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JagdPanther Guide

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JagdPanther Guide

Post  Ding760 on Fri Jul 19, 2013 5:10 am

"The Hunting Panther"

Historical significance

With the initial entrance to service of this vehicle in 1944, the JagdPanther was seen as the missing link between the Tiger II and the Panther, completing the German dominance in armored warfare at that time. As far as designated Tank Destroyers went, it was one of the most feared of its type. Usually, when making an armored vehicle at that period, it was a matter of compromise between firepower, mobility and armor. You had to sacrifice at least one of the 3, to make it work. The JagdPanther however, was an uncompromising vehicle. It kept the silhouette and armor of the Panther, but it boosted the firepower, by having the 88 mm PaK 43/3 L/71 main gun, which was fitted fixed inside the hull super structure, providing a lot more devastation. In real life this "Sherman eating monster" was capable of reaching 55 km/h, which added to the whole package of supremacy.
Only 382 were produced. And thankfully so. Even with it's limited numbers, the few and scattered JagdPanthers, were capable of swinging battles around in favor of the Nazis. The armor was adequate enough to face what the Allied had to throw at it at that time. At least on the Western front. Mainly encountering Shermans, Cromwells, Matildas and Valentines, it was able to hold it's ground relatively easy. And the 88 mm gun made sure that its enemies didn't needed a second invitation to blow up in pieces. On the Eastern front, thing was a bit different. The 122mm guns on the IS-2 tanks that the Russian had, meant that they were capable of dealing with the sneaky tank destroyer. If they knew where they were hiding in. With the Hunting Panther's deadly accurate gun, it was able to send shells at a distance of 500 yards and more, penetrating anything it was thrown at it, and still keeping a very high chance of remaining unseen.
As the war draw to a close at 1945 however, the Panzerjager V JagdPanther (as its full name was), became less and less feared by the Allied troops, as they kept on pressing on all fronts, cutting off the vital supply lines to these mechanical monsters. By the end of the war, there was a plan to give the JagdPanther a 128mm gun, but it never made it pass mock-up stage. Thankfully !

The JagdPanther in World of Tanks

Base values
HP : 850
Speed Limit : 46 km/h
Armor : 80/50/40 mm
View rage : 350 meters
Horizontal arc : -13/+13 degrees
Vertical arc : -8/+14 degrees
Research cost : 60,500 XP
Credits cost : 1,345,000 credits

NOTE : All other stats are intentionally left out, due to them being inconsistent and variable, depending on the modules equipped. See module' stats for further information.

Equipment modules

Guns :

7,5 cm StuK 42 L/70
Ammo type : AP/HEAT/HE
Damage : 135/135/175 HP
Penetration : 150/194/38 mm
Shell cost : 109 Credits/5 Gold/98 Credits
Rate of fire : 15.79 r/m
Accuracy : 0.33 m
Aiming time : 1.7 s
Weight : 1,740 kg

The starting gun of the JagdPanther, is basically the top gun of the Stug III. Which is known to be a great gun, but 2 tiers lower. You should really try to have saved up some free experience, because even the next gun seems to under-preform at Tier 7.

8,8 cm PaK 36 L/56
Ammo type : AP/HEAT/HE
Damage : 220/220/270 HP
Penetration : 132/171/44 mm
Shell cost : 252 Credits/10 Gold/252 Credits
Rate of fire : 11.11 r/m
Accuracy : 0.35 m
Aiming time : 1.7s
Weight : 2,050 kg
Research cost : 9,500 XP

Lack of penetration really lets this gun down. Even so, it might be a better option to grind the next guns with, as it is accurate enough to hit weak points at medium ranges and packs the punch needed from a tank destroyer.

8,8 cm PaK 43 L/71
Ammo type : AP/HEAT/HE
Damage : 240/240/295 HP
Penetration : 203/237/44 mm
Shell cost : 252 Credits/10 Gold/252 Credits
Rate of fire : 9.84 r/m
Accuracy : 0.32 m
Aiming time : 2.3 s
Weight : 2,562 kg
Research cost : 16,500 XP

The gun of choice for most people. The only downside is its aiming time, which is not bad, but it's just not as good as the other guns.

