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M7 Guide

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M7 Guide

Post  Ding760 on Mon Jul 01, 2013 6:22 am

M7: American tier 5 medium tank

Basic Overview:

The M7 is one of the American Tier 5 medium tanks. It is extremely fast and agile, but it lacks both armor and a strong gun. Many players find the M7 hard to use, but in certain situations it is an excellent tank. If played with extreme care, it is both rewarding and fun to drive, capable of defeating most other tier 5 vehicles in one on one combat. In order to shine, the tank must be fully upgraded and have a well skilled crew.

Cost: 355,000
From M5 Stuart: 13,060 XP
To T21: 28,700 XP
Health: 400 HP
Crew: 5 - Commander, Gunner, Driver, Radio Operator, Loader

Roles: Flanker, One v One fighter


Engine Power: 350hp
Chance of fire: 20%
Power/Weight ratio: 15.22hp/t
Speed Limit: 60km/h
Traverse Speed: 46 deg/s (No pivot ability)
Turret Traverse: 48 deg/s

The M7 is one of the most mobile tanks in the game. Only some dedicated scouts will be faster and more maneuverable, but that doesn't mean you cannot, or should not, hunt them down while in battle. The speed and maneuverability of the tank should be used to obtain the best firing positions possible, ideally alongside or behind an enemy tank, because the gun often lacks the accuracy and penetration to damage other tanks frontally. This tank has an excellent circling ability, and in combination with the fast firing 6-pounder, it can really wreak havoc on enemy heavies and TD's, especially those with slower turrets. Just remember that you will need many shots to kill them, so have an escape route ready if circling is no longer an option


Hull: 38/32/25mm

At this tier everything will penetrate you with ease, so there is no point in trying to angle the tank. Even some low tier auto guns can pose a threat, as well as most derp guns, even without gold. The only way to avoid being penetrated is not to get hit in the first place.

Turret: 51/32/32mm

View Range: 370m
Signal Range: 395m

The turret armor is much the same as the hull armor. Any tank from its tier, as well as some from the tiers below, will penetrate it with ease. Despite having good gun depression, hull down isn't always an effective armor because the turret still provides as easy target for enemy vehicles. Turret traverse speed is quite good though.


The great debate about the M7 centers around the choice of gun. Most loyalists feel that the 6-pounder is the only way to go, due to its high rate of fire and slightly superior penetration, while others claim it simply doesn't do enough damage, forcing the use of the 75mm in its place.

QF 6-Pouner Mk. III
This gun has one of the highest rates of fire for a "big" tank gun, and therefor can be really fun and effective to use. If you catch an enemy tank by surprise, or flank them while they are busy fighting a teammate, you can inflict a lot of damage in a short period of time. Perhaps almost as importantly, the high ROF can create panic in enemy tanks, as they feel like they are being constantly hit. As an added bonus, it's a great gun for destroying soft cover and exposing enemy tanks, pinning down enemy tanks that are frightened by the constant shells landing near them, or simply keeping targets tracked for your teammates. It should also be noted that this gun does not fire HE rounds.

Dmg: 75/75 HP
Pen: 105/170 mm
Rate of Fire: 26.09 r/m
Accuracy: 0.43m
Aim time: 2.1-2.3 s
Elevation: +18°
Depression: -8°
Ammo: 155

75mm Gun M3L/37
As mentioned, the 75mm M3L/37 (slightly superior to the 75mm M2 that's also available) offers better damage per shot, in exchange for reduced penetration, ROF and accuracy. Unlike the 6-pounder, this gun does give you the option to fire HE.

Dmg: 110/110/175 HP
Pen: 92/127/38 mm
Rate of Fire: 15.79 r/m
Accuracy: 0.46m
Aim time: 2.1s
Elevation: +18°
Depression: -8°
Ammo: 71


Overall, the M7 can be quite a good tank if handled properly. It is very easily penetrate and lacks outright firepower, but in the right situation it can be very deadly. Speed and maneuverability are key, and these assets should be used in conjunction with the ultra-quick firing gun to create a general sense of panic and bewilderment among enemy tanks. Avoid stopping whenever possible, and shoot on the move without fear of missing the target, because the next shell will be loaded almost instantly, giving the driver and second or third chance to inflict the damage.

The best targets for the M7 are lone targets, so always keep an eye on the mini-map and stay patient, waiting for the right opportunities to arise. A lone tank engaged with another tank on your team is easy pray, as is any tank that provides you with the room to get in close and circle them. Use cover as much as possible when approaching enemies, and try to attack at an angle which allows you to quickly get past the aim of their gun, circling them quicker than they can rotate to get a shot at you. Always be aware of the general battle situation, however, as you will make an easy target for their teammates while you are trying to flank/circle them to death.

Never stand toe to toe and exchange blows with any tank, regardless of the tier or class. Even if you kill them first thanks to your excellent ROF, they will surely inflict a lot of damage on you in the process. Also, avoid any and all derp guns whenever possible. They will very likely penetrate you even without gold, and their high damage output means you will either be killed with one shot, or very nearly dead at the end of it.

