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Hetzer Guide

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Hetzer Guide

Post  Ding760 on Sun Feb 24, 2013 10:45 am

The Jagdpanzer 38(t), known also as Hetzer is german Tier IV tank destroyed. It's the first tank destroyer in german tree to have closed casemate-style superstructure.
The Hetzer is researched from Panzer 38nA or Marder II and leads to StuG III.

Stock tank setup:

Research tree:

When stock, the Hetzer is a bad vehicle. It is advised to use free exp to unlock desired modules, if not - get a PaK39 gun (will make the grind easier), then suspension, then engines, radio and/or StuH42 howitzer.

The Hetzer is a light tank destroyer based on Panzer 38(t) chassis, designed according to general Heinz Guderian's specifications for a perfect tank destroyer/assault gun. Thanks to it's low profile and good frontal armour it excelled in both ambush operations as tank hunter and in open attacks with infantry as an assault gun. The Hetzer can take these two roles in game too, letting you use it in multiple manners fitting your playstyle!
First of let's look at it's properties. Fully upgraded vehicle can speed up to 42km/h, has very good, sloped 60mm frontal armor and either rapid firing 75mm gun with good penetration or hard hitting 105mm howitzer shooting powerful, but low-pen HE shells. Both guns have their good and bad sides.

The 105mm is the main choice of most Hetzer players, because it packs significant punch, letting you kill most tier IV and even some tier V tanks with one shot. The second gun is more accurate, has better penetration and shoots faster, allowing you to damage every tank and spam with shells with lower alpha, but always doing full damage to target.
These two guns forces two different playstyles - 105mm gun with it's poor accuracy should be used in close-quarters, where you can use your armor to deflect enemy shells, 75mm gun is choice for snipers who want to make use of Hetzer's low profile and great camo value.
So you know what gun will be better for you, time to know what you can expect from the armor.
Hetzer's front is protected by 60mm of steel plate angled at 70°, making him virtually indestructible from front for most tier IV tanks, except other TDs shooting it's lower plate. Tier V tanks will mostly bounce at it too, but tier VI will have no problems with it. Unfortunately, only frontal armor provides good protection. Sides and back are horribly weak and can be penetrated even by some tier II automatic cannons, meaning flanked Hetzer is a dead Hetzer... or is it?
Not really! Thanks to it's awesome turning speed, circling or flanking light tanks can have a really hard time fighting this TD. You can turn is really fast, keeping your front towards enemy. As long as you are skilled driver, no fast enemy will defeat you.

Overally it's wonderful TD that should be fun to everyone who can use it's advantages. Good mobility, armour and camo factor combined with convertible armament, allowing for use of multiple tactics makes it one of the best all-round tanks not only on tier IV, but in whole game.

Price: 127 000 credits
Research cost: 3 600 exp.
Repair cost: around 1500 credits
Standard shell cost: 46 (75mm) / 64 (105mm)
Armor: 60/20/8
Speed: 42km/h
Durability: 270 hitpoints

Popular achievements:

1. Top Gun

2. Steel Wall

3. Halonen's Medal

-good gun choice
-good armor
-good camo
-decent speed
-very good turning speed
-low profile

-very weak side and rear armor
-slow speed gain
-bad view range

Playing style:
- Support gunner (105mm gun; armor usage. Equipment: Vents, rammer, GLD)
- Bush sniper (75mm gun; Equipment: camo net, rammer, binoculars, camo skill)
- Derptzer (105mm + HEAT; smashing everything you see with one shot. same equipment as support)

Crew and skills:
1. Camouflage 2. Sixth Sense 3. Repairs
1. Camouflage 2. Deadeye (for 75mm gun) 3. Repairs
1. Camouflage 2. Clutch braking/Offroad Driving 3. Repairs
1. Camouflage 2. Adrenaline rush 3. Repairs

Comment: camo gives the best profit from percent of actual value, other perks are mostly personal choice but these are to max-out Hetzer's performance, repair is good if you like playing as brawler, BiA is always good choice so I didn't even write it.

Comparision with other tier IV tank destroyers:

Hetzer vs SU-85B

SU-85B has a gun that is something between two Hetzer's guns, 75mm and 105mm, being a bit better for sniping for some players. It also has better viewrange, but worse armor and camo.

Hetzer vs T40

T40 has guns almost identical to Hetzer's, but lacks armor, camo and mobility. Open top structure also makes it easy target for enemy artillery.

Hetzer vs M8A1
M8A1 has worse gun and armor than Hetzer, but it's mobility is on much higher level than Hetzer's. It doesn't have chance 1vs1, but can be used similarly to a light tank.

Hetzer vs Somua SAu-40
These tanks have similar appearance, but in performance SAu-40 loses in everything when compared to Hetzer. It's slower, has bad armor and worse camo. It's 105mm gun is the same as Hetzer but again, if you can have it coupled with other things why take SAu-40?

Short historical info
Hetzer was designed as well armed and armored, yet cheap and easy to manufacture assault gun. Built on good and well tested Panzer 38(t) chassis, Hetzer was reliable and effective design. Produced by CKD and Skoda Works in Czechoslovakia from april 1944 to may 1945, served well in german army and, after war, in Hungary, Czechoslovakia nad Switzerland. One Hetzer was captured by polish insurgents during Warsaw uprising.

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