10,5 cm PaK 45 L/52
Ammo type : AP/HEAT/HE
Damage : 320/320/420 HP
Penetration : 200/244/60 mm
Shell cost : 1,030 Credits/10 Gold/650 Credits
Rate of fire : 7.32 r/m
Accuracy : 0.34 m
Aiming time : 1.7 s
Weight : 3,000 kg
Research cost : 16,800 XP

Bigger caliber - bigger alpha damage. Fantastic aiming time, but be aware that missing with its shots, might prove costly.

Engines :

Maybach HL 174
Engine power : 610 hp
Fuel type : Gasoline
Chance of fire : 20 %
Weight : 670 kg

The base engine. Lacks in performance, but it will take you were you want to.

Maybach HL 210 P 30
Engine power : 650 hp
Fuel type : Gasoline
Chance of fire : 20 %
Weight : 720 kg
Research cost : 11,000 XP

Costly research prize for an engine that is as bad as the stock one. Might as well skip buying it, if you're short on credits.

Maybach HL 230 P 45
Engine power : 750 hp
Fuel type : Gasoline
Chance of fire : 20 %
Weight : 750 kg
Research cost : 18,800 XP

Once equipped, you will feel a substantial improvement in your mobility. Could be unlocked earlier on the VK 36.01 H.

Radios :

FuG 7
Range : 415 m
Weight : 70 kg

Basic and solid.

FuG 12
Range : 710 m
Weight : 150 kg
Research cost : 7,200 XP

The German top radio. Can be found all the way from the Panzer III to the E-75, so there's a high chance you already have it unlocked.

Suspension :

JgPz-V-Ketten Ausf. A
Weight load : 47.5 t
Traverse : 26 deg/s

Good enough to allow you to mount everything you want on the JagdPanther. Should be your last concern replacing it.

JgPz-V-Ketten Ausf. B
Weight load : 48.95 t
Traverse : 29 deg/s
Research cost : 14,770 XP

The extra 3 degrees per second traverse speed is a welcomed change.

Early research path

Guns, guns, guns ! We need more guns !
Not really, with this bad boy. As soon as you unlock the long 88mm gun, you can consider yourself done with this tank destroyer. And you should have the other guns from before. The 75 mm L/70 is the top gun on your Tier 5 "grandpa" - the Stug III, and the short 88 mm L/56 is available on the Tier 6 German TD - the JagdPz IV. A general suggestion is not to skip any modules that are going to be used further down the tech line on the tree you're on. Or by a different line on the same tech tree. Either way - start off with the guns.
Radio can be obtain from almost any other German tank, while the engine is shared with the infamous VK 36.01 H. In case you don't have them already unlocked, by the time you hit the JagdPanther, I suggest you start off with the engines right after the 88 mm L/71 gun. Considering that you don't need the tracks to equip any modules on it, the radio should follow the engines. Even if you're not planning on using the 105 mm L/52, I'll advise you on unlocking it, before moving on the higher tiers.
Some will argue that as soon as the 88 mm L/71 is unlocked, you can immediately start gathering XP for your next Tier German TD, but that appears like needless rush. The 105 mm L/52 is going to make your grind on the Tier 8 German TD easier, not because you're going to be using it, but because it'll grant you access to the 128 mm gun, which is your end goal there. Keep in mind that the Ferdinand and the JagdPanther II are completely different beasts from your current one, so take time to study them. Observe your allied and enemy Tier 8 German tank destroyers, before making your choice. I personally, am going to "elite" my JagdPanther, before I make up my mind and move on to the higher Tier. Me being me, might go with both.

Suggested research path :

88 mm L/56_->_88 mm L/71_->_Maybach 210 P30_->_Maybach 230 P45_->_105mm L/52_->_FuG 12_->_JgPz V Ketten Ausf. B

In a typical German fashion, the JagdPanther fills all its seats with a single-specalization crew members - a commander, a gunner, a driver, a radio operator and a loader.
If you're planning on transferring your crew from the previous German tank destroyer, you're only going to need to add a radio operator, which is something that won't effect your performance that much.

Armor analyze

You should not expect to bounce shots. Keep that in mind. As a tank destroyer, your best bet is to remain unseen. Lack of good reverse speed, means you should really plan your position with care and be sure that you will have someone spotting for you. City maps are generally your weak point, but if you have to, make sure you're not alone.

