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AMX AC Mle. 1948 Guide

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AMX AC Mle. 1948 Guide

Post  Ding760 on Tue May 14, 2013 8:34 pm

AMX AC Mle. 1948 - Tier 8 Frech TD

After the weird Somuas, Bathtubs, pole vaulting V39 and somewhere-in-the-middle Mle. 1946 this is the first of the very modern French TD designs. Some says it has the armor of Ferdinand, some says it has the speed of Jagdpanther 2, all we know, it is hell of a tank.

Main characteristics:
Price: 2 570 000 credits
Hit Points: 1000
View range: 370m
Signal range: 400m (stock) 750m (elite)
Weight: 49.7t
Weight limit: 56.9t (stock) 59.3t (elite)

The price is on par with other T8 TDs. Hit points are rather low, only Uralmash (SU-101) has less hit points, Ferdinand has the most among its peers with 1200 HP. View range is similar to others T8 TDs and signal range is enough.
Nice feature is that you don't have to research the suspension module at all, you have enough load capacity just with the stock one.

Commander (Radio Operator)

Forget your classic five men crew setup you are used to from previous TDs. Here the radio operator is replaced by second gunner. This gives the opportunity to have more specialized gunner's skills at once though.

Speed limit: 50km/h
Traverse: 26deg/s (stock), 28deg/s (elite)
Power: 575hp (stock), 850hp (elite)
Specific power: 11.57hp/t (stock), 16.8hp/t (elite)

You are fairly fast with good specific power. You will have no problems to keep up with your meds or to move into good sniping positions. Your traverse is enough keep most of flankers in front of your gun.
Note: The given traverse is from the game. With 100% crew, top engine and top suspension I measured figure around 36 deg/s (on a paved road).

Front: 150mm
Side: 40mm
Back: 40mm

You got very good frontal armor, 150mm at slope of 55 degrees from vertical gives 261mm of effective armor. But do not get overconfident here. You have weakspots there, which will be exploited by experienced enemies, there is +-25% penetration variance and ~5 degree normalization reduces the effective thickness to 230mm. The copula and the machine gun port are the first thing visible when you are climbing uphill. The small lower glacis is hard to hit but many of my enemies did not bother. The range finder itself has no hitbox but the rear AA gun has. Actually it has no armor whatsoever and the second gunner sits there, criticals here happens often.
Otherwise your frontal armor will bounce all T7 guns and most T8 gun regularly. When in close dogfight, wiggle your hull while reloading to make the opponent's aim at your weakspots harder. This technique also gives you additional lateral angle thus increasing your effective armor. But watch the opponent's aim, your side armor is prone to get overmatched by big calibers (120mm+, yep, those are the notorious Soviet guns). Watch out and act accordingly.
Arty is serious treat for you. Your weak sides, weak back and big roof will attract shells. You can be oneshotted even by T5 arties.





90 mm DCA 45 AC
Capacity: 80 rounds
Damage: 240/240/320 (AP/APCR/HE)
Penetration: 212/259/45 mm (AP/APCR/HE)
Price: 255/10G/255 (AP/APCR/HE)
RoF: 9.52 round/min
Accuracy: 0.34m/100m
Aim time: 1.7s
Elevation: (-6, 18) deg
Gun arc: (-10, 10) deg
DPM: 2284 (AP/APCR)

You should be familiar with this gun from the Mle. 46. Although the RoF and aim time are upgraded.

100 mm SA 47 AC
Capacity: 72 rounds
Damage: 300/300/400 (AP/APCR/HE)
Penetration: 232/263/50 mm (AP/APCR/HE)
Price: 1030/10G/650 (AP/APCR/HE)
RoF: 7.5 round/min
Accuracy: 0.34m/100m
Aim time: 2.3s
Elevation: (-6, 18) deg
Gun arc: (-10, 10) deg
DPM: 2250 (AP/APCR)
Experience: 34 500
Cost: 127 550

Again gun fro Mle. 46. With much lesser aim time you can actually use it to good effect. The damage to shell price ratio is rather bad, so you will end up losing credits quite a lot.

