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Object 268 Guide

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Object 268 Guide

Post  Ding760 on Sun Jul 14, 2013 12:54 am

Hello and welcome to the most powerful Soviet nuke launcher. This heavy tank destroyer looks like a bio-mechanical monstrosity created from an IS-8 and a JagdTiger and is a monster both friends and foes should be weary of.

Tank specs:

Upgrade tree:

The Object 268 comes fully elite and does not have upgrades. Only way to push the vehicle past its stated stats will be the usage of crew skills, consumables and equipment.
It is a TD based on the IS-8 chassis, which means it is not all that large, quite fast and maneuverable. With a top speed of 48 km/h, it can keep up or at least move in to support most medium tanks. Its traverse speed is high and seems to have decent cross-country performance, quite unlike the Object 704.
The well sloped frontal armour favors TD design, as it only needs to be kept perfectly straight in order to gain maximum protection. Unfortunately, this also means that it’s incapable of sloping itself artificially, at least not without making one of the frontal plates much weaker.
The M64 152,4mm cannon is a true terror on the battlefield and acts a lot like an improved BL-10 (in every aspect). It’s capable of penetrating even most tier 10 tanks simply by firing center mass. Its accuracy is good enough to hit weak spots on the hardest targets and its aim time aint bad either with along with formidable damage per shot. Another slight improvement is that it is mounted slightly higher than the BL-10 on the 704, which helps shooting over obstacles.
Unfortunately, despite all its advantages, the 268 comes with some very serious drawbacks. Its gun depression is quite lacking, despite the Jtiger-like superstructure. Its gun arc is VERY limited too, which means that the vehicle very often has to move its entire hull in order to hit moving targets. This in turn resets its aim time and ruins its camouflage and means that despite the great turn speed, it is very vulnerable when fighting fast vehicles at close ranges. Also its armour is still not that impressive, but it might get the job done and force most tier 8 tanks to only go for weak spot shots.
Price: 6 100 000
Camouflage: Good
Gun Elevation: -5°/+15°
Gun Arc: -6°/+6°

- Incredible accuracy, DPM and penetration.
- Nice speed.
- Great agility.
- Good camouflage thanks to relatively modest size.

- Bad gun depression.
- Very limited gun arc.
- Armour aint that dependable.

1.Warrior 2. Ambush Vehicle 3. Sniper 4. Fast Heavy Support Tank
Object 268 is not an easy to use vehicle. Its pathetic gun depression and limited arc can be pure torture. Its also not that tough of a machine.
Direct Engagement Object 268: Ramer; Enhanced Gun Laying Drive; Ventilation
Lone TD: Coated Optics/Binocular Telescope; Rammer; Ventilation

1. Commander
2. Gunner
3. Driver
4. Loader
5. Loader

Crew skills (only an example, up to 4th skill):

Commander: Sixth Sense --> BIA --> Repair --> Recon/Mentor
Gunner: Designated Target --> BIA --> Repair --> Deadeye
Driver: Smooth Ride --> BiA --> Repair --> Clutch Braking
Loader: Safe Storage --> BiA --> Repair --> Situational Awareness
Loader: Adrenaline Rush --> BiA --> Repair --> Call for Vengeance
A nice trick is to always keep repair as current skill and when reaching 100 to retrain it to some other skill or perk. Thats what I do. If you don't have the gold, or the credits and patience, feel free to put repair as first or second skill.


Armor scheme currently in use:

Being based on the hull of the IS-8, the 268 really does not stand out with amazing armour for its tier. Still, its capable of bouncing even tier 9 guns on its frontal plate and might even deflect tier 10 guns on its 187mm sloped superstructure. Its side and rear are unfortunately not as tough as the 704 were, though there is some spaced armour which might help bounce a shot from time to time.

T-10M-S / Max.capacity 53,9 / Turn speed 30 deg per sec.
Suspension is more than enough to carry all you may want to carry. Its traverse is decently fast and its ground resistance isn’t bad.

V-16FN / 800 horse power / 12% chance of fire.
Engine is very powerful and makes helps the vehicle accelerate really well. It’s the 3rd fastest TD at tier 10 thanks to it, but it does not lose by much.

R113M – 730 meters
Very good radio.

152,4mm M64
RoF: 3,53
Penetration: 303/450/90
Average damage: 850/850/1100
Accuracy (100m): 0,33
Aim time: 2,7

With the highest standard penetration in the game and incredible damage per minute, this gun is truly an epic mix between the BL-10 and the incredible 128mm L61. It is capable of going through the heaviest tanks, but distance or the possibility low penetration rolls still make it advisable to aim at weak spots. Thankfully, its good accuracy allows it to hit these vehicle’s weak spots and be sure that it will penetrate. The aim time is pretty good too, but the limited gun arc does mean that you will often have to move and therefore reset it if you want to shoot.
Premium ammo is HEAT which does not lose penetration with distance but does not get the normalization against sloped armour. The value is so high, it can usually just punch though tanks even when they slope themselves.

Comparison with its peers:

Object 268 vs Object 263
The 263 has better frontal armour, speed and agility than the 268. It has the same DPM with worse damage per shot and less penetration, but superior accuracy and aim time (Its a lot like the Jtiger gun). It is a lot more vulnerable to arty though.

Object 268 vs Foch 155
Although the 268 has much superior DPM in a prolonged battle, the Foch has the ability to administer almost 2 500 damage in around 10 seconds. It does have to reload for 40+ seconds after it uses its 3 shots though. Foch 155 has worse arty protection and is also slightly faster and more maneuverable than the 268 with better frontal armour but worse aide and rear armour.

Object 268 vs JagdPanzer E-100
Object 268 has inferior armour to the JagdPanzer. It also suffers from a very limited gun arc. Still, it is a lot faster than the JagdPanzer, turns faster, is smaller and has better DPM with worse damage per shot.

Object 268 vs T110E3
T110E3 has better armour than the 268. It also has better gun depression, but is slower and doesn't have the same DPM as the 268.

Object 268 vs T110E4
The T110E4 has a turret, which even though limited to only 180 degrees is still quite the advantage. Its armour is overall better, except the sides and rear, but its a slower vehicle with inferior DPM.

Historical Object 268

In the summer of 1954 the designers of plant NO 172 complete their wok on the 152,4mm M64 gun. This cannon was capable of launching an AP shell at a velocity of 740m/s. It was also capable of hitting a target 2 meters tall at 900 meters. Its maximum range was 13 km at maximum elevation. This project caught the eyes of the military and in march 1955, plant NO 172 was ordered to prepare all the paperwork and begin designing an SPG vehicle made for this gun. They had only till December the same year to prepare 2 vehicles for trials. The basis for this vehicle was the T-10 heavy tank. The engine was the V-12 V-12-5 with 700 horse power. It also had a 187mm superstructure.

WoT Armoury:
Wiki Page:

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