The Ammo

There are basically two guns you wanna be choosing from - the 88 mm L/71 and the 105 mm L/52. The first one packs 57 rounds of ammunition, while the bigger caliber - only has 40 rounds.
A good combination for the 88 mm is to carry 1 to 3 round of High Explosive ammo, 6 to 12 rounds of premium High Explosive Anti-Tank ammo, and then fill the rest with Armor Piercing ammo. Because the 105 mm seems tight on space, I can suggest using 30 Armor Piercing shells, 7 High Explosive Anti-Tank shells and 3 High Explosive shells. Penetration isn't much of a problem with any of the guns, so you won't be using a lot of premium ammunition with the JagdPanther, no matter what setup you went for. They are just always nice to have around, for those special occasions when you can't allow not to penetrate your opponent. Keeping up to 3 HE shells, will ensure that you can always interrupt a base capture or one-shot an enemy artillery. They're also good for finishing off opponents who are in the double digits, but in good defensive position or with superior armor.

The JagdPanther from my point of view

In short - it is fantastic ! After the struggle that was playing the JagdPanzer IV, the "Hunting Panther" came as a blessing. A really powerful blessing on top of that. I am a huge fan of the 105 mm gun. Yes, people will argue and claim that the 88 mm L/71 is better. I won't deny it - it is better. But something clicks for me and the 105 mm. That aiming time, combined with the proper left to right gun sway that the JagdPanther has, and the juicy alpha damage, just makes targets melt infront of me. That gun is certainly not a money maker, but it makes even higher tier heavies respect you. Or often be confused when they don't see you, thinking it's another vehicle that is shooting them. If profit is what you're after in the JagdPanther, then by all means - stick to the 88 mm L/71 gun. It has very good rate of fire, slightly better penetration and the overall damage per minute seems to be better. Both guns are valid choices, which makes it even more fun machine to play with. Feel free to try them both.
Keeping in mind that you're a tank destroyer, means that you should try to support others and stay behind them. Covering in bushes is a must. But that doesn't mean you should just stick yourselves in "a position" and stay there the entire game. You can often help you allies by advancing behind them, or changing flanks, if the other one needs backing up. The JagdPanther is more then capable of moving. I often find myself running left and right on maps like El Halluf and Sand River, helping allied forces not to get surrounded or flanked.
Always check the teams setups. If arty is present along with fast moving scouts, you might wanna hang back a bit, take cover in a bush near your arty park and wait for the enemy scouts to rush in. Only move out once they're taken out or spotted in another part of the map. After that is a simple choice of enforcing a flank and dishing out the damage to the best of your ability.
The good thing about the JagdPanther, is that it can actually take a punch. Well, from most of its opponents. So actually exposing yourself for two seconds to take a shot at a valuable target on the enemy team, might not be a bad idea. Once ! Or if you are good enough, to know what the enemy tanks reload times are, "poking" can be helpful to your team.
Try not to rely on your gun depression, as it's rather typical for the German vehicles in World of Tanks. It's not the worst, but high chances are that you'll get yourself exposed while trying to shoot.
As a turretless tank destroyer, you pretty much depend on the map to be productive. City maps are not your friend. Other maps are more forgiving. Open fields are just great for you, as long as you let someone else do the spotting for you. Keep in mind the 15 meters rule when toying around with the bushes. Since your armor isn't that good, not being seen is the best defense you can have.
Avoid places that are obvious camping spots. Good players will be expecting to find you there. Changing the angle of approach towards a location, from which you know that the enemy might come, could make a huge difference. You can often fire two shots at them, even with the 105 mm gun, before they realize where you're shooting from.

Pros :
- Two great guns to choose from
- 105 mm gun has great aiming time
- 88 mm gun has cheap ammo
- Fast enough to relocate and enforce a flank
- Good gun sway compared to other Tier 7 TDs
- Great accuracy
- Has the HP pool to take a punch when needed

Cons :
- 105 mm gun can be costly to run if you're missing shots
- Bad camo rating
- Poor armor
- Typical German exposed transmission can set you on fire from frontal hits
- Poor reverse speed makes you easy target for SPGs that know how to prioritize targets

Crew skills and Training

As I've mentioned, if you're transferring your crew out of the previous (JagdPanzer IV), you'll only need to add a radio operator, which is not a game breaking profession, like the gunner or the loader. In that line of thinking, you actually might wanna start your JagdPanther's crew training all the way from Tier 6.

