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T110E5 Guide

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T110E5 Guide

Post  Ding760 on Thu Jul 11, 2013 9:12 am

Hello and welcome to the T110E5, the tier 10 heavy tank of the USA. This accurate and agile vehicle is a step up from the M103 and can be a real terror on the battlefield.

Tank specs:

Tech tree:

The T110E5 is a step up from the M103 in pretty much every single way. The gun is the same as the M103, but with better RoF and accuracy. This makes the already great gun even more of a joy to use.The hull front is improved and some plates can now bounce practically all gun in the game if you have luck. Unfortunately, next to those same plates we also have much weaker ones, that can be easily penetrated. This means the T110E5 thrives at long range, since the enemy  cant aim at your weak spots as well. Hilly environments can be good to you as well. Although not as good as the T30 or the M46 Patton, the T110 still has really good gun depression and is also quite accurate on the move.
The mobility on this thing is really good. It accelerates well and is agile, despite the not that impressive top speed. All in all, the agility and the gun is what makes the T110. At long ranges you can get lucky and bounce even APCR shots yet still manage to hit your enemies. An aggressive approach can win you a fight up close, provided you use your DPM and make your weak spots harder to hit by constantly moving. Just never show that weak side armor to anything more threatening than a T1 Cunningham and it can do fine.
Price: 6 000 000
Camouflage: Decent
Gun Depression: -8°/+15°

- Accurate, high RoF gun with great penetration.
- Superb mobility and agility.
- Armour strong points can bounce even the most powerful guns in the game.
- Turret can be incredibly hard to penetrate at long distances.
- Decent gun depression.

- Side and rear armor of hull and turret might as well not be there .
- Relatively low damage per shot for a tier 10 heavy.
- Prone to various critical hits and can be set on fire.
- Armor has weak spots that can be penetrated even with 180mm of penetration.

1.Warrior  2. Steel wall  3. Sniper 4. Support 5.Heavy armour slayer

1. Commander (also a radioman)  
2. Gunner
3. Driver
4. Loader


Armor scheme currently in use:

The only way to describe this vehicle’s armor is “all or nothing”. Parts that can bounce pretty much everything in the game are next to ones that can be penetrated by the by now lowly 100mm D10T. Even so, the basic weak spot is the lower hull. Basically, you cant exactly rely on your armor, as it is kind of random. Instead, rely on your mobility and accuracy to engage tanks at ranges where they can’t aim at your weak spots.

T110E27 / Max.capacity 60.05 / Turn speed 30 deg per sec.
Nothing to research here and thankfully this suspension is more than enough to carry all modules + equipment you might want to take. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a lot of health points, so its easy to track. It has relatively good mobility on soft terrain though.

AOI-1490 – 875 h.p. – 20% chance of fire
This engine is very good. Gives you superb acceleration and mobility for a heavy tank.

AN/VRC-3 – range 745 meters
The radio is perfect.

Armor: 203/127/70
Rotation: 32 degrees/second
View range: 400m

The formidable mantlet can deflect or absorb pretty much everything and thankfully it occupies almost the entire front of the turret. When looking directly at the enemy, the sides of the turret are impenetrable. Otherwise they are soft, which means it is vulnerable to flanking enemies. The rear is obviously just like paper.
Unfortunately this turret also comes with a weak spot, the commander’s cupola. Thankfully, although big, it is still hard to hit at a distance and is also slightly sloped which means you might just get lucky and bounce a shot with it (at an extreme angle). Up close though… it is fair game for every 198 + pen gun, as long as they can hit it dead on.

120mm M58
RoF: 6
Penetration: 269/381/60
Average damage: 400/400/515
Accuracy (100m): 0,35
Aim time: 2,0 sec

This gun is awesome and is even better here than on the M103. Great penetration and laser-like accuracy combined with incredible aim time make this gun deadly at medium and long ranges. The DPM it can churn out can also make it very effective at close ranges too, provided you can turn the battle into a slug fest or there are multiple targets for it to shoot.
Do mind the peculiarities of the gold ammunition. It is HEAT, which means it does not get normalization. This makes it less effective against heavily sloped tanks (compared to APCR that is), but thankfully it does not lose penetration with distance.

Comparison with its peers:

T110E5 vs IS-7
The T110 is more agile and accelerates faster, even though it loses in top speed. It has a gun that is superior in penetration, aim time and accuracy, but loses out in damage per shot to the IS-7. The US tank also has better gun elevation and the pivot turn ability. However, the IS-7 features comparable if not slightly better frontal armor and MUCH better side armor. It can also reach a higher top speed.
In short:
T110 can be considered having a better gun.
IS-7 is faster, but not as agile. T110 also features much better gun depression.
IS-7 is slightly better in overall armor.

T110E5 vs Maus
Both tanks have good frontal armor (if flawed), but the T110 is most definitely beaten in overall armor. Its sides and rear are too weak to slope effectively, whereas the Maus can turn into a fortress. The T110 does feature a gun that can be considered superior despite the lower damage per shot. Its also much faster and infinitely more maneuverable
In short:
T110E5 can unleash greater DPM, with better penetration and accuracy but lower single shot damage than the Maus.
The Maus is tougher than the T110, both in health points and in armor.
T110 is faster and more maneuverable.

Historical T110E5

The tank was created in anticipation of a possible third world war. It was destined for the battlefields of Germany. Due to the expected nuclear charachter of a war with the USSR, the tank favoured a low silhouette and in theory could withstand a nuclear blast.
The creation of project TS-31 was entrusted to the Chrysler Corporation, the machine in making would be called "Tank T110 with a 120mm-gun". The process of building the tank makes a good example of why the "classic" tank configuration lasted so long.
The original project of T110 was rejected by the military because of its excessive size (it wouldn’t fit in the standard tunnel) and a poorly allocated commander tower, placed on the left. The company suggested another variant – the tower was placed at the center of the body, but, to solve the issue with fitting in the transmission, the driver-mechanic’s place was placed in the combat compartment. The latter was also ill received by the military and the driver’s was returned to the original place. When endorsing the project with the Detroit tank arsenal, the drive layout was decided to be remade into rear-wheeled. Now it was necessary to remove the commander tower altogether to keep the size in check. In addition, according to the order, instead of the AV-1790 engine, they had to use an air-cooled AOI-1490 with the power of 700 HP and the same XTG-500 transmission. The 120-mm T123E1 gun was placed on solid setting. Now there appeared problems with the power unit: it was out of reach. It was decided to make the engine “roll out” on the rails through a large manhole in the body’s rear. But a manhole like that drastically lowered the body’s rigidity.

WoT Armory Report:

Originally written by Charcharo

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Re: T110E5 Guide

Post  AndyScouser on Thu Jul 11, 2013 9:50 pm

Thanks Ding.... This is the only tank in the game that I ever had that brings me close to tears every time i hit battle.  My win rate is catstrophic in it, the lowest of ALL of the tanks that I ever had, I think the next few battles will see me at less than 30%..... My M103, however, im getting better and better now that i have added the suspension and engine since getting the T11E05 , my WR is over 56% win rate...
Ive also noticed, as well as me being bad in it, there are two red teams, but the one im iin should actually be green...

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Re: T110E5 Guide

Post  Ding760 on Mon Jul 15, 2013 1:09 am

Hey Andy Smile

I don't usually reply to these guides comments but believe me when I say I am reading every single comment posted as replies to these guides. Any comments are highly appreciated and I encourage you to continue doing so!

I just wanted to say having read your post there, I think you may be suffering from a stark case of inability to grasp skill necessary to drive the tanks the tier below. Usually, in order to play very well on a tank, you need to grasp the skills necessary for the tank the tier below it in order to drive the current tank well.

In your case, while you have a 50%+ win rate in your tier 9, you are struggling badly with this tier 10. This tells me you still do not fully grasp everything of the tank before the T110E5, there must be some skill that is crucial in the T110E5 that you did not successfully learn from driving the M103.

In my experience facing the M103 and the T110E5, the two tanks has similar playstyle. Although funnily enough I find the T110E5 more formidable in tier 10 than the M103 is in tier 9. So your poor performance on your tier 10 can only lead me to think you have not fully grasped a perhaps single most crucial skill set in the M103.

People tend to make a habit of playing their tanks once they play it many times. This can develop both good habits and bad habits. If you fall into the bad habit section, you need to stop playing the tier 10 and revisit the tier 9 to get a great understanding of how tanks of this type work.

I could be wrong of course, but this is my opinion.

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Re: T110E5 Guide

Post  AndyScouser on Tue Jul 16, 2013 3:12 am

Thanks Ding, you are very probably right, of course...... I skipped through the T32 to get to the M103 and probalby rushed that too as I kept expecting to find another T29 that I can rule in.  Ill put the cover on the 'just bought back T11E05' and try and stomp the field in the M103........ or just keep at the T29.  Ill let you know how i get on after a 100 or so batles to see if this has helped.  

thanks mate.

ps.  After dropping the tiers I play normally, im having loads more fun and my EFF and WR's are really improving.  A little lesson/reality check for me i think.

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Re: T110E5 Guide

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