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IS-7 Guide <Downloadable>

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IS-7 Guide <Downloadable>

Post  Ding760 on Tue Jun 11, 2013 9:59 pm

PDF download link is here: view/bk115lyuqv2jjwz/IS-7.pdf

Microsoft Word download link is here: ?9909pfr95hjzl0o


The IS-7 was the pinnacle of soviet heavy tank engineering. In World of Tanks it is positioned at Tier 10 along side the IS-4. At first glance it is a well armored and mobile heavy tank, with a very good top speed and decent overall mobility.

In the next paragraphs I will describe in detail every what you need to know in order to be a successful IS-7 driver.

Speed and mobility

Powered by a 64l V12 delivering 1050 h.p, the IS-7 has a very good ~15 h.p/tonne ratio and an excellent top speed of 59 kp/h. On theory that seems great, but in practice there is a problem, the ground resistance is very high for this tank. (Ground resistance is a hidden statistic which influences a tanks mobility, its mostly kept secret and is a way for WG to balance tanks.)

Now some of you might be wondering “What is this guy talking about?!”.

Having explained that, the IS-7 is very fast in a straight line and driving down-hill. Turning will greatly reduce your speed and most of the time you will be cruising at ~35kp/h on even terrain. Also keep in mind that going through marshes or water/rivers will greatly reduce your mobility!
If you get circled by a medium or light tank use the combined speed of your fast turning turret and hull traverse to counter and possibly track them. Your worse enemies are fast mediums and light tanks with Drum-Loaders. To fight them use your mass, try to ram and track them. The IS-7 weight is enough to hurt most light tanks and some mediums.

In addition you can use your speed to stick to the sides of high tanks (Maus, E-100 etc.) and some of the slower TDs (JP-100, Obj 704, T95 etc).

Always try to get close and personal! More on that below…


The almighty S-70 130mm gun!

This is what makes the IS-7 unique, 7 meters of metal pointing at your enemies, a sight to behold!
But, as always there is problem, this gun is as Russian as it gets. Aim time is a whopping 3.4s, I found that to be one of the biggest problems with the IS-7, it takes ages to aim. Then we have the accuracy, 0.4 at 100m, these two combine to give the gun a very slow and cumbersome feel.

With the negative out of the way lets see what makes it shine. The 490HP Alpha is nice, its not the greatest, but it is higher then most Tier 10 Heavies. Combined with a very decent penetration of 250mm and a 4.38 ROF this is a good gun for close combat and reasonable at longer ranges, yet its far from the best (T110E5, AMX 50B etc). Penetration with APCR is below-average.

(With BiA/Vents/Rammer the reload time is 11.32 Seconds)

This why you should always remember, the IS-7 is tank made for close quarter fighting. Do not snipe with it, do not play like a medium or scout. Stay close to your enemies, use your armor and high alpha strike to your advantage!

Speaking of that…


Front hull (Upper and lower plate) - 150mm

The IS-7 has excellent armor on the from though it benefits little from angling, Most of the times you are better of facing forward with the pike nose. The lower plate is less angled and can be penetrated fairly easy by most Tier 10 guns, the angle however means that in close combat high tanks will have a harder time penetrating your lower hull. Premium HEAT and APCR with penetration above 350mm will go through the upper plate more often than not.

If you chose to angle this tank you must be very careful and use a small angle, this will weaken your upper plate but increase your lower plate effective angle. The choice is yours…
You should keep in mind that the IS-7 has its ammo stored right behind those headlights so it is possible to get ammo-racked from the front!

Turret- 240/185/94mm (Front/Sides/Rear)

On the other hand your turret is almost invulnerable to everything but HEAT shells from Tier 10 TDs. Even on the sides it is well armored and often bounces Tier 10 guns. The rear however is very weak, even a T-50-2 will have no problem penetrating there.

