50% crews, so I think my slightly in excess of 51% wr is not too bad but I want to be able to do more to help my teams, as i think I might be a bit too rash at times especially with the tissue covered TDs Rolling Eyes 

So after watching quite a bit of QuickyBaby, Jingles and Circonflexes I was wondering if there was a clan that I could lean with, then I saw Ding760 posting on the WoT forums...and here I am. I Know I am really terrible with light tanks which I would like to correct eventually but initially would like to concentrate on getting a whole lot better in my tier six mediums and TD. I think I fell in love with the Hellcat the first time i saw one doing MACH 2 across the battlefield and have a pretty good relationship with my M8A1 and T-49. Heck, today I got my mastery for the little thing in my first game....and my first as a member of SGTA....But my kitty seems to be trolling me hard or more likely i am abusing it. Its sort of similar with the T-34 vs T-34-85, the '85 is so much more fun with the top gun but it's just not gelling like its baby brother. I would also like to expand into the Brit mediums and TD's but the prospect of grinding them solo is not something I was looking forwards to!

So I am ready to learn, and then hopefully, eventually, share that knowledge with my profession IS teaching (maths/physics before anyone starts picking out spelling mistakes etc Surprised ). So I look forwards to meeting you on the battlefield!




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Re: Moulie saying 'Hi all!'

Post  TheUnreasonableTank on Sat Aug 17, 2013 3:05 am

Hi Moulie Smile

I'm also new here, and a specialist in the British TD line so If you need any help or want to platoon while grinding I would love to help you out Smile

Once thing I can say is that the British TD line plays like Tank Destroyers until the AT15, then it changes to an Assault Tank role, think more along the lines of supporting the heavies on the front lie then sniping in the back Smile

Anyway welcome aboard and see you in the field Smile


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