Recommended path :
Commander: Sixth Sense / Brothers in Arms / Camouflage
Gunner: Camouflage / Brothers in Arms / Repair - Firefight - Deadeye
Driver: Camouflage / Brothers in Arms / Clutch Braking
Radio operator: Camouflage / Brothers in Arms / Firefight
Loader: Camouflage / Brothers in Arms / Firefight - Safe Stowage

OK, Camouflage might not seems like the logical option, but keep in mind that most of the times you'll be hidden from the enemy team. You'd want to keep it that way - as in remaining hidden. Camouflage not only works on the move, but from patch 8.6, it has become "an added set value", which works best on tank destroyers. Combine that with a Camouflage net and you'll become your opponents nightmare. Smart play around bushes will make you almost invisible. I've just hit 100% on my first set of skills and I've often found myself blasting at a target 100 meters away from me, while my Sixth Sense doesn't pop-up at all.
In that line of thinking - Sixth Sense is out of questioning. It's such a game changing skill (perk), that I just can not recommend it enough. A must have on almost every vehicle in World of Tanks.
Brothers in Arms is overall a great bonus to have. That extra 5% if gives to your crew makes a world of difference in tight situations. All great, but I would recommend sticking to it as a Second or even Third Skill for your crewmen. I'm currently retraining all my tank's second crew skill to it, after I've seen it in action first hand.
Repair isn't really a problem for the JagdPanther, as most of the times people won't know where it is to shoot at it. And even when you're not tracked, it's really difficult to fight off a fast enemy tank, that is circling around you. The AMX 13 75 is a good example. However Repair is always good to have thou.
Firefighting seems like a must have for most German machines. The famous weak point is known to everybody and they will try to exploit it. 20% chance of getting set on fire, usually means that you'll get set on fire if they hit you dead middle in the lower frontal plate. Or a side and back rear shots in your engine bay. Pretty much everyone that knows a bit of general German vehicles weak points, will know where to shoot at. Pretty good pick for 3rd skill on most of your crew men.
Deadeye seems very often underestimated. It does fantastic job believe it or not. Being able to cripple your enemies, as well as dishing out substantial damage, means a whole lot. Just imagine all the IS-3s that you'll be able to "Ammo Wreck" from 400 meters away. Juicy !
Clutch Braking is a great pick up for every machine that has lower traverse speed then 35 degrees per second. Just go for it and you won't regret it.
Safe Stowage seems like a waste to some, because you're not getting ammo racked a lot in the JagdPanther, but it's always nice to add a bit of HP to that module and perhaps be able to use your repair kit on something else in the right moment. Picking that perk is never a bad choice.
Every other skill and perk should be considered as Fourth or Fifth pick for your crewmen. Things like Recon, Preventive Maintenance and Situational Awareness are pretty decent picks. If in doubt, just ramp up those Firefighting and Repair skills to the max. You can always retrain them later on.
Feel free to personalize these, if you feel your game play style isn't suit for second line support.

Equipment :

You should consider two of your equipment slots taken already - Improved Ventilation Class 2 and Medium-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer. Those seems like no brainer really. Who doesn't want to be able to shoot more often or have his crew overall performance buffed ?
The tricky question comes with the last slot. I personally go with Camouflage Net, as it suits my style. I let others spot for me and try not to go alone defending a flank, but rather act as a second line support for an advancing push. If you tend to play it more as a "lone ranger", then Binocular Telescope might be a better option for you. +25% increased view range is a nice bonus that shouldn't be underestimated.
A bad choice would be the Enhanced Gun-Laying Drive. All guns have good aiming time already and that equipment won't improve it that much.


