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T14 Guide

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T14 Guide

Post  Ding760 on Fri Jun 14, 2013 7:18 am

I'm going to talk about the american tier 5 premium heavy T14. 

Cost: 1500 gold

The T14 was a heavy tank based on the M4 sherman's suspension developed as a joint project between the UK and the USA but was scrapped as the Churchill heavy tank had been far improved from it's original state.
The powerplant was a Ford GAZ v8 engine providing 520 horsepowers, giving the T14 a top speed of 28 kph. 
It was armed with the 75 mm l37 gun from the M4 and carried 50 shells

In WoT:

Despite WG claiming that all premium tanks have it's historical specifications the ingame T14 mounts the Ford GAC engine, increasing the power to 720 hp and top speed to 34 kph. The ammo capacity is also greatly increased  from the historical 50 to 90 rounds.

On paper the T14 isn't a very good heavy tank due to the seemingly weak armor and low penetration. As in most cases the paper stats don't tell the whole story: the T14 share many traits with the M4 series, including the thick lower glacis and heavily sloped armor. This combined with the excelent acceleration makes the T14 a respectable support and flanking tank capable of keeping up to mediums and getting to unexpected places. The gun have high RoF and acceptable alpha damage with short aim time.
It's not without weaknesses though: The turn rate is comparable to an overloaded U-boat, the gun lacks both penetration and accuracy.

Note: The T14 shares the improved MM with the Churchill III and Matilda IV which means that you face tier 6 at the most.

In details: Being a premium tank it only have one set of modules.

Basic Stats:
HP: 690
Hull armor: 50/50/50 mm
Turret armor: 101/101/101 mm, 101 mm mantlet
Gun: 75 mm M3L/37
  dmg: 110/110/175
  pen: 92/127/35 mm
Weight: 48'000 kg
Engine power: 720 hp
Top speed: 34 kph, 10 kph in reverse
Turn rate: 20 deg/sec
Turret traverse: 26 deg/sec
View range: 330 meters
Radio range: 570 meters


T14 armor


Hull armor: 50/50/50
As I said, the numbers are don't tell the whole story, the lower part of the frontal hull is 102 mm thick, followed by a strip of 63 mm and only the most sloped part is actually 50 mm. The sides are covered with 19 mm spaced armor + another 20 mm tracks and finally 63 mm flat armor giving them a total thickness of about 100 mm, including 2 layers of spaced armor (looking at you T26E4). The T14 have pretty uniform armor with only one noticable weakspot, the hull MG port which can be hidden behind a corner or wiggled around.
Turret armor: 101/101/101
The 101 mm is a bit missleading as the cheeks are only 76 mm thick but as it's at an angle it's not that noticable. The mantlet covers a hole in the turret which lets a surprising ammount of shells through.

Turret: T14


The turret is pretty large but also smooth, giving few actual weakspots. The large size also gives the gun good vertical movment: the full 10 degrees gun deression and 25 degrees elevation, you never have to worry about not hitting someone above you.

Gun: 75 mm M3L/37


Ammo cost: 56/2800(7 gold)/56 credits
This is a premium version of the top gun on the M3 lee but with the nerfed stats of the stock gun of the M4 sherman. As seen on the stats image it's got poor penetration and accuracy which makes the T14 hard to use effectively, well driven KV-1's are close to immune to the gun. 
Despite these drawbacks the gun have high RoF and short aim time which combined with the bottomless ammo supply allows you to shred lower tier tanks and mediums. If you desperaely HAVE to engage heavies, load some APCR which brings the penetration up to regular tier 5 levels.
Since 0.7.0 people have stopped using HE shells due to their somewhat unreliable preformance versus armored targets. While this is true even in the T14 it never hurts to bring along a handfull for those hiding t3/4 TDs/SPGs in the later stages of the battle.

xCaptainObviousx's note: I currently carry a 65/15/10 ratio of AP/APCR/HE and i've yet to run out of any kind in a battle. 90 shell capacity is a blessing, especially with 3.18 sec reload at 100% crew vents+rammer.

Suspension: T14


This is one of the 1st thing people notice about the T14, the way it turns or rather the way it DOESN'T. Just like an american muscle car the T14 is fast in a straight line but you need a crane to turn it. 
The top speed of 34 kph is good for a heavy and thanks to a fairly low ground friction you have about the same mobillity at all times. Despite the ground friction the accuracy on the move is painfully average.
Hidden stats:
Ground resistance 1.03/1.14/1.71 (hard ground/medium ground/soft ground)
Accuracy on the move: 0.24 (pretty much what all tier 5 have)

Engine: Ford GAC


Now THIS is what makes the T14 special. With a power to weight ratio of 15 hp/ton you move around at top speed most of the time and climb hills at medium speeds. This is what makes it competitive, it can go where other heavies can't (ignoring the T1 for now). It's armor layout also lets you rush people to engage at point blank range or to get to their side. Be aware that you have a quiet large engine hitbox and high fire chance so avoid getting shot in the ass and carry a fire extinguisher.

