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Pz. Kpfw. I Ausf. C Guide

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Pz. Kpfw. I Ausf. C Guide

Post  Ding760 on Thu Jun 27, 2013 6:07 am

Unlocked from Pz.Kpfw I for 1620 xp.

Main characteristics:

230 hit points
8t weight


180 HP engine
22.36 hp/t ratio (without modules)
79/22 km/h speed forward/reverse
48 deg. turn rate


Hull 30/20/20
Turret 30/14/14


7.92 mm Mauser E.W. 141 machine gun
640 ammo capacity
40 mag. size
33/43 mm. penetration
253.52 rounds/min. RoF
8 sec. mag. reload time


340 m. view range
700 m. radio coverage


First and foremost research (if you don‘t have it already) and mount 2 cm Flak 38L/112 gun. Next you should research VK 6.02 suspension and Maybach HL 66 P engine to improve your mobility, which is vital to a scout tank. Research Pz. Kpfw I Ausf. C turret to improve your view range and rate of fire. It also allows you to mount  7.92 mm Mauser E.W. 141 machine gun, which is the top weapon for this vehicle, and finally research and mount FuG Spr. A radio.

Characteristics explained:

As it currently stands, Pz. I C is the fastest tank in the game. It also has an excellent power to weight ratio and very good mobility. These characteristics together with excellent 340 m. view range and  700 m. radio range make Pz. I C very solid and easily obtainable (as it‘s only tier 3) scout tank. Obviously, 30 mm. front armor won‘t be enough to protect you, you'll need to use your mobility to get away from enemy fire. It should be noted that 30 mm. allows you to survive autocannon fire (especially when facing other Pz. I Cs), so try to keep your front pointed towards the enemies if they‘re  trying to flank you at close range and unload your mag when the enemy reloads. Pz. I C weighs only 8 tonnes, so ramming is not a good option while driving this tank, you should also avoid getting rammed by more aggressive enemies. Having a relatively low weight also means that your tank will slow down significantly when knocking down trees and fences. Doing so while being spotted by the enemy team will result in a fast return to the garage, be careful and plan your path to avoid this!  Finally, 40 round mag with 8 damage per shot theoretically allows you to kill most of the opponents you meet with a single mag. Mauser machine gun is a short range weapon, sniping with it will only waste most of your ammo.

Battle tactics:

Tier 3 battle:

You‘re the king of the battlefield. Very few tanks can keep up with you, so first minutes of the battle should be used to get to a key position on the map (hill on Prokhorovka or hill at H7 on Karelia).  Pay attention to the composition of your own team: if you have more Pz 1 Cs or other fast tanks (like BT-7) ask them to join you, it will improve your chances of survival. Keep in mind that your enemies might have a similar battle plan, sometimes it might be wiser to avoid these key positions if the number of fast tanks on the enemy team is greater. Your mobility is your main weapon, there‘s no shame in retreating when the enemy has strength in numbers. Be cunning, attack from unexpected directions, flank your enemies, your machine gun fire is highly disorienting! Avoid sniper duels, if it‘s impossible to flank your enemy let your allies deal with it,  find yourself a weaker target in the meantime. Your main trick on the battlefield is to get close to an enemy, kill it with one mag and retreat into cover to reload. Pay attention to what your team is doing, if you see no defenders near your base you should be the one to fall back and defend it.
Tips on fighting some of tier 3 vehicles:

Pz. 38t

Has an accurate and fast 4.7 cm. gun, avoid standing duels. Easy to kill if you manage to flank it.

Pz. I C

Very dangerous. If one tries to flank you try to keep your front armor pointed towards it and unload your mag to the sides or rear of your enemy if you survive the burst.

Pz. II G

Has stronger armor than you, so try to get close and hit its sides and rear. Can easily penetrate you when armed with M.K. 103 machine gun, but also has a very long reload time. Make use of it.

M3 Stuart

Has a strong front armor, try to hit its sides. Good mobility makes this tank pretty hard to flank.

M2 Medium

Shots from 75 mm howitzer can cripple your tank greatly, keep moving if you see one aiming at you.

AMX 38

Very well armored tank, let your allies deal with these. If there‘s nobody else left, try to detrack it at a very close range and unload the rest of your mag to its view ports on the side of the turret.

Cruiser IV

Can kill you just as fast as you can kill it, avoid standing duels if possible.


Very dangerous when armed with 47 mm gun, pretty strong frontal armor. Can be flanked quite easily.

Tier 4 battles:

Enemies have bigger guns, better armor and more HP, so you‘ll have to be less aggressive. Pay attention to your minimap and prey on lone targets. Let your teammates engage the enemy before coming out of cover, being a tier 3 in a tier 4 battle makes you a desirable target. You‘ll be fighting more powerful arty, so locating and killing enemy arty becomes an important task, don‘t forget to warn friendly arty before heading to enemy base! Your ability to change position quickly becomes an increasingly important asset to your team as the battle progresses, avoid dying early.
Tips on fighting some of tier 4 vehicles:


Your most desirable target. Huge size and very weak armor makes it easy to kill, has a very good  57 mm gun though.


Slow and easy to flank, can be easily penetrated from the rear.


Unlike most t4 TDs, this one is very mobile, but has very weak armor.

AMX 40

Invulnerable to your fire. Avoid fighting those.


Invulnerable to your fire. Avoid fighting those.


Invulnerable to your fire. Avoid fighting those.

Other t4 lights

Avoid engaging these alone, some of them can actually keep up with you.

Tier 5 battles:

Your gun is useless against most of the enemies, but you can penetrate some medium tanks from behind. You can still be very useful to your team as a passive scout, consider using binoculars to maximize your efficiency. Locating enemy arty is your number one goal, keep an eye on the minimap to spot gaps in enemy defenses. Chances of successfully reaching enemy arties at the beginning of the game are pretty slim, wait for enemy lines to thinner before attempting it.


- Great rate of fire
- Fast mag reload (8 sec. without ventilation)
- Very high top speed and good maneuverabilty
- Compact size
- Good radio and very good view range


- Only 2 crew members, commander has to cover a lot of roles
- Weak armor
- Low penetration
- Engine fires and frequently injured crew
- Suspension breaks easily


As mentioned above, Pz. I C has only 2 crew members, commander also covers the roles of gunner, loader and radio operator. Crew injuries are quite frequent, always carry a small first aid kit to avoid losing all your crew in battle. Skills and perks:


Camo ->Repair to 40% -> retrain to Deadeye ->Camo


Camo -> Off-road Driving


560 AP/80 APCR. APCR ammo is very expensive, but you should have some to interrupt base cappers or to finish off better armored enemies.


Improved Ventilation – this one is a no-brainer.
Enhanced Gun-Laying Drive – allows you to unload your mag and retreat faster.
Binocular Telescope – Improves your passive scouting capabilities in high tier battles. Alternatively you could mount Enhanced Springs if your suspension breaks often.


Small Repair Kit – engine crits are quite frequent, and mobility is your strongest characteristic, don‘t get crippled.
Small First Aid Kit – don‘t risk losing both of your crew members.
100-octane Gasoline – Improve your hill climbing ability and turret turning rate. Alternatively – Fire Extinguisher if high octane gasoline is too expensive for you.

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