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My Garage Post 8.6

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My Garage Post 8.6

Post  Rancidpunk on Mon Jun 24, 2013 11:58 pm

So I've had a clear out based on the scientific principle; 
if I press BATTLE and look forward to the game - keep, I press BATTLE with a sense of dread and tedium - sell!

Chinese - 110 Heavy, grinding it in the hope that the tier 9 is better than this average tank. I avoid going head on against same tier or higher heavies in this.

German - King Tiger - best tier 8 for me, I'll take on anything in it Smile
             E75 - same as KT, I'll fight anything.
             E100 - sublime, makes me moist!
             Maus - makes me moister!
             Arty - Pz.Sfl. IVb -brilliant!
                      GWPanther - brillianterer!
                      GW E100 - the best by far!

British     Mathilda - for shits and giggles.
             ToG II - shouldn't be great but it is!
             AT15 - a deadly beast that leads to the Tortoise!

U.S.       M22 Locust, unbreakable suspension and it was free.
             T110E5 - meh but I bought cammo for gold!

Russian   Tetrarch - 225 penetration on a tier 2!
             Churchill III - machine gun derp, say no more!
             KV1 - I'll fight anything!
             T150 - as above.
             KV3 - I think I'm still unicum in this one Smile
             KV4 - Buying it again soon.
             KV5 - my lovely evil bastard of a tank that shits credits!            
             ST1 - Buying it again soon.
             IS7 - Just because it's an IS7, no explanation required really.

Other tanks I'll be buying when I can spare the credits;

T28 Prototype - loved it!
B-C 155 55 - Monty said so! Smile

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Re: My Garage Post 8.6

Post  BehemothNL on Tue Jun 25, 2013 12:23 am


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Re: My Garage Post 8.6

Post  AndyScouser on Tue Jun 25, 2013 1:48 am

Yep, I have been doing this too. I currently have 8 free garage slots and its increasing.  As soon as I finished grinding a tank, im selling it unless I really want to progress up the tree.
Funnily, I got totally disheartened with my one and only T10 tank, the T11E05, and I really dont like high tier battles, although ive not played that account since 8.6..

Even though i have spent shit loads of cash and time on the andyscouser account, im actually now stopped using it since 8.6 and my new account BigFellas_dad is my new one.  OMG am I having fun again, low tier games are ace and i think im just going to go upto T5 apart from the PzIVs and eventually the VK3601(H).   Its a game, and as you say many tanks i just cringed when it came to the x2's.  So im not getting into that rat race again.  Its just a pity I have 250 days of premium, £90 of gold and £150 worth of premiums sitting in it.  hey ho, easy come and all that.

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Re: My Garage Post 8.6

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