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Churchill III Guide

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Churchill III Guide

Post  Ding760 on Tue May 07, 2013 9:48 pm

Main characteristics:
- Hit Points: 700
- Cost: 1500 gold
- View range: 350m
- Signal range: 570m

1: Commander
2: Gunner
3: Driver
4: Radio Operator
5: Loader

- Top Speed: 28km/h (able to achieve up to 42km/h)
- Power to Weight ratio: 9.42 hp/t
- Traverse Speed: 20°/s
- Turret Traverse Speed: 34°/s
- Engine power: 374hp
- Comment on mobility: Sluggish, even for heavy tank standards. It has rather low top speed and Power to Weight ratio, meaning it accelerates slowly, and still feels very slow even when it reaches top speed. However, it does have excellent turret traverse speed for a heavy tank, which makes up for a bit of its mobility problems. Overall, mobility of this tank is rather poor, and definitely does not present a strong point. Ironically, the only heavy tank it outperforms in its own tier is the British Churchill I

- Hull: 176mm upper front plate left side, 88mm upper front plate right side, 114mm lower front plate, 76mm on sides, 50mm in the rear. 63 mm on upper front plate machine-gun and driver hatches
- Turret: 88mm front and sides, 76mm in the rear
- Comment on armor: Unreliable at best. The only serious armor is located on a part of its upper frontal plate, and even that has a rather large weakspot. This usually doesn't matter as the turret provides rather poor protection, which makes it the primary target of enemy fire. It will stop most incoming shells from lower tier opponents, but same tier and especially higher tier opponents will go through the turret armor easily, and may only struggle with hull armor if they try aiming for the 176mm plate on upper front, sometimes when aiming at lower plate too, which is decently armored. Overall, for a heavy tank, armor is rather poor, it just can't be relied upon. Angling does not help much either, though it can be effective at times. The key to survival in Churchill III does not lie in its armor.

As a premium tank, Churchill III has access to only one gun, QF 6 pounder MK.V
- Penetration: 110mm with AP, 180mm with APCR
- Damage: 75 HP with AP and APCR
- Rate of Fire: 26.25 shells per minute
- Accuracy: 0.43m
- Aim Time: 2.3s
- Depression/Elevation: -6°/+12°
- Comment: Decent gun. It suffers from lack of penetration and damage per shell, it's not exactly accurate, and it's depression and elevation values are inadequate at best, but what it does have is an excellent rate of fire, which allows for quick elimination of any target. The fact it fires fast has a demoralizing effect on its target, it never feels good to be hit by shell after shell from a heavy tank every 2 seconds. Overall, it's an adequate gun and does the job well, it's far from being the best, but also far from being the worst.

"If it moves, we'll shoot it" - Motto of all Churchill III operators.

This is a tier 5 premium heavy tank, and as such it has 3 main roles. Front line brawling, money making, crew training.

As a front line brawler, it has 2 big problems. First one being the fact, it takes a while to get to front line due to lack of mobility of this tank, so it's not unusual to get to the front line just after all the faster friendly tanks got wiped out. In these situations, it's often forced to fight multiple opponents at the same time on its own, and that usually ends bad for the Churchill.
Which leads to the 2nd big problem - its armor. This tank just isn't able to take hits, it does have hit points to survive for a while, but those hit points don't really last very long. Armor just does not do its job, at least not against opponents of the same tier, and lower tier destroyers can also cause great deal of damage to this tank as well.
Another problem Churchill has is the low penetration value of its gun, making it quite difficult to get through the armor of same tiered heavies frontally.
However, with all this said, Churchill III has one big advantage over all other tier 5 heavies - its rate of fire, which is coupled with huge ammo capacity of 140 shells. This effectively allows the Churchill to machinegun anything it encounters. While doing so at long ranges is not easy, at close ranges, anyone that underestimates the firepower of this tank is going to be in for a huge surprise. In the end, this tank makes quite a punch overall by doing many small punches quickly, and this somewhat negates all the drawbacks it has. It ain't a perfect brawler, but it certainly ain't a bad one.

