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My name is DoubleT. DoubleTSC.

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My name is DoubleT. DoubleTSC.

Post  DoubleTSC on Thu Jul 04, 2013 4:35 am

Hello everyone,

I am 25 years old guy from Poland. I have already tons of games under my belt, getting close to 11,5k.

When I realised I can't really play this game, I started to look for some guides. In the end from a really bad i rose to decent if not a good player; but being who I am I don't want to stop here. I am good enough to see not only mistakes of others, but my own as well.

From my all-time favourite game, StarCraft*, I learned that there are more in competitive games than pure mechanics and strategy. The key above all those, is decisionmaking. I explored it as much as I could myself in WoT, but I am under impression I reached a moment I need to share my thoughts on it with others, so they can correct me at times.
I need someone to push me on, because I can't improve on my own anymore. I think.

So I am about to write some stuff on subject that concerns me and I look forward to discuss it with players better than myself to learn from them, and with others to teach them - and so to return the favor to SGTA Smile

I am not joining SGTA for now, since I don't feel need to do so, I am quite happy within my current clan. Maybe I will join later for couple months and then get back to -GOP-? We shall see.

* and it is a reason for SC at the end of my nickname Wink

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