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Valentine II Guide

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Valentine II Guide

Post  Ding760 on Thu May 09, 2013 10:30 pm

Main characteristics:
- Hit Points: 380
- Cost: 1000 gold
- View range: 350m
- Signal range: 570m

1: Commander, which also acts as a gunner
2: Driver
3: Loader, which also acts as a radio operator

- Top Speed: 32km/h (able to achieve up to 48km/h)
- Power to Weight ratio : 8.92 hp/t
- Traverse Speed: 50°/s
- Turret Traverse Speed: 48°/s
- Engine power: 140hp
- Comment on mobility: Awful top speed and power to weight ratio, even by heavy tank standards, let alone by light tank ones. It feels painfully slow while driving. However, traverse speed is completely oppositely, amazing, along with the turret traverse speed, making the Valentine II extremely nimble and impossible to circle without knocking out it's engine and turret first. Overall, it's not going to get you from point A to point B fast, or even remotely fast, but it's one of the very best vehicles in the game when it comes to low speed maneuvers.

- Hull: 60mm all around, except on the engine hatch in the back which is only 17mm thick, but at a high angle. Middle front plate is 30mm thick but at an extremely high angle
- Turret: 65mm all around
- Comment on armor: Excellent armor for any tier 4 vehicle. Valentine II is protected well against almost all opponents it will face, and it will ding shots from anything that isn't a tank destroyer reliably. Lower tiered vehicles will almost never penetrate it, same tier ones will struggle at best, and higher tier ones can't be met due to Valentines special matchmaking. There are no true weakspots on the front. Only actual ones are in the rear and on the sides, also in the rear area, but these areas are almost never exposed to enemy fire thanks to the mobility. Overall, Valentine II greatly benefits from its armor, it's a lifesaver on many occasions.

As a premium tank, Valentine II has access to only one gun, 45 mm 20KL
- Penetration: 51mm with AP, 84mm with APCR, 23mm with HE
- Damage: 47 HP with AP and APCR, 62 HP with HE
- Rate of Fire: 26.25 shells per minute
- Accuracy: 0.41m
- Aim Time: 1.7s
- Depression/Elevation: -6°/+25°
- Comment: Tier 2 gun on a tier 4 tank. It completely lacks in penetration and damage, does not do so well with accuracy, has poor gun depression, and very low shell capacity. On the positive side, it does feature good elevation, and high rate of fire, but this can be a negative as well, as it means that this tank will occasionally run out of ammo in middle of combat. Overall, it's not useless, especially when used with premium ammo which is luckily quite cheap, and thanks to the fact you'll never see opponents higher than tier 4, this gun is actually effective, despite all of its drawbacks.

"We just dinged them! Ricochet! We didn't penetrate their armor!" - sounds heard from all over the battlefield when a Valentine II is present on it. Half of those sounds are produced by Valentine's crew, the other half by enemy team tank crews that attempted firing at the Valentine II. This tank might be classified as a tier 4 light tank, but in reality, it's a heavy tank, disguised as a light tank. Unfortunately for it, it went so far with the disguise that it has a light tank gun, 2 tiers lower light tank gun.

With that said, this tank is really unique, in a good way. It has very special treatment from matchmaker, meaning it never sees higher tier tanks, and it probably got it cause of its gun which would be absolutely useless in higher tier battles, along with its armor. With that said, on its own tier, it's actually very effective. Its armor works, so does its gun with a little help of premium ammo when engaging armored targets. It can't snipe, but it can brawl, and it can passively scout.

As a brawler, its only problem is actually getting within brawling distance, as with the horrible top speed and acceleration, it will take ages to reach its opponents. However, once it does get close enough, its agility kicks in, and unless outnumbered, it's able to always keep its frontal armor, angled well, in front of its opponent. Doing this allows it to be almost impenetrable by many of the tanks it will face, except for the destroyers and a few high pen mediums. Most of them have other weakness that can be exploited. Destroyers can be outmaneuvered, and destroyed with ease, and the same applies to m3lee turretless medium. Most of the other mediums have low enough armor that can be reliably penned, which allows Valentine to quickly decimate them with its rapid firing gun. The only tank that can really prove to be a real problem for a Valentine II is the British medium tank, Matilda.

As a scout, Valentine II performs rather well. It has a good view range, allowing it to spot targets from a great distance, coupled with great camouflage properties which allow it to stay hidden while lighting up enemies. It can try to actively scout, but it's horrible top speed and acceleration don't allow it to cover a lot of ground while doing so, so it's a better idea to go for passive scouting, where this tank can excel, especially if coupled with a Binocular Telescope equipment. It's not able to get to key positions on the map fast, but once it drags there it's fully able to eliminate any opposition, take the position and scout from it. At that point, its lack of speed ceases to present an issue, and Valentine starts providing some quality scouting to its team.