As a moneymaker, it all depends on how much damage it deals, but on average it's actually able to deal quite a lot per game, and therefore earn quite a lot. It does earn more than regular tier 5's for the same work done, but the difference ain't drastic. On average, this tank earns about 25-30% more than its non-premium peers, making average profit per game around 13.000-14.000 without premium account

As a crew trainer, it's really good. It's XP multiplier is very noticeable, which often allows this tank to be on top or near the top of XP earners in every game it participates in, with average XP being around 700 per game, which is really high for a tier 5 vehicle, and really good for a low tier crew trainer. Coupled with a premium account, this tank can train any heavy tank crew quite fast.

Another advantage this tank has over its peers is the fact it gets special treatment from the matchmaker, never going to battles with tier 7 tanks.

General tips about using Churchill III successfully:
- Do not venture too far away from your own base, you won't be able to return in time to defend in case a flank gets breached
- Shoot every enemy you see, and don't stop shooting till its dead, you're dead, or you stop having a direct line of fire. It doesn't matter if chances to pen or hit are low, you will have another shell ready in 2 seconds, and you have plenty of cheap shells to waste. Of course, do not do this with premium ammo
- When fighting a lone heavy tank, get on its side, even if it means exposing your own side. Your armor won't stop his shells either way, but his might stop yours frontally. There's no tank whose side armor you won't pen easily, and there's also a higher chance of hitting a module or even setting opponent on fire
- Firing on the move is a viable strategy, especially if you're trying to get close to your opponent, your low speed allows you to stay relatively accurate, and your rate of fire allows you to keep shooting
- Refrain from sniping, you do not have an accurate enough gun for fighting on long ranges, and penetration values of this tank is also rather low, which further drops at range, causing lots of unwanted ricochets
- Using premium shells may be tempting to compensate for low penetration value of standard ammo, but keep in mind that firing premium shells for 1 minute will cost you 60.000 silver. Do keep a few of them around though, for emergencies, but limit it to a few or this tank will quickly turn from moneymaker to money-burner

To sum it up, Churchill III is a decent tier 5 heavy tank, that relies on its rate of fire and ammo capacity. Its armor is inadequate, along with its mobility, but these drawbacks do not make it a bad tank, and it does earn credits well for a tier 5 tank, while its crew training capabilities are great. It's a good tank to own, and can be acquired rather cheap.

Advantages of tank:
- Good damage dealer on average
- Good moneymaker
- Excellent crew trainer
- High hit points pool
- Has special matchmaking, never sees tier 7 tanks
- Excellent ammo capacity
- Not prone to module damage
- Great view range for a heavy tank

Disadvantages of tank:
- Extremely slow
- Bad armor for a heavy tank
- Bad gun depression/elevation
- Low penetrating gun
- Artillery can cause a lot of damage to it, dodging it is extremely hard

Suggested crew skills:

1: Commander
first skill: Repairs
second skill: Brothers in Arms
third skill: Eagle Eye
fourth skill: Sixth Sense

2: Gunner
first skill: Repairs
second skill: Brothers in Arms
third skill: Deadeye
fourth skill: Snap Shot

3: Driver
first skill: Repairs
second skill: Brothers in Arms
third skill: Clutch Braking
fourth skill: Smooth Ride

4: Radio Operator
first skill: Repairs
second skill: Brothers in Arms
third skill: Situational Awareness
fourth skill: Firefighting

5: Loader
first skill: Repairs
second skill: Brothers in Arms
third skill: Adrenaline Rush
fourth skill: Firefighting

Note: these skills are only suggested in case you're not using Churchill III as a crew trainer and actually have a dedicated Churchill III crew

Suggested equipment:
Gun Laying Drive, Improved Ventilation and Tank Gun Rammer. If you can't afford all of them, a Toolbox that you might have lying around could be used well till you can afford buying the complete setup of equipment.

Extra notes:
- If you intend to buy this tank, it might be wise to wait for it to get discounted, as it happens to be on a discount relatively often

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