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FCM36 PaK40 Guide

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FCM36 PaK40 Guide

Post  Ding760 on Sun May 12, 2013 7:45 pm

Tier 3 premium French TD

During the long grind to the Foch 155 this machine will help you release steam, farm some credits, train your crew and get you some nice medals.
This very special premium TD is actually the first premium TD tank added to the game.

Main characteristics:
Price: 850 gold
Hit Points: 180
View range: 400m
Signal range: 310m
Weight: 13.9t
Weight limit: 14.6t

With the price 850 gold this TD belongs to the cheapest tier 3 premium tanks. It has the most HP of all tier 3 TDs. Radio range is nothing spectacular on par with Marder. The most important attribute for this tank is its view range. 400m at tier 3 is a lot and this feature makes this tank.
Weight limit is enough to mount any equipment you desire and because it is premium vehicle there are no other modules to add.

Commander (Radio Operator)

Nothing special here. If you have another French TD in you garage (and you should!) use that crew without any penalties and with their skills and perks working as usual.

Speed limit: 24km/h
Traverse: 37deg/s
Power: 91hp
Specific power: 6.55hp/t

Mobility is the thing this tank is missing. On flat ground you will be doing around 16km/h. Since your specific power is worse than Maus' (ok, you are still a little better than the T95) your uphill climbs will be very slow (6-8 km/h). Downhill you can touch even the stellar 30km/h.

Front: 40mm
Side: 20mm
Back: 20mm
You are a low tier TD, so do not expect anything special here. Actually your frontal hull armor is OK, but the superstructure containing your gun is much weaker. Do not rely on your armor at all, it may surprise you then.

75 mm PaK 40/2
Capacity: 40 rounds
Damage: 110/110/75 (AP/APCR/HE)
Penetration: 98/126/38 mm (AP/APCR/HE)
Price: 46/5G/19 (AP/APCR/HE)
RoF: 15.92 round/min
Accuracy: 0.37m/100m
Aim time: 1.5s
Elevation: (-8, 17) deg
Gun arc: (-7, 7) deg
DPM: 1751 (AP/APCR)

This is the well known gun from Marder II but with much better RoF, accuracy and aim time. This is an excellent weapon. With enough penetration to deal damage even to most of T5 tanks (T5 heavies are tougher nuts for you) and enough damage to 2-3 shot any tier 3 opposition you are a force to be reckoned with. The accuracy is very good for its tier and you got nice gun depression as well. The shell price is nearly non existent too (APCR of course not!). The only disadvantage is the narrow gun arc of just 14 degrees. But fear not your very quick aim time will help you out and you got nice training for ARL V39 and later TDs.

- Massive view range
- Good penetration
- High damage
- Very good accuracy
- Excellent aim time
- Good gun depression
- Good camo

- Poor mobility
- Narrow gun arc
- Limited radio range

This is a TD for a patient man. You are slow, so you need to plan where to go. Running back across whole map to decap is not an option.
With massive view range of 400m, accurate and powerful gun, you are a sentry tower on tracks. In open maps you are going to know about anything happening around you and you have the ability to do something about it. Standard TD behavior is recommended: stay hidden, provide fire support, ambush capping enemies. Your big view range will help you to avoid trouble.
More static maps like Malinovka, Province or Assault in defense role are your friends.
In tier 3 battle this tank could be considerably OP. You have enough view range to get Scout and Patrol Duty metals regularly (Province and Malinovka are great for this). Your gun will make short work of opposing tanks and many enemies wont even detect you. You can get the Invulnerable metal quite easily with normal active game play.

Crew skills:
Commander: Sixth sense (Camo first, then reset), Camo, ...
Driver: Camo, Clutch braking
Gunner: Camo, Repair, ...
Loader: Camo, Repair, ...

This is a premium TD you should use your already trained crew from your Foch . If not, standard TD crew applies: maximize Camo, add Sixth sense, Repairs, some mobility oriented skills will not hurt either.

Coated optics

500m of view range is better than 400m of view range.
Camonet is obvious choice for fragile TD.
440m of view range when relocating or traversing (and you are going to rotate your hull a lot when tracking your targets!) is nice bonus.

You are not going to need them often. Just pack the standard combo (small repair kit, fire extinguisher and small first aid kit) for some rare situations.

I am sorry guys, but you are not taking that base

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