120mm SA 46 AC
Capacity: 64 rounds
Damage: 400/400/515 (AP/APCR/HE)
Penetration: 267/351/65 mm (AP/APCR/HE)
Price: 1030/10G/650 (AP/APCR/HE)
RoF: 5.77 round/min
Accuracy: 0.33m/100m
Aim time: 2.9s
Elevation: (-6, 18) deg
Gun arc: (-10, 10) deg
DPM: 2308 (AP/APCR)
Experience: 63 200
Cost: 339 000

This is the big gun you are going to research as fast as possible. With its 267mm (same as T110E5) of penetration and improved accuracy over the 100mm cannon, this gun is much more reliable at dealing damage. Better damage to shell cost ratio combined with this better reliability will significantly increase your net income. The only disadvantage is the slow aim time, you have to be more patient here.

- Excellent penetration with the top gun
- Good accuracy
- Good camo
- Strong frontal armor
- Good mobility
- Low profile
- Ramming able

- Weak sides and back
- Rather arty magnet
- Longer aim time with the top gun
- Lower alpha damage compared to other T8 TDs
- Low HP

As already stated this is the first modern French TD. The later vehicles (AMX 50 Foch and AMX 50 Foch 155) are very similar to this one.
You should not get overconfident with your armor though. This will get you flanked and nuked by arty. Prefer more cautious approach in the beginning of the game. Use your good camo, precise gun and good mobility to get into good sniping or flanking spots and provide effective fire support. If needed, you have the speed to relocate and help on the other side of map.
If the situation looks good, you can go more aggressive and finish the opposing team. T7 heavies and wounded T8 heavies should not pose treat to you. Just watch for arty and flanking meds and you should be fine.
Your weight just over 50t combined with good frontal armor and decent speed gives you the ability to effectively ram those pesky ligths and meds trying to flank you. Watch out for your tracks when doing this, if you don't ram them head on, your tracks get damaged and you can track yourself.

You should have elited the Mle. 46. Then only the 120mm gun and tracks are your not researched modules. The gun is the priority. The 100mm gun is somehow not very reliable at dealing damage to T8+ heavies and cost fortune to run. I actually ended up with the 90mm which is cheap to run and has superior RoF and aim time, but this is my personal opinion. Once you have the big gun you should have not any problems penetrating most tanks you encounter (angled German (super)heavy armor and US heavy TDs are tricky of course). Research the tracks for little improvement of mobility and have fun grinding the Foch.

Crew skills:
Commander: Sixth sense (Camo first, then reset), Camo, Repairs...
Driver: Camo, Repairs, Clutch braking
Gunner: Camo, Repairs, Snap shot
Gunner: Camo, Designated Target (Repairs first, then reset), Repairs
Loader: Camo, Repairs, ...

You should retrain crew from the previous TD. Otherwise it is standard TD stuff. You have good base camo so prioritize the skill as well. Add Repairs to be effective at close range brawls and to avoid being flanked. Snap shot is useful for the the top gun as it has rather big dispersion when you are moving it. Designated target is handy when you need to spot and shoot from behind the bushes without getting spotted yourself.

Large caliber tank gun rammer
Binoculars / Improved ventilation class 3
Camonet / EGLD
Rammer is a no-brainer. The rest depends on play style. I like to play more cautiously from behind and do not rely on my team with the spotting. EGLD will help a lot with the long aim times on the top gun.

Just the standard silver combo (repair kit, fire extinguisher and medkit). Fires are actually very rare so feel free to use fuel if you like more speed and acceleration.

I am sorry IS, but it looks like I am going to take that Top Gun

Originally written by steve_michalik

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Re: AMX AC Mle. 1948 Guide

Post  Ding760 on Tue May 14, 2013 8:36 pm

As usual, if the images shown in this guide is too wide and is cut off around the middle. You can simply right click on the image and press 'Copy image URL', then you can open a new tab in your browser and paste the copied URL in the search bar and voila! Full size image!

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