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E-100 Guide

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E-100 Guide

Post  Ding760 on Wed Jul 17, 2013 9:11 am

This is the E100, renowned for being the tank of choice for the worst players in WoT, and generally considered a bad tank, which it is not, as I will show you in this guide.

Main characteristics
The E100 costs 6 100 000 credits as any other tier 10 tank and can be researched from the E75 for 183 010 xp.
It has a large HP pool of 2700, and unlike most other tier 10s, it doesnt come as elite. The one thing you can research is the 15 cm KwK 44 L/38 gun for 64 800 xp which does substantially more damage at the cost of slightly lower penetration. These are its stats with the upgraded gun:

Crew and Crewskills
The E100 has a crew of 6, which is one loader more than the E75 has, possibly causing some problems getting another experienced loader:
1. Commander
2. Gunner
3. Driver
4. Radio Operator
5. Loader
6. Loader

As for crewskills, repairs are a must-have like in any heavy tank, the drivers mobility enhancing skills are very useful too as the E100 is rather slow by itself. Another useful skill is brothers in arms, because it can help you reload that large gun just a bit faster. The most important skill for an E100 is preventive maintenance on the driver, because without it you will catch fire quite often when shot through the lower front plate, as the gearbox is right behind that. My E100 crew is skilled like this:

some notes to my crewskills: I should have taken snapshot first on the gunner instead of armorer because the latter is not that useful in comparison, and for the loader I think it would have been smarter to give one save stowage as 2nd skill and the other one adrenaline rush, and giving them both intuition as 3rd skill. BiA could also be used but that is up to your preference. 6th sense on the commander is not that useful anymore but it was absolutely required in the days of 5 arty per side.

The E100 weighs 130 tons, so understandably, it is not that fast. For its weight however it is quite manouverable, for comparison, it is slightly slower than the E75, but less agile in turning and similair stuff. Enemy meds will be able to circle you, but you are fast enough to get around.

This is the selling point of an E100, the armor is absolutely epic. Your 200mm upper glacis is also angled at 60 degrees, making it 400mm effective armor, and I can safely say that my E100 has never been penetrated through the upper front plate. Your most obvious and annoying weakpoint is the lower front plate, which is 150mm at 50 degrees making for 233mm of effective armor. It is however very easy to hide this weakspot by sidescraping which I will explain later. The front turret boasts a respectable 250mm at 30 degrees(289mm effective armor) but can be penetrated by tier X td's and gold ammo from other tier X.
The real strongpoint of E100's armor is the very thick side armor, which also has armor skirts around it for extra protection. The main side armor is 120mm thick, the effective protecting is however much higher due to the skirts and the tracks which also count as spaced armor. The upper side hull is protected by skirts which are 60mm thick, and are rounded at the top so there the effective protection is even more, whilst the lower side hull is covered by the tracks, that count as 40mm spaced armor. This means that the sides are 160mm thick at the thinnest point, and up to 220 at the thickest point(120+40(tracks)+60(skirts)). This impressive amount of side armor is the reason E100 is such a good sidescraper. A full and detailed overview of E100's armor can be found here:

In its top configuration the E100 carries a powerful 15cm gun, which does a very nice 750 damage, but pays for that with a penetration of only 235mm and so so accuracy and aimtime and of course a long reload time. This 235mm penetration is however enough to pen all tier 10s at close range if you have sufficient weakspot knowledge, but at longer ranges and against well armored targets you will need to shoot either gold ammo or HE depending on your budget, but this is not so much of a problem as you should fight at close range anyway. The stock gun is the same as the one on the E75, it does 490 damage and has 246mm penetration, whilst this is a workable gun I recommend using the 15cm as soon as you have it unlocked because the difference in pen is marginal while the difference in damage is very important to the playstyle of the E100.

Personally, the E100 is certainly in my top 5 of favourite tanks because of the amazing armor allowing you do bounce everything when angled correctly, and the huge damage its gun can inflict on the enemy.

Advantages of tank
- Amazing all around armor
- High alpha damage gun
- High HP pool
- Often underestimated by enemies

Disadvantages of tank
- Lack of agility and speed
- Long reload
- Lower glacis weakspot
- Low penetration gun

Suggested equipment
My equipment and ammo loadout:

standard vents rammer v stab combo, alternatively you could switch vents to spall liner, but it is not as effective as 50% damage reduction might seem, to be fair, it isnt nearly that effective. Another option is to switch vents for gun laying drive, but that is purely up to your preference. The automatic fire extinguisher is very useful as it also reduces your chance to catch fire by 10%, and considering your front-mounted gearbox that might come in handy

Angling and sidescraping
This is the most important part in mastering your E100. Without angling and sidescraping you will die, a lot.
sidescraping is a relatively simple way of denying the enemy a shot at your weak lower glacis, and it basically works like this:

you present only your angled side armor and your front turret to your enemy this way, making you unpenetrable for anything but tier X td's and gold ammo. An important thing to do here is not to point your turret directly at the enemy except when shooting, because it is at its weakest that way, so in between shots you should angle your turret away from your enemy at around 20-30 degrees. Another thing to remember is that you should not angle your side too far into the enemy when doing this, because he will then just penetrate your side armor, so it is best to angle in such a way that you can just shoot your enemy while your lower glacis is still behind cover. This position is very important to being succesful in an E100 and you will need to do it almost every game, so try to master this.

Angling is something you will only have to do when sidescraping is impossible, so I will mostly cover a situation in which an enemy tries to flank and/or circle you. If the enemy is stationary you can just park at an angle of about 30 degrees to him, and  remember to keep on moving both angle wise and forward/back to make your enemy bounce or miss. If an enemy tries to flank you, always turn both your turret and hull with him at the same time, trying to keep that optimal angle towards him . Then you should try to see which part of your tank he is aiming for, usually either the lower glacis or just your side, and then you must turn in such a way that you maximize that parts armor effectiveness just before he shoots, making him bounce, or forcing him to reaim and maybe miss. This requires some practice to pull off, and also knowledge of your armor and the enemy's reload time, but it is very rewarding if it works.

Extra notes
- You can ram everything that isnt a maus safely, do so, even slow collisions do at least 100 damage to enemies
- You can facehug T110E5s to death, your turret weakpoints are hard to hit and unknown because everyone shoots the lower glacis, the E5 has a huge tumor you can hit and cant reverse fast enough to escape.
- Your gold ammo is HEAT and flies much slower than normal AP but doesnt lose penetration on distance
- Apply polish flags to your E100 for extra style
- Enemies that sidehug you can easily bounce if they try to shoot your side turret, because the angle is increased by them shooting upward
- Always try to go in cities and/or keep arty safe
you are a close range brawler, go in the areas where the main fight is and win it for your team by doing massive damage, and also by acting as a meatshield.
- Do not drive in a straight line to the enemy, but at an angle, this way you also angle your armor on the move

In short, the standard E100 battle plan
go to main fighting area->sidescrape->kill enemies->advance->sidescrape again->kill enemies->etc

My qualifications
2,6k damage per battle and 60% winrate in my E100 most of which are solo randoms:

Originally written by AngryBanana

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Re: E-100 Guide

Post  we_just_dinged_em on Wed Jul 17, 2013 10:05 pm

Ding, you forgot to say your WN7 should be less the 500 (with over 20k battles played of course) and that you must start every battle with pozz/moin moin/siema (delete as appropriate) to play this tank.

Also, I heard driving backwards helps you avoid getting your frontal transmission hit by enemy fire Smile


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