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Post  TheUnreasonableTank on Mon Aug 12, 2013 1:23 am

In Game Nickname: TheUnreasonableTank
Country: UK
Age: 24
Usable Languages: English
Previous Clan: None
Favorite Type Of Tanks (Heavy, Medium, Light... ): Tank Destroyers, Primarily British until maxed
Tanks Owned : AT15, AT15a, SU-100Y, T34, Tetrarch ect....
Win Rate : 54.14%
Match Played : 1315
How did You hear about SGTA?: Through recommendations by other players, Forum announcements and advertisement on WOT official forum.  
Why are you applying to SGTA: I have been playing WOT since the BETA was released, I created an NA account to compete. I played mostly all trees (at this point all we had was a handful of USSR and German tanks) I played through the USSR first using Heavies and TD's. I maxed out both trees just before one of the patch based server resets, and used the reclaimed EXP and credits to go straight back. Slowly but surely we saw more and more tanks (American Line) and I made my way up that, again maxing out Heavy and TD lines but never really using a solid playstyle, just a lot of grinding hours to spare.

Upon release I created a new account (The one i am currently playing) to play with friends, they all stopped playing because of other commitments but I continued to play with both accounts. Upon maxing out the American, USSR and German trees I decided to retire the account and focus on my EU account. And That's where you come in.

I have a lot of hours, tanks and prestige in this game but I don't have the skills to take it to the next level. I am applying to the academy so that I can learn the skills and tricks needed to become a better player, a better team player and play my role to the best of its ability.

I focus on Tank Destroyers but Have branched out into many different Mediums, Heavies and SPG's throughout many different trees.

My goal is to not just come in, learn to be a better player and just run off to use said power but to then turn around and offer my guidance to players looking for help.


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Re: Application

Post  Wasp on Mon Aug 12, 2013 5:08 am

Hey Nobby,

Our admissions officer Sapaki will take a look at your application shortly.

Feel free to look around the forums, and join the "Academy HQ" channel ingame (pw: proacademy) if you want to Very Happy


The key virtues in WoT are patience and caution, paired with the right amount of pushing aggressively at the proper moment.

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Re: Application

Post  Sapaki on Fri Aug 16, 2013 6:05 am

Hello TheUnreasonableTank, 

I am the admissions officer of the clan,

Sorry for the late reply but we are all more or less on hollidays atm. You will receive an invite in the following days for SGTA2. SGTA and SGTA2 are the one and same clan, we have 2 clans only in order to accomodate all the students (we are proud to have more than 100!)

As a member of the clan you should also read this topic:

and this one:

In case you have not done so already.

Welcome to the clan and happy tanking!
His Royal Majesty the Admissions Officer of the Clan Himself
His Royal Majesty the Admissions Officer of the Clan Himself

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Re: Application

Post  TheUnreasonableTank on Sun Aug 18, 2013 2:20 am

Thanks for the reply guys,

I understand people being on holiday, I am myself tongue 

Sad part is......I Cant log into Tanks because the site router has blocked the ports Sad 

Anyway I am home in a week and can start putting my newly bought T34 to the test xD

See you all around Very Happy


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Re: Application

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