Consumables :

I don't seems to be wasting a lot of these when I drive my Hunting Panther. Rare occasions of quick track repairs to get out of sticky situations and the occasional fire extinguisher seem to do the job. All are non-premium by the way. I have quick reactions, so I don't need the premium firefighting system, but feel free to toss in an Automatic Fire Extinguisher. I'm pretty sure you will catch fire soon or later, when driving this machine. Crew members' health isn't that much of a problem. The machine gun port on the front is where your Gunner is located, but by keeping distance, it's usually very hard for your opponents to hit it. On the other side is the Driver, which isn't that valuable job for a tank destroyer. If he gets taken out, I usually don't waste a medi pack on him. The commander is pretty safe as the hatch is rather small target. A very rare occasion to get mine knocked out. Usually by a lucky shot. Or arty of course. Those tend to wreck modules and kill crewmen like it's no tomorrow. Loader is located at the back of your super structure, so he's pretty safe there, unless you get flanked. In overall - you might wanna consider taking out the medi pack for Chocolate. If you can afford it that is. I personally keep a non-premium Repair kit, Fire extinguisher and a Medi pack (in that order).


The "Mortal" enemies :

People will most likely point out that any SPG is a JagdPanther's nemesis, but after 8.6 patch and tracers being reworked, you only need to worry about them if you're spotted and remain stationary. Prior obtaining Sixth Sense, your best bet is "switch bushes" between shots, even if you're still in relative proximity to your last location. Any half-decent artillery player thou, would know what kinda of a treat you posses and would gladly take aim at you. You are a high-priority target - learn to live with that. Better yet - learn not to get spotted. A "not so decent" artillery player, would also take aim at you, because your low HP pool, relative to other Tier 7s present on the battlefield. He might not even consider your a high treat to his team, but having "a number" next to his name, makes you a priority again.
The actual enemies of the JagdPanther are the light tanks with good view range. Some can spot you before you spot them, specially if you fire at the wrong time and blow your cover away. Whatever you do, do not go to a spot or a flank alone. You'll become an easy pray even for Tier 4 scouts. I have witnessed how an M5A1 Stuart, which is not the fastest or most nimble of all the Tier 4 scouts, single-handed manage to scrap a 3-men platoon of JagdPanthers, within 40 seconds.
A decently fast medium can also darken your day. Since their HP pool is bigger then the scouts, try to aim your first shot at their tracks if you have that opportunity. If you can't, then try to use any form of hard cover like buildings and rocks, to prevent them from going around you. That takes practice and it's not always an option on some maps, but it's really handy skill to master. Improvise with nearby dead vehicles if you have to. There's no shame in using the dead as a cover. Most guns that you're going to be facing, have little to no problem penetrating you. "Wiggling" your tank offers very little help, but it's not completely useless, so don't diss it out of your arsenal of player skills.

From the author :

I wish I had a bit more luck with that vehicle thou. I really like it. But my 48% win ratio with it (used to be 44% not that long ago), out of 230 battles, shows otherwise. It's a great machine, that just seems to attract the worst allies I could possibly imagine. Compared that to 60% win ratio with the JagdPz IV out of 188 battles, which I didn't liked one bit, you kinda get the picture of my typical games in the JagdPanther. Shame really, because it's wonderful. It has everything going for it and compared to it's predecessor, it's ten times better. All around ! I could even stick my neck out and say, that it's the best Tier 7 Tank Destroyer in the game. The amount of times I was the top damage dealer in the game and was still on the loosing side seems way off chart. Just recently I've had a 3 games in a row, hitting Top Gun medals in each, while dishing out 3,500-4,200 damage to the enemy, but still ending up on the loosing side. In the end, for me it's exactly my luck with the Hunting Panther, that will make me sell it and get it replaced with the either the JagdPanther II or the Ferdinand. I hope I've stole all the bad luck out of this TD for you and that you will truly enjoy it for its potential. A fabulous machine.

--sources of information :
- my own JagdPanther
- WoT Tank Viewer

Originally written by speedphlux

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Re: JagdPanther Guide

Post  CountOfTuscany on Fri Jul 19, 2013 6:48 am

Got the JP for some time now, haven't played that many battles yet, but I love the machine.
Gun is insanely accurate (I use the 88/l71, haven't fully unlocked the JP). Mobility is also goo with the top engine. without the top engine it's a bit poor.

currently I run it with camo net and binocs. (I swap them with other tanks). I will pick a rammer too someday.

I chose repair as the first skill on my JP + off road for driver + 6th sense. they are @ 63% now. could have chosen camo over repairs, but the base camo on JP is not that good. It isn't the invisible jp4 anymore.
I train my JP crew in a JT8.8, so repairs and off-road are mandatory. this fits in nice with the JP IMO .

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