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Jagdtiger Guide

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Jagdtiger Guide

Post  Ding760 on Sat Jul 13, 2013 10:11 am

The Jagdtiger (AKA JagdPanzer VI Tiger) is a Tier 9 Heavy Tank Destroyer. It’s the penultimate German TD and is obviously a vehicle that needs to be taken VERY seriously.

Stock tank specs:

Upgrade tree:

This is a pretty good vehicle out of the box. Mobility is bad and so is acceleration, but the gun… best Ferdinand gun is more than good enough on your way to the 128L61.
When fully upgraded the JagdTiger has relatively decent mobility. Its low top speed is relatively easy to achieve and keep. The agility of the Jtiger is second only to the AMX 50 Foch. This allows this heavy TD to not be completely defenseless when trying to fight of medium and light tanks. Even so, its better to not be flanked in the first place
The armour of this machine is decent. Lower hull is its weakspot and offers some protection against guns with 160mm of penetration. Unfortunately, transmission is behind it which can be a potential fire hazard and destroy the engine. Upper plate is same as on the Tiger 2, meaning around 203mm of armour. With extra sloping it might prove a challenge to most T9 guns. Real strength comes from the superstructure housing the gun. It has around 260mm of effective protection which can be further increased with sloping. Combined withe the good gun depression it can make the JagdTiger semi-immortal to direct-fire vehicles when fighting in hull-down positions.
Firepower of the Hunting Tiger is absolutely epic. DPM is outstanding, with great penetration and good damage per shot. Accuracy and aim time are nearly perfect allowing for extreme shots at a distance and the good rate of fire means that enemies wont be capable of retaliating. Unfortunately, the gun arc is slightly smaller than the Ferdinand which can be annoying.
Jagdtiger prefers long range combat and hull down positions. It is agile, but the poor side armour means most medium tanks will penetrate whatever you do. At close ranges it can hug other vehicles and still win if need be, though that is obviously a risky tactic.
Price: 3 450 000
Camouflage: Decent
Gun Elevation: -8°/+14°
Gun Arc: -10°/+10°

-Incredible DPM, accuracy and penetration.
-Decent frontal armor.
-Hull-down makes it border-line invulnerable to tank guns.
-Good stock gun.

-Weak side armor
-Mobility is nothing to write home about, though acceleration isn’t bad
-Its big… sometimes its actually good (you can look down at the enemy and hit vulnerable cupolas and lessen the enemy tank's slope) but as a whole it’s mostly a con for a TD that prefers ranged combat

1. Warrior 2. Sniper 3. Heavy Support 4. Heavy Tank Hunter

1. Commander
2. Gunner
3. Driver
4. Radio Operator
5. Loader
6. Loader

Crew skills (only an example, up to 4th skill):

Commander: Sixth Sense --> BIA --> Repair --> Recon/Mentor
Gunner: Designated Target --> BIA --> Repair --> Deadeye
Driver: Smooth Ride --> BiA --> Repair --> Clutch Braking
Radio Operator: Situational Awareness --> BiA --> Repair --> Camouflage
Loader: Safe Storage --> BiA --> Repair --> Adrenaline Rush
A nice trick is to always keep repair as current skill and when reaching 100 to retrain it to some other skill or perk. Thats what I do. If you don't have the gold, or the credits and patience, feel free to put repair as first or second skill.


Armor scheme currently in use:

The hull is the same as the King Tiger with a superstructure boasting some impressive 250mm of armor. The King Tiger part of the frontal hull is effectively around 203mm of armour. Not too bad and is capable of bouncing some shots from lower tier vehicles, but never fully rely on it. The lower hull is only 120mm and is easy to penetrate by 180+ penetration guns, given it is not too sloped. The superstructure is 250mm and is incredibly tough with an impenetrable mantlet. Use it to maximum effect in hull down positions. Only other T9 and 10 TDs can penetrate it.

JagdTiger-Standardketten / Max. capacity 77.4 / Turn speed 18 degrees per second
JagdTiger verstarkte Ketten / Max. capacity 79.8 / Turn speed 21 degrees per second

Get the better suspension ASAP! You dont need it to mount everything, but the mobility is worth it.

Maybach HL 210 P 30 - 650 h.p - 20% chance of fire
Maybach HL 230 P 45 - 750 h.p - 20% chance of fire
Maybach HL 234 P 452 - 870 h.p - 20% chance of fire

Now the stock engine is bad. It gives you a power to weight ratio of 8.59. That’s bad and you will feel it. You may be able to mount the best engine if you had a go with the Tiger series (11,5 hp), or at least the 2nd best with Jagdpanther (9,91 hp).

FuG 7 - 415m
FuG 12 - 710m

As always grab the radio last. You probably have it from the Ferdi anyway.