Since it's a premium tank, it's expected to be a good moneymaker as well as crew trainer.
As a moneymaker, it's surprisingly good, especially when it avoids using premiums ammo in battle. However, as that's usually not possible, its average profits drops. In the end, for a tier 4, it's still good enough, and it certainly earns significantly more credits than other tier 4 tanks.

As a crew trainer, it does relatively well, earning pretty good XP per game, around 500+ without premium on average. The problem with it is the fact it only has 3 crew members, so in case one wants to use this tank to train its t-50-2 crew, it can be done, but one has to accept that the gunner will be significantly behind rest of the crew because of the fact Valentine II has no gunner slot.

General tips about using Valentine II successfully:
- Just cause you have great armor doesn't mean you should present an easy target. Toughest armor breaks too eventually. Use cover when possible, angle armor when no cover is available
- Don't bother trying to snipe unless you like hearing the sound of ricochets. You can attempt sniping only the lowest armored targets
- Valentine II is the king of low speed maneuvers, take advantage of that, get close to your targets, get on their sides and turn your front towards them. By the time they manage to turn, you'll already have 2 shots fired in their weak side armor. Even better results can be achieved by going for the rear.
- Try not to engage multiple targets at the same time, you can't outmaneuver anyone if you're surrounded and your rear armor will not take the beating so well.
- If you see an enemy Matilda, go the other way. If there's no other choice but to fight it, use premium shells only. Sure this will cost you more, but at least you'll stand a little chance.
- Keep in mind enemy artillery can deal a lot of damage to you, minimize exposure to it
- When scouting, be aggressive when it comes to taking key positions on the map, and if an enemy tank attempts driving you away from it, stand your ground. Only retreat if multiple enemies with high penetration guns come after you
- Don't waste shots, you'll run out of ammo fast

To sum it up, Valentine II is a very good and enjoyable tank to play, completely thanks to the special matchmaking it has. It will be enjoyed by every player that hates being bottom tier in a game, and will be played well by both those that prefer playing heavy tanks, and those that prefer scouting. It's hard to play bad in this tank, which makes it newbie-friendly, probably making it ideal choice for anyone that would like to have a premium tank but that doesn't have experience to play with high tier premium tanks yet. As a moneymaker it's quite good, and as a crew trainer, it's ok, it lacks a few crew slots, but disregarding that, it gains XP good. People that won't enjoy playing this tank are those that need their tank to be really fast, or those that need highly powerful guns.

Advantages of tank:
- Excellent armor
- Brilliant tank and turret traverse
- Excellent low speed maneuvering capabilities
- Good view range
- Excellent camouflage properties
- Multifunctional
- Easy learning curve
- Good moneymaker
- Decent crew trainer
- Special matchmaking makes it top tier in every game

Disadvantages of tank:
- Extremely slow
- Very weak gun
- Lacks crew members
- Vulnerable to artillery
- Very low ammo capacity
- Matilda

Suggested crew skills:

1: Commander
first skill: Sixth Sense
second skill: Repairs
third skill: Camouflage
fourth skill: Recon

2: Driver
first skill: Repairs
second skill: Clutch Braking
third skill: Camouflage
fourth skill: Smooth Ride

3: Loader
first skill: Repairs
second skill: Camouflage
third skill: Safe Stowage
fourth skill: Adrenaline Rush

Note: these skills are only suggested in case you're not using Valentine II as a crew trainer and actually have a dedicated Valentine II crew

Suggested equipment:
First slot should be filled by improved ventilation. For the other 2 slots, you have 3 good options. Camouflage Net, Binocular Telescope, and Spall Liner. Gun Laying Drive is also an option, but it's rather unnecessary due to the good aim time of the gun. Spall liner will help protecting your tank from artillery and howitzers, and also from regular HE shells that most of your opponents will load once they're unable to penetrate you, while a camouflage net will help keep you alive, enabling you to effectively ambush enemy tanks. Adding a binocular telescope will actually help turn this light tank into a proper passive scout.

Extra notes:
- If you intend to buy this tank, it might be wise to wait for it to get discounted, as it happens to be on a discount relatively often, and almost for certain around 14th February
- Valentine was the most produced British tank in World War II, and it was also the largest export made to Soviet Union during the war under the Lend-Lease program.

Originally written by FoxWMB

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Re: Valentine II Guide

Post  ViktorKitov on Mon Jun 17, 2013 5:11 pm

A great tank that got ruined when they made Premium ammo available for credits.

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Re: Valentine II Guide

Post  Ding760 on Tue Jun 18, 2013 2:51 am

Gotta agree, the gold ammo inclusion made this tank almost obsolete nowadays. I only play this tank now in tier 4 to test my skills.

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Re: Valentine II Guide

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