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M26 Pershing Guide

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M26 Pershing Guide

Post  Ding760 on Thu Aug 08, 2013 9:46 am

Hello and welcome to the M26 Pershing, the first elite tier medium US tank. This tank can be considered a mini patton and all the tactics you can learn now can be used on it. An extremely flexible play style is the name of the game now.

Tank specs:

Upgrade tree:

The M26 Pershing combines great firepower with good maneuverability and awesome battlefield flexibility. It is essentially, a tank made for guerrilla warfare (at least in WoT). The incredible gun depression allows for a pretty much unique type of combat with a medium tank. The enemy never sees it coming. Decent frontal armor and great mantlet armor makes you feel relatively armored for a change. The upgraded gun is great and will allow you to threaten Tier 8-9 tanks, even though you really have to shoot their weakspots. Even if you are significantly out gunned, you can use the great view range in combination with incredible radio in order to at least give your team a chance at obliterating the enemy from far away.
Price: 2 103 000
Camouflage: Good
Gun Depression: -10°/+22°

- Great gun depression.
- Decent frontal armor.
- Good gun.
- Great view range + radio.

- A lot of module damage and fires.
- Not the fastest medium (still aint slow though).

1.Warrior 2. Sniper 3. Medium Support 4. Spotter.

1. Commander
2. Gunner
3. Driver
4. Radioman
5. Loader

Use your T20 crew.


Armor scheme currently in use:

The frontal armor is 102mm sloped which gives the Pershing an effective armor of around 132 mm. This means that you can bounce 75L70 and 88L56 rounds very often and even D10T can bounce, provided you slope yourself. The front mounted turret and low hull silhouette allow you to achieve insane angles during peek a boo fight.

M26T80E1 / Max.capacity 42.31 / Turn speed 36 deg per sec.
M26T81 / Max.capacity 45.05 / Turn speed 38 deg per sec.

The upgraded suspension seems to not only affect your turn rate, it also has better ground clearance and makes accuracy on the move a little better.

Ford GAN / 560 horse power / 20% chance of fire
Continental AV-1790-1 / 704 horse power / 20% chance of fire

Stock engine is made of fail and makes you act like a heavy. At least get the second engine, as it will definitely help the Pershing and make the Patton grind much easier. It will have enough speed and agility to get around and flank slow vehicle at close range.
*Best engine is currently not available for research.

SCR 508 – range 395 meters
SCR 528 - 745 meters

Best radio is EPIC. Absolutely great. The stock one, on the other hand is simply bad. Upgrade when you can, it can be used on many other US tanks.

Armor: 114/76/76
Rotation: 36 degrees/second
View range: 385m

Armor: 114/76/76
Rotation: 38 degrees/second
View range: 402m
Both turrets have well armoured mantlets, meaning that despite the fact that it says 114mm of armor, they bounce a respectable amount of stuff. View range is great and you get a RoF boost with the top turret.

76mm guns
Useless at this tier. Change to 90mm M3. If you dont have it... well do your best with these guns and suffer until you can get at least the M3 gun.

90mm M3
RoF: 7,88
Penetration: 160/243/45
Average Damage: 240/240/320
Accuracy (100m): 0,38
Aim time: 2,3

Decent stock gun. With aim, you can penetrate other tier 8 mediums and it can penetrate heavies from the back. Still, get the best gun as it makes all the difference on this tank.

90mm T15E2M2
RoF: 7,88
Penetration: 180/268/45
Average Damage: 240/240/320
Accuracy (100m): 0,37
Aim time: 2,3

The extra 20mm of penetration make all the difference when fighting IS-3s and such. Can also penetrate Tier 8-9 tanks from the back OR the weakspots (got an IS-4 from the front with this bad boy once). Accurate, aims fast and does a decent amount of damage. What more can be said? This gun is great! Get it fast, as it will make Patton grind less annoying too. When Using APCR, it has wicked penetration for a tier 8 gun.

My load out:

Proposed Upgrade Path:
1. Long 90mm
2. Engine
3. Suspension
4. Turret
5. Patton

Comparison with its peers:

M26 Pershing vs T-44
The Pershing has a similar gun, much better depression, more penetration and greater view range. It is also a better ramming vehicle. Also has better view range. Though Pershing has some armor, T44 is quite a bit more bouncy. Its also even faster and more agile.
In short:
M26 has a similar gun and better depression.
M26 has better view range and accuracy on the move.
T-44 is a bit more mobile and bounces a little more.

M26 vs Panther 2
Panther 2 has better armor than the M26 and a gun with higher penetration and accuracy. It is not as accurate on the move though. Its less agile than the Pershing and lacks the gun depression and view range.
In short:
Panther 2 has better gun and armor.
Pershing is more agile and has the better gun depression.

Historical M26 Pershing

The Heavy Tank M26 Pershing was an American heavy tank briefly used in World War II and in the Korean War. It was named after General John Pershing, who led the American Expeditionary Force in Europe in World War I.
Development of the M26 during World War II was prolonged by a number of factors, the most important being opposition to the tank from Army Ground Forces (AGF). As a result, only the initial 20 M26 (T26E3) tanks deployed to Europe in January 1945 saw combat in World War II. The M26 and its improved derivative, the M46 Patton, both saw more combat in Korea. The M26 was underpowered and mechanically unreliable and so was withdrawn from Korea in 1951, in favor of the M46, which had a more powerful engine. The lineage of the M26 continued with the M47 Patton, and was reflected in the new designs of the later M48 Patton and M60 Combat Tank.
It is quite powerful in historical battles, capable of slugging it out against Panther and Tiger 1 tanks, though it cant take on JagdTiger and King Tiger.

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