128mmL55 PaK 44
RoF: 5,53
Penetration: 246/311/64
Average damage: 490/490/630
Accuracy (100m): 0,35
Aim time: 2,3 sec

A great starting gun. It can be a big threat for Tier 8/9 tanks, but does have some trouble fighting Tier 10 tanks. You will need to hit them in the weak spots if you want to penetrate them regularly. It is accurate, fast firing, good damage and offers great overall DPM. Still, the upgraded cannon really is much better, so I recommend you get it fast.

128mmL61 PaK 44/2
RoF: 5,25
Penetration: 276/352/65
Average Damage: 560/560/700
Accuracy (100m): 0,33
Aim time: 2,3 sec

Many consider this gun the most powerful in the game. Its damage per shot may not be equal to the Object 704, but it is still noticeably superior to most T10 heavy tanks. The increased penetration of this gun allows the JagdTiger to penetrate other tanks with ease, even though careful aim at weakspots is still advised in order to gain the maximum of this gun. The truly impressive accuracy and aim time is what really makes the gun here.
Premium ammo is APCR which loses penetration with distance but does get the normalization against sloped armour.

My load out:

Proposed upgrade path:
1. Suspension
2. Second engine.
3. Best gun.
3. Best engine.
4. Radio.

Comparison with its peers:

JagdTiger vs Object 704
The JagdTiger has better frontal armor. The Object is the first heavily armored soviet TD, but its still less than the JagdTiger. 704 has a gun with a far meaner punch and slightly more penetration, but is less accurate and with less DPM. The Object has better armor at the sides and the mantlet, and is also lower in profile and wider, which is both a blessing and a curse. Object seems to have better camouflage.
In short:
Jagdtiger is better hull-down and at longer ranges.
Object is more vulnerable to arty.
Both have insane guns, but Object's gun 1-shots things better.
Jagdtiger better fights medium tanks and supports heavies such as the Maus thanks to the great RoF.

JagdTiger vs T95
The T95 has a little less health and is much slower. Its RoF is even slower than the Object 704 making it incredibly easy to kill by medium tanks (JT can atleast put up a fight). Its low height makes it hard to hit by other tanks, but doesn't allow it a lot of room for hull-down, unlike JT (though a T30 can be used with a T95 for great effect).Its also very wide, cant maneuver and arty loves it, but its frontal armor is insane. Yes, even it has weakspots, but they are small and hard to hit from very far away.
In short:
T95 can be used together with a Jtiger and a T30 to create a steel wall with guns.
T95 is slow... slowest tank in the game.
T95 has better armor.
Jagdtiger has better mobility and a faster and more accurate gun.

JagdTiger vs T30
The T30 fights in a similar way to the JagdTiger. Its hull is much weaker, but the turret and good gun depression allow for a hull-down battle style. It also can play a little like a heavy tank if need be, since its turret allows it to make use of corners much better than any other TD.
In short:
T30 and Jagdtiger are very similar in mobility and speed.
The JagdTiger gun is more accurate, and faster firing (unless the 120 is used, but then JT still has got a higher penetration and damage).
T30 has weaker armor, but a turret.

Historical JagdTiger in battle

The official German designation was Panzerjäger Tiger Ausf. B. The ordnance inventory designation was Sd. Kfz. 186. It saw service in small numbers from late 1944 to the end of the war on both the Western and Eastern Front. The Jagdtiger was the heaviest armored fighting vehicle operationally used during World War II. Due to an excessive weight the Jagdtiger was continuously plagued with mechanical problems.
It is unbeatable at long range. Almost no historical tanks can keep up with the insane armor.Its gun (128 L55) 1-shots most historical tanks and kills even the mighty IS tanks. Thank god its slower in historical battles... you can try and flank it, but its usually going to be escorted.

Originally written by Charcharo

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Re: Jagdtiger Guide

Post  Vampir_Kifla on Sat Jul 13, 2013 8:05 pm

Few things.

First off, it's not that agile. It's rather cumbersome. If you get flanked you're mostly dead since you can't outturn light tanks. The upgraded suspension doesn't make that much of a difference.

Therefore, I'd suggest going for the gun first because it's so awesome (although if you don't have engines, go for the second one first), then the third engine and lastly the tracks.

I always try to go hulldown with it, but be very careful of arty since it will most likely knock out your gunner or your ammo rack. The hull armor is exactly the same as with Tiger II. I'm not completely sure, but I think that upper front plate is actually at 50 degrees (not 40 as in picture) and lower one is at 40. Given the normalization of 5 degrees into account, effectively they are 150mm/45 (212mm) and 120mm/35 (146mm) against AP or 150mm/48 (224mm) and 120mm/38 (152mm) against APCR (2 degrees normalization).

So always, always, always cover your lower plate if you can. Everyone will shoot there and most likely will set you on fire, take out your engine and your radio operator (that guy seems to die in every game).

P.S. Feel free to correct me if the armor calculation is wrong.


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