Radio: SCR 508/1


The premium version of the stock radio found in the M4 sherman. This version is greatly improved over the non-prem version and is even used on the rare "mutant 6" tier 8 pre-order heavy. 
There isn't really much to say about it, it's better than the russian and german one but worse than the one found on the M4 sherman and T1 heavy.

Review: "Someone call the shrink"


If we take the above mentioned stats and put them in a box, what do we get? It looks like a heavy (the definition of a "brick tank"), quacks like a heavy... but isn't one. What we have here is what you get when you let an M4 into an "all you can eat" buffét, a medium in heavy propotions.
The way to play a T14 is similar to that of te Tiger H: "Think medium". If possible, leave the death alleys and chokepoints to the KV's and use your mobillity to flank the enemy and create diversions. Your heavy armor will keep you safe from tier 4 and 5 mediums unless you do something incredibly stupid but won't save you from a StuG or T-150 so focus on getting rid of such tanks with the help of your teammates (remember: "think medium", a lone medium is a dead medium). The steep angles and spaced armor will produce a fair ammount of 0 dmg hits and bounces from snapshots when you move about so move up and get close and personal.

The T14 rewards aggressive and tactical gameplay but also punishes stupid play. Rushing off alone and getting surrounded is the main reason for the T14's destruction (2nd place is the KV-1S   ). The low penetration and somewhat unreliable turret armor means that going hull down close to the base and waiting for the enemy mob to rush in alone won't get you very far.
92 mm pen is enough to penetrate everything you come across from some direction with the excption of the brittish TDs but many targets require you to hit sides from close distance which can be a difficult feat when alone.

I often find myself using my premium HP pool to save low health teammates carrying bigger guns who can deal with whatever I can't.

xCaptainObviousx note: The T14 isn't extremely prone to module damage but some modules have large hitboxes. Expect damage to ammo rack, turret traverse, engine (usually from screwups), gunner and driver. Repair kits and medkits are important so stock up on sales.
note2: despite it's blocky hull the T14 have a respectable camo value of 13.5, comparable to the JagdPanther's 12.5%

Pros and cons


+Large HP pool
+Good armor
+Spaced side armor
+High rate of fire
+Short aim time
+Good speed for a heavy
+Excelent acceleration for a heavy
+Good camo
+HUGE ammo capacity
+Cheap ammo
+Good gun depression and elevation
+Premium matchmaking
+Premium status, high income and cheap repairs
+Can train all types of crewmembers

-Bad accuracy
-Low penetration
-Bad, REALLY bad turn rate
-Slow reverse speed
-Poor reverse speed
-Weak to arty
-Weak rear armor
-face the KV-1S
-5 crew setup, can't train an entire crew

Suggested crew skills


Commander: Repairs, 6th sense, recon, BiA -train repairs to 100% and then change it to a suitable perk for a more enjoyable grind
Driver: Clutch braking, repairs, off road driving, smooth ride, BiA    -train in any order
Gunner: Repairs, snap shot, deadeye, BiA
Radioman: Repairs, situational awareness, BiA
Loader: Repairs, safe stowage, BiA

Suggested Equipment

-Standard assault:
Rammer, Vents, GLD

-HE resist/ramming
Rammer, Vents, Spall liner

-On the move
Enhanced springs, Vents, repair kit (best with 100% repair, ES give 30% more track HP)

-Extended awareness
Vents, Rammer, Binocs/optics

-Sneaky (yes, I'm serious)
Vents, Camo net, Binocs

Camo net, Binocs, Repair kit.

The T14 benefits from pretty much all equipments so chose your favorite.

Final notes:
If you are looking for a tank that stomps everything it face this isn't for you, stick to the KV-1. However if you are looking for a tank that teach you how to play better and countering tanks which are much more powerfull than you and earning some credits while at it this is the perfect tank.
The low pen force you to learn weakpots and alternative tactics while the boxy armor teach you how to angle for the best results. the mobillity also allow you to get anywhere on the map and try new things quickly.

In short: master the T14 and you become a better player overall (according to my experience), this doesn't mean that BUYING one makes you good.

Sample T14 video

Originally written by xCaptainObviousx

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