Unfortunately the gun depression is lacking at -6°/+18°. Most of the time hull-down positions will not be available to you. However “face-hugging” tanks is highly recommended , the only weak-spot on the IS-7s turret is the small periscope pictured above. If you fight another IS-7, avoid that periscope as it fairly hard to hit with the S-70 even from close range.

Side hull – 100mm to 150mm (Armor behind the tracks) and 150mm + 20mm Spaced Armor on the False Board (Above the tracks)


Your sides are relatively well protected by spaced armor, but only in some parts as the picture above illustrates. This spaced armor is often a life-saver as it can absorb even premium HEAT/APCR shells from high caliber guns.

However exposing your sides is not recommended, good players will avoid the spaced armor and aim for your engine or tracks to disable you.

Rear- 70mm

Needless to say, you should never expose your rear (Well this is awkward) with this tank. Most light tanks of Tier 5 and above will penetrate the armor despite the small angle. Even worse, high caliber HE/HESH shells will often deal a great amount of damage and possibly damage your engine. Fires are fairly rare in the IS-7, but they burn fast so you better be quick (On paper 12% Chance for ignition).

Ah excellent! The crew is back from the pub, lets talk about them, shall we?


The IS-7 is managed by a five man crew, four of them are located in turret and one in the hull.

This is important because the IS-8 and previous tanks have a crew of four. This means that you will need to find a Loader for your IS-7. If you are grinding the ST-1 you can use one of Loaders as the and IS-4 has only four crew members. (Using a premium LL Churchill III for crew training is advised)

For Skills and Perks I use this configuration:

After you reach the 4th skill/perk you can chose Fire Fighting if you plan on using LL Oil and Removed Governor a lot.

Keep in mind some of these skills need to be at 100% to work!


I use a mix of 27 AP Shells & 3 APCR Shells.

Some of you might want to take a few HE shells for Cap Reset etc. but I found them greatly ineffective against armored targets (0 Damage). For competitive events 25 APCR and 5 HE Shells are recommended (CW/ESL etc.)

I use the following consumables: Small First Aid Kit, Small Repair Kit and Manual Fire Extinguishers.

You can also use Lend Lease Oil, Removed Governor or Automatic Extinguishers. For competitive events Combat Rations and Large kits are recommended (CW/ESL etc.)

(The IS-7 Repairs costs roughly 27 000 )


For the IS-7 I recommend this setup. It is universal and will work for you in most situations.

For CW and ESL your team captain might request specific sets of equipment for different maps.

Buying these sets at discounted prices and only demounting them for Gold is highly advised!


· Great sloped frontal armor
· Spaced armor on the sides
· Above average top speed
· High-alpha gun
· Well-armored rounded turret
· Tough frontal armor
· Low profile
· The good top speed makes this tank great at ramming lower tier tanks

· Slow turning speed
· Slow rate of fire
· Long aim time
· Weak side and rear armor
· Very bad terrain resistance makes it impossible to reach a speed of 40kmh over anything but perfectly flat roads
· Bad gun depression
· Second lowest HP of any Tier X HT: Only the AMX 50B has less HP
· Terrible accuracy at range, needs to get very close to accurately hit weak spots
· Long silhouette makes it difficult to to hide behind terrain and houses

Originally written by VictorKitov

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Re: IS-7 Guide <Downloadable>

Post  Boos B on Tue Jun 11, 2013 10:08 pm

I have seen this guide ideed Smile. Am trying to follow the advices, but still I find tier 10 tanks hard to play.

Boos B

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Re: IS-7 Guide <Downloadable>

Post  ViktorKitov on Fri Jun 14, 2013 3:27 am

The guide was originally written for SGTA in .pdf & .txt formats only. 

Later it got updated for the WoT Labs Forum and posted there (v2.0). 

Finally I made the v3.0 (Final version) and asked Ding to post here. PDF and Word documents will not be updated as they are not popular.

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Re: IS-7 Guide <Downloadable>

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