It's also important to note that when circling, some drivers prefer to use auto-aim. This technique allows the driver to stay focused on driving the tank, avoiding any potential obstacles and making sure the enemy's gun is pointed in the wrong direction. When equipped with the 6-pounder, you merely have to lock on auto-aim and begin firing as quickly as possible; some of your shots will bounce, but enough will penetrate that eventually you target will be killed, so long as they aren't able to finally get their sights on you.

TD's: At a distance, TD's are a serious problem for the M7. It will often have trouble penetrating their frontal armor, while they will have no trouble penetrating the M7. The best approach is to use cover while closing the distance, as they will be easy prey once you manage to get in close. Non-turreted TD's are easy to get alongside of or behind thanks to your speed and agility, and turreted TD's will be easy to circle as well, since their turret traverse speed is normally rather slow.

Heavies: The heavier the better, as long as you don't let them hit you. KV's are a particularly juicy target for the M7, since they are very slow to traverse both hull and turret. The derp equipped KV-2 is slowest of all, so if the opportunity presents itself, and you can get to them without being shot, go in for the kill. Essentially any lone heavy with room for circling is an easy target. As with the TD's, never fight a heavy frontally, and avoid engagements at large distances. Believe it or not, the tier 7 Tiger is actually one of the easier heavies for the M7 to circle. Once you are in behind him it's all but over. It takes a lot of shots with the 6-pounder to kill him, especially since several will bounce, but it can be done.

Mediums: Most mediums of the same or similar tiers will pack a greater punch than you, so try to treat them somewhat like heavies. They will be harder to circle, since they can generally traverse quicker, but not impossible. Those with thinner armor can actually be engaged at range, especially if you have the opportunity to fire many shots at them before they can respond. Often times your high ROF will make them panic somewhat, and in these situations their accuracy will usually suffer, giving you yet another advantage.

Lights/Scouts: Some of them may not know it, but the M7 is their worst nightmare. Generally speaking, you can keep pace with them, so don't be afraid to give chase while constantly firing at them in the process. Once again the high ROF 6-pounder will usually cause them to panic, and it fires quickly enough that you don't have to worry about missing with some shots. Locking on auto-aim while chasing the scout is another option, and although many shots will miss the more agile scouts in the game, you will have the ability to focus on your driving and create the best angles possible for success.

The same applies to most of the French and American revolver tanks you will encounter. Your penetration is enough to hurt them almost everywhere, and they will be shocked to encounter a tank that's actually firing faster than they are.

Arty: To be treated like TD's and Heavies, but even easier to circle. Most of them will one-shot you, so you must be extremely careful, but they are also easier to penetrate if you want to lock on with auto-aim and simply worry about avoiding their gun.

In conclusion, when used properly the M7 is a whirlwind of mayhem and fury in a game that is becoming ever more static and slow. So long as you are careful, it is the perfect weapon for preying on the hoards of KV drivers at tier 5, and generally casing panic on the battle field as it spams shells at as many targets as possible.


• Excellent speed and agility
• Awesome rate of fire with the 6-pounder
• Often underestimated by enemies
• Can circle just about anything to death
• Good credit earner


• Extremely thin armor
• Guns lack penetration and damage output
• Very susceptible to derp and arty fire

Suggested Crew Skills:

Commander: BOA, Repairs, Mentor
Gunner: BOA, Repairs, Snap Shot
Driver: BOA, Off road Driving, Smooth Driving
Loader: BOA, Repairs, Camo

Having a fully trained crew almost essential for success in the M7, maximizing the ROF and speed of the tank. BOA makes everything, including the ROF, just a little bit faster, so it should be the top priority. Repairs are also very important, since a tracked M7 is usually killed very quickly thereafter. Off road driving is preferable to smooth driving, for reasons that will be discussed with the vertical stabilizer. Camo is of little importance, since you will rarely be standing still long enough to use it, as are skill related to view range, since you won't be shooting many targets from a distance.

Suggested Equipment:

Vertical Stabilizer – Shooting on the move is very important in the M7, so a vert. stabilizer should be a must (along with smooth ride and snap shot), but there is a contrary school of thought. Since auto-aim is often used while circling enemy tanks, allowing the driver to concentrate on avoiding taking fire, shots fired too accurately will be destined for the turret and harder parts of the tank, increasing the likelihood of a bounce. So the idea is that a less accurate shot on the move will actually have a better chance of deviating into the hull (which should be the back or sides), and therefor stand a better chance of going through. That said, overall, the vert. stabilizer is still recommended.

Gun Rammer – Maximizing the ROF of the 6-pounder is essential, and so every M7 should be equipped with a rammer.

Vents – Again, a global boost to performance is a good idea, helping with both mobility and rate of fire.

Suggested Research Path:

The top priority here should be getting the 6-pounder onto the tank, as even if you plan to use the 75mm later on, the 6-pounder will at least make the M7 useable in the meantime. The 6-pounder is also lighter than the other guns, so you can use it even with the lower spec tracks. The next priority should be the top engine, followed in turn by the tracks, turret and radio.

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