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StuG III Guide 2

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StuG III Guide 2

Post  Ding760 on Mon Apr 22, 2013 11:33 pm

Main characteristics:
- HIt Points: 350
- Cost: 12.435 XP, 422.000 silver
- View Range: 310m
- Signal Range: 310m with stock radio, 415m with upgraded radio

1: Commander
2: Gunner
3: Driver
4: Loader, which also acts as a radio operator

- Top Speed: 40km/h (able to achieve up to 60km/h)
- Power to Weight ratio (when fully upgraded): 21.55 hp/t
- Traverse Speed: 37°/s with stock suspension, 44°/s with upgraded suspension
- Gun Traverse Speed: 44°/s
- Gun Traverse Arc: -15°/15°
- Engine power: 320hp with stock engine, 350hp with second engine, 440hp with top engine
- Comment on mobility: Extremely agile for a tank destroyer. It accelerates almost as well as a light tank, definitely on par with medium tanks, and has a decent top speed as well. Its traverse speed makes it the single most versatile tank destroyer in the game (not counting for soviet su-85l which is not available on the EU server, and which is actually based upon a captured StuG III) , coupled with the fast gun traverse, it's almost impossible to circle around this destroyer without tracking it or taking out its engine first, which makes this destroyer one of the rare ones that can effectively defend themselves from fast tanks circling it. Its gun traverse arc is quite decent, allowing it to cover a wide area in front of it while sniping, and having to turn less when brawling. Overall, mobility of this destroyer could be classed as too good for its own good, due to the fact it will trick many inexperienced players to charge forward with it, usually to their quick deaths. However, more experienced players will be able to use mobility of the StuG very well.

- hull: 80mm in the front, 30mm on the sides and in the rear
- Comment on armor: Frontal armor is good enough to protect this destroyer from almost all lower tiered opponents, but will do next to nothing against opponents of the same or higher tier, except for a few lucky ricochets that can occur occasionally. On the other hand, side and rear armor are as thick as a piece of paper, and they will stop shells exactly like a piece of paper would. If StuG gets shot from behind or in the side, it will almost always be damaged, unless hit at an extreme angle by a low pen gun. Overall, this is a quite averagely armored destroyer, with a bit of useful armor that can be relied upon sometimes, but it's usually not going to be a lifesaver. It should also be noted that even low tier artillery is able to pen through StuG's topside armor, usually oneshoting it in the process.

This tank is able to mount 4 guns, out of which 3 are standard semi-automatic guns, and 1 is a howitzer:

1: 7.5 cm StuK 40 L/43
- Penetration: 103mm with AP, 139mm with APCR, 38mm with HE
- Damage: 110 HP with AP and APCR, 175 HP with HE
- Rate of Fire: 15.38 shells per minute
- Accuracy: 0.39m
- Aim Time: 1.7s
- Depression/Elevation: -8°/+23°
- Cost: Stock gun, no XP cost, 25.000 silver, acquired for free upon purchase of tank.
- Comment: A starter gun, adequate on its own tier, but otherwise useless due to its low penetration values. It's also not fairly accurate. On the positive side, it has a good rate of fire, and excellent depression/elevation values, allowing it to be somewhat useful on hilly terrain. It deals decent damage per shot, but overall, it's not a keeper.

2: 7.5 cm PaK 39 L/48
- Penetration: 110mm with AP, 158mm with APCR, 38mm with HE
- Damage: 110 HP with AP and APCR, 175 HP with HE
- Rate of Fire: 15.38 shells per minute
- Accuracy: 0.37m
- Aim Time: 1.7s
- Depression/Elevation: -10°/+20°
- Cost: 3.400 XP cost, 27.380 silver
- Comment: A slight improvement on the stock gun, with a bit higher penetration, slightly better accuracy, and impressive gun depression, although at the cost of slightly reduced gun elevation. Otherwise, it's completely same as the stock gun in all other areas and as such, not really a keeper.

3: 10.5 cm StuH 42 L/28
- Penetration:64mm with AP, 150mm with HEAT, 53mm with HE
- Damage: 350 HP with AP and HEAT, 410 HP with HE
- Rate of Fire: 8.33 shells per minute
- Accuracy: 0.53m
- Aim Time: 1.7s
- Depression/Elevation: -7°/+20°
- Cost: 3.800 XP, 28.000 silver
- Comment: This gun stands out from the rest available to the StuG. It's a howitzer (also known as "Derp gun") , and it completely changes the playstyle of this destroyer. While the other 3 guns are meant for sniping, this gun is meant exclusively for brawling, due to the fact it has extremely low accuracy, which forces this destroyer to get close to its target. It's rate of fire is quite low, which can prove to be a major disadvantage in close combat, allowing its target to retaliate by effectively shooting it twice while it reloads often leads to destruction of the destroyer before it loads the 2nd shell of his own. It should be noted that this gun is rather ineffective against any armored target unless using premium HEAT shells, which is effective, but extremely expensive. This gun certainly presents an interesting option for this destroyer, but overall, it's not recommended to use it, both due to the expenses of using it and the fact it forces a completely different playstyle on the destroyer.

4: 7.5 cm StuK 42 L/70
- Penetration: 150mm with AP, 194mm with APCR, 38mm with HE
- Damage: 135 HP with AP and APCR, 175 with HE
- Rate of Fire: 13.33 shells per minute
- Accuracy: 0.33m
- Aim Time: 1.7s
- Depression/Elevation: -7°/+20°
- Cost: 4.600 XP, 53.000 silver
- Comment: A major improvement to the 7.5 cm line of guns, featuring much larger penetration values than both of previous guns, along with improved damage output per shell, and much higher accuracy, making this gun one of the most precise guns in the game. All of these improvements come at the cost of slight rate of fire decrease, along with slight gun depression and elevation decreases, but these drawbacks are insignificant when compared to the improvements on this gun. Overall this is the best gun offered to this destroyer, and one of the best guns in entire Tier 5 at the moment.

"Where is he, WHERE IS HE!!!" - thoughts of anyone that faces a well driven StuG III in a battle. Usually just before their tanks blow up.

This interesting vehicle is classed as a tier 5 tank destroyer, and as such, it has 2 main jobs to do. To make money for the player, and to destroy tanks. Fortunately for it, it's rather good at both of those jobs.

When it comes to destroying tanks, there are 2 main ways of destroying them, either from great distances by sniping, or at close ranges by brawling. Although StuG is capable of doing it both ways, it's much better at sniping.

As a sniper, it uses the excellent accuracy of its gun, along with great penetration value to effectively hit and penetrate targets at great ranges. However, it's not just a gun that makes a good sniper. It's mobility that allows it to quickly get to good sniping positions, along with its great camouflage properties that allows it to stay undetected for a long time while bombarding enemies with shells from afar. And when camouflage eventually fails and StuG gets spotted, its mobility kicks in once again, allowing it to quickly retreat and relocate.

As a brawler, it relies on its mobility and firepower to quickly decimate the enemy tanks, preferably before they start firing back, as StuG is not able to survive long in a firefight. Though its success in brawling is greatly dependent on what opponent it engaged. Generally, any tier 3 or 4 tank will quickly and mercilessly be destroyed by the StuG, with only the destroyers able to actually damage it from the front reliably. With tier 5 tanks, it's usually 50:50 chance to win or lose 1 vs 1 fights, while most higher tiered vehicles will likely decimate it in a brawl.

As a moneymaker, StuG which uses L/70 gun will likely earn around 10k per game on average without a premium account, which makes it one of better moneymakers on tier 5. It's able to earn a lot of credits primarily due to high damage it's able to cause, coupled with low ammo cost. However, if one uses a StuG with L/28 howitzer, earning is likely to drop to around 2-4k on average without using gold ammo, due to the fact that damage caused to enemies significantly drops on average, while the repair bills are likely to go up due to the playstyle of howitzer gun, which forces StuG to brawl. Using gold ammo will likely lead to losing credits on average, due to extremely high cost of premium ammo, that is unlikely to be paid for by earnings from increased damage output.

Some tips about playing StuG III successfully:

When sniping:
- Don't be afraid to shoot at any distance, you're accurate enough to reliably hit targets over 600m away
- If spotted keep firing until enemy returns fire, at this point, retreat if enemy outguns you. In other words, retreat if there's more than one enemy shooting at you, and especially if they're higher tier than yourself
- When retreating, your instincts will tell you to do it by reversing in order to keep your frontal armor pointed at the incoming shells. These instincts will get you killed in StuG, reverse speed of this destroyer is only 9km/h, meaning you'll get shot to hell way before you manage to get to safety while reversing, and your armor will not hold of that many incoming shells unless they're fired from very low pen guns (and if they are, retreating was a bad idea in the first place). Proper way of retreating in a StuG is turning 180° and hitting the throttle as soon as possible. Yes you will expose your weak rear armor by doing so, but the fact is, you'll get penned either way, but at least this way you'll get hit by less shells, increasing your chances of survival
- Priority targets when sniping are tanks that can spot you. If you have more than one target, always check the distance to them before shooting, if it's smaller than their view range, take them out first, before they spot you.
- Keep in mind that StuG doesn't carry a lot of shells, so try to keep wasting shots on a minimum.
- Aim for weekspots, even at long ranges, you have an accurate enough gun to do so, and this allows you to effectively pen any opponent you might face.

When brawling:
- Pick your opponents wisely, either choose someone your own tier, or weaker. If the opponent is higher tier than you, do not engage him alone, you will lose. Especially stay away from Soviet heavy tanks at close ranges, most of them have the ability to oneshot you, or if you're lucky, leave you at very low HP
- Never engage more than one opponent on your own, no matter what the tier is, you might kill one, but the other one will always flank you. Even worse if there's more than two opponents. Only exception to this is if all the opponents in a group are very low on hit points and can each be killed with one or two shots max
- Keep in mind you can't rely on your armor, if you can avoid trading shots, do so. Good StuG III causes significantly more damage than it has hit points per game, StuG that trades shots will be lucky if it causes the same amount of damage as it has hit points in a game.

- If you can choose between brawling and sniping in a game, pick sniping, this is where your StuG will shine
- Don't let mobility of this destroyer fool you, it does not belong on the front lines just cause it can get there first. Stay in second line and use that mobility to get out of trouble if the first lines get breached by the enemy and you get spotted as a result.

To sum it up, Stug III is good at what it's supposed to do, it's able to deal a lot of damage to the enemy team when driven properly, and as a result earn lots of credits on average to its owner. It's fun to play, effective, able to hold its own in brawling, and excels at sniping. Its awesome mobility gives it options that not many destroyers have, although it might trick inexperienced players and make them play this tank wrong. Unfortunately, many that get tricked like this never fully appreciate the full potential of this vehicle, but those that do get past this trick and get some experience with it get that this tank is truly a keeper.

Advantages of tank:
- Excellent sniper
- Very mobile for a tank destroyer
- Great camouflage value
- Good firepower
- Stands its ground at any range
- Good moneymaker
- Premium ammo completely unnecessary due to high penetration values of the top gun

Disadvantages of tank:
- Can be tricky to master
- Frontal armor doesn't really work against anything higher than tier 4
- Side and rear armor offer paper-level protection
- Poor view range makes this tank dependent on teammates to scout. If teammates fail, StuG won't have anything to shoot at, till the opponents get too close, forcing it to brawl instead of snipe
- Lack of hit points, can be effectively killed by many opponents with 2 to 3 shells, while some high tier opponents are able to easily oneshot the StuG
- Poor ammo capacity, you can run out of ammo after just 3 minutes of combat
- Very bad reverse speed makes any attempt of retreating under fire risky.
- Lacks a turret

Suggested crew skills:
1: Commander
first skill: Sixth Sense
second skill: Camouflage
third skill: Recon
fourth skill: Repairs
2: Gunner
first skill: Camouflage
second skill: Deadeye
third skill: Snap Shot
fourth skill: Repairs
3: Driver
first skill: Camouflage
second skill: Clutch Braking
third skill: Repairs
fourth skill: Smooth Ride
4: Loader
first skill: Camouflage
second skill: Situational Awareness
third skill: Adrenaline Rush
fourth skill: Safe Stowage

Suggested equipment:
First two slots should be filled with Improved Ventilation and Medium-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer. Third slot should be filled with the Camouflage Net, or by Binocular Telescope, for those situations when first line of front falls and you have to rely on yourself to spot the enemies. However, lack of a Camouflage Net will just help those enemies spot you, regardless of if there's still a first line of the front alive in front of you or not, making Camouflage Net more useful. Another option for third slot is a Gun Laying Drive, but considering the already low aim time of all 4 guns available to this destroyer, it would effectively be just a waste of a slot.

Extra notes:
- StuG III based vehicles claimed over 20.000 tank kills in World War II, making it one of the best tank killers of World War II. In game StuG III represents the real world version rather well in that department
- StuG III is based on the chassis of Panzer III medium tanks, which explains why it has medium-like mobility.

Originally written by FoxWMB

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Re: StuG III Guide 2

Post  Lemmingtrain on Tue Apr 23, 2013 12:50 am

A really good guide and as someone who loves his Stug I can highly recommend it.

As the guide points out reversing is not its forte and the number of shells is limited. Don't get caught out like I did last night where, after killing 5 of the top tiers and doing a hell of a lot of damage to others, I ran out of shells and eventually got over-run Crying or Very sad

If you haven't tried the Stug do so - it's one of the gems of the game Very Happy

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Re: StuG III Guide 2

Post  CountOfTuscany on Tue Apr 23, 2013 2:14 am

I played the Stug for a while. I didn't like it. It felt the same as the grind from the jagdpanzer 4 to the jagdpanther.
I considered buying at again and playing to the max, but until now I didn't do that...

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Re: StuG III Guide 2

Post  IronClaw on Sat Apr 27, 2013 7:58 am

Very nice training! Thanks to the instructors for their time and efforts! Very Happy
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Re: StuG III Guide 2

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