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SU-122-44 Guide

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SU-122-44 Guide

Post  Ding760 on Sun Feb 24, 2013 10:51 am

(Premium TD: 6750 gold)

SU-122-44 is your typical USSR tank destroyer of the second TD-line: mobile, lightly armored and fast firing. It is exceptionally good for Tier VII-VIII support vehicle because of medium-like speed and maneuverability and at the same time can inflict massive amount of damage in a short time. Its good camo value and low profile allow you to remain hidden for prolonged periods of battle if you position yourself right. At the same time your gun depression is simply bad which limit your choices for fire position and usually could reveal you on some instances. Because of your almost flat roof you are quite vulnerable to SPG fire.

Durability (HP): 840
Armor Layout: 90 / 75 / 45
Max Weight: 35 ton
Engine: 500 hp
Traverse: 42
Veiw Range: 330 m

The crew of SU-122-44 consist of Commander (also Radio Operator), Gunner, Driver, Loader. It's better to use crew from regular Soviet TD to increase its performance through skills and perks. The second, third and fourth skills/perks are Repair /Camouflage and Brother in Arms. Specific pattern is completely based on two factors: 1. Active or passive play style do you prefer (in order of active game play you need Repair - otherwise if is safer to choose Camouflage); 2. Which vehicle crew you are using in SU-122-44.

As for first skill/perk for crew members:

  • Commander - Sixth Sense (very useful for TD play to avoid SPG punishment from above);

  • Gunner - Designated Target (generally useful for accurate shots) or Deadeye (because of your fire power you can inflict massive damage to inner modules of enemy vehicles);

  • Driver - Clutch Braking (since you have not turret you'd better turn as fast as possible in case of flanking attack);

  • Loader - Adrenaline Rush (could safe you life in tight situations) or Safe Stowage (more sturdy ammo rack can be useful in some situations).

SU-122-44 has a decent gun for Tier VII TD with great damage and rate of fire but lack some penetration. Still it can be easily compensated on most maps by flanking since you mobility is quite awesome for TD. To make this gun more effective I suggest to equip Rammer and Enhanced Gun Laying Drive. As for the third slot... Maybe Camo Net can be useful for dedicated ambushers but I think that Improved Ventilation is more universal choice.

Gun Information
Aim Time: 2,9 s
Dispersion: 0,41 m
Penetration: 175 / 217 / 64
Damage: 390 / 390 / 465

Summary Advantages (+) and Disadvantages (-):
+Great Mobility on par with Soviet Medium vehicles;
+Decent Armor for TD with such mobility;
+Powerful Gun and fast firing gun;
+Good Camo value and low profile;
-Average penetration for frontal engagement with Tier VIII-IX vehicles;
-Bad gun depression (-4 degree);
-Can be easily oneshoted by Tier V SPGs and higher because of flat roof.

It is decent money maker but shells are quite expensive (1025 credits). Usual profit after victory is around 25000-40000 with average damage of 2500-4000. Unlike Dicker Max, JT88 and AT 15 you can easily redeploy to the new position. And one more advice from me - do not buy too much premium shells (2-3 is usually enough) since they have so-so penetration bonus for quadruple cost.

Usefulness of this guide is questionable since it based on aggressive play style of RU server.

Originally written by Yamaxanadu

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Re: SU-122-44 Guide

Post  Vampir_Kifla on Mon Feb 25, 2013 12:33 am

Definitely a great tank and I would recommend everyone that likes TDs and wants a premium tank to get one. It's fast, has got a decent armour and is not expensive.

For me, on average it makes 20k-23k profit without premium. That is when you do around 1200-1500 dmg (5 successful shots). 30k-40k when you deal 2000-3000 dmg. My max was when I dealt 5000+ dmg and got 50k-60k credits (pure profit).

With premium acc, it's usually 30k-40k profit for 1200-1500 dmg, 50k-70k for 2000-3000 dmg and by doing 3500+ dmg you can get 80k+ (for 5000+ dmg you get 100k+ profit).
I play it aggressively since it's not a sniper. It can roll with mediums since it's quite fast and nimble. Make sure that you ALWAYS fully aim before you fire since it's a russian gun, it will miss if not fully aimed. Sometimes you can fire before it aims if the target is under 20m.

The armor is pretty decent, able to bounce 130-140 pen guns pretty reliably, but to bounce eg. the typical russian 175mm pen gun, you need to angle. Usually 30 degrees do the trick, but never go expecting to bounce something because you can never be 100% sure that the opponent isn't shooting gold ammo. Don't expect to bounce Type 59 gun or anything with 200+ pen (although you can only if you're lucky).

When facing SU-122-44, your best bet is to track it and get around. But if you have a 200+ pen gun you can reliably penetrate it unless you're shooting at a ridiculous angle. Don't ever shoot it's mantlet since it's very well armored (spaced armor). Weakspots are lower plate and the little periscope beside the gun.

People say that bad accuracy, long aim time and narrow gun arc are the downside of this tank, but honestly, I manage to hit targets on 300m or more, so it's not that bad. I definitely cannot recommend you to go snipe with this thing. Only the aim time can be sometimes troublesome. I've never had real troubles with it's low gun depression since I usually avoid hilly places.

The real downside of this tank is it's repair cost (unusual for a premium tank). It's higher than any other T7 TD ingame. It's usually around 6500-7000 credits, while the others are 5500-6000 to repair. And you should really shoot carefully because shells are quite expensive and wasting too many shots can lower your income pretty easily.

To sum it up, SU-122-44 is a really good T7 TD (the best one I've had and it's a premium). You should play it aggressively and carefully always minding your downsides. It's damage output is great. It's stealthy. It's fun.

P.S. If you have any questions about it, ask me freely. I'd be happy to answer them. Smile


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Re: SU-122-44 Guide

Post  Guest on Mon Feb 25, 2013 12:57 am

A note is that this TD has the 2nd highest dpm of its tier, right below SU-152, but due to its mobility, it can use that DPM much better.
This TD out dpm even tier X tanks if its allow to fire without breaks.


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Re: SU-122-44 Guide

Post  Boos B on Tue Mar 05, 2013 8:19 pm

Great guide! One of the other disadvantages that people should be aware of, is the inaccuracy of the gun (duh... it is russian). It is great in hiding and stuff, but as a true sniper, you have to consider the random factor.

Personnaly I like to take this beaut up close and personal. It has a real fear factor, plus the front is really angled in itself. Do not do this action alone, but follow big tanks and act as support.
Boos B

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Re: SU-122-44 Guide

Post  Yamaxanadu on Tue Mar 05, 2013 9:04 pm

Since I wrote this guide and played a lot SU-122-44... Well, the inaccuracy of the gun is a bit exaggerated. The long aim time is the source of its inaccuracy. Up to 400 meters this gun is quite accurate.

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Re: SU-122-44 Guide

Post  Boos B on Tue Mar 05, 2013 9:22 pm

I have it too and with my crew skilled at 100% the long range does not favor me. Was sharing my experience Wink
Boos B

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Re: SU-122-44 Guide

Post  ViktorKitov on Thu Apr 11, 2013 9:08 am

Running it at the same setup, the only problem I have is that Im a bit inpatient. A lot of fun to play this TD, one of the most enjoyable tanks I have ever owned.

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Re: SU-122-44 Guide

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