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Bat Chatillon 25t Guide

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Bat Chatillon 25t Guide

Post  Ding760 on Fri Apr 12, 2013 3:03 am

The Bat Chatillon 25t marks the end of the French medium line, being an improvement over the Lorraine 40t in every conceivable way. However, it has a mixed reputation. Poor Bat Chat players have a reputation of being the first to die during a battle with little to no contribution, whereas experienced drivers are rightfully feared. My hope is to educate the former so that we can have more of the latter.

Tank Specs

Upgrade tree

Despite being nicely sloped, don't expect to bounce any of the guns that you will often face. It's very close to the truth and keeping this in mind will make you drive more appropriately. Most of the higher tier guns can penetrate the armour with HE, which can be terribly painful. Luckily enough, most people don't bother switching to HE when facing a Bat. Arty remains an issue, however. The only saving point of the armour is that it's not easily overmatched, and that only goes for the front. I can't stress this enough: don't rely on your armour. Couple this with the fact that the Bat has the lowest amount of HP of all tier 10 tanks (1800) and you would best stay out of harm’s way.

Bat Chatillon 25t B/Max. capacity 28 t/Turn speed 42 d/s
The tank comes with this suspension when bought, so there’s not much of a choice. It allows you to mount everything you need however and it offers good turn speed. The new Bat is not as agile as the old one (tier 9), but it’s still very nippy.

Hispano-Suiza HS110/720 horse power/10 % chance of fire
This engine is also the only one that can mount, but it’s plenty powerful. Given the tank’s weight, the Bat has an excellent power to weight ratio, something over 28 HP/ton, fully upgraded and counting 3 modules (in my case, ventilation, gun laying drive and vertical stabilizer). It is easily the fastest tier 10 medium.

SCR 528F\Range 750 m
All the range you need.

Bat Chatillon 25 t Tourelle A/50/30/15
It’s the only available choice and it’s obviously very poorly armoured. It does provide good spotting range, though (400 meters).

90 mm M3
RoF: 10,25
Penetration: 170/248/45
Average damage: 240/240/320
Accuracy (at 100 m): 0.38
Aim time: 2.7
Awful. Not much else to add. You better have the next gun researched from the Lorraine, else you’re going to be in world of pain.

100 mm SA 47
RoF: 7,25
Penetration: 232/265/50
Average damage: 300/300/400
Accuracy (at 100 m): 0.36
Aim time: 2.7
Certainly an improvement but it still isn’t the gun that you’ll want to use. It was brilliant at tier 8 and workable at tier 9, but it start showing it’s limits on the Bat. It will have to do until you can get the top gun.

105 mm CN 105/57
RoF: 5.89
Penetration: 259/360/53
Average damage: 390/390/480
Accuracy (at 100 m): 0.38
Aim time: 2.7
This is what makes the Bat Chat what it is. It has the longest reload time of all the available guns, but also the best penetration and damage values. Despite having only 5 shells, the damage potential is extremely high. Suffers a bit because of the accuracy and the aim time, but the burst damage alone makes this gun brilliant.

That’s all the modules. I can’t propose an upgrade path for, as only the guns are researchable. All I can say is, get the top gun on the Lorraine at all costs. Let’s move on to equipment.

Recommended equipment
I am currently running vertical stabilizer, gun laying drive and ventilation. I find it’s the best all-rounder and the most suited for random battles. If you plan to play as a dedicated scout, you may switch two of those for coated optics and binoculars. Frankly, I don’t believe that a camo net is worth a slot on the Bat.

The Bat has only 3 crew members, which brings only disadvantages. Firstly, since they cover multiple roles, it takes longer to train specific perks or skills. Secondly, the chance of being put out of action due to the death of the entire crew is higher. I’ll present here the first 5 skills or perks I think you should train on the Bat. Disclaimer: when it comes to perks, I always suggest you first pick a skill that works instantly, such as repair or camouflage, and drop skill when you can pick the perk at 100%. For the most part, feel free to juggle the order, but I highly recommend you get 6th sense and brothers in arms as soon as possible.

Commander/Radio Operator/Loader


Cons and pros at a glance
+ Fast and agile
+ Small profile
+ Good view range
+ Exceptional burst damage
+ Reasonably accurate on the move on medium ranges
+ Fear factor

- Lack of armour and HP
- Long reload time
- Accuracy and aim time are lackluster
- Gun depression and elevation are dreadful
- More prone to being penetrate by HE and to having it’s crew members killed
- Fear factor

What to make of all of this
Making lists is all fine and dandy, but it all boils down to one thing: how to drive the thing. The Bat chat is an exceptional vehicle because it can cover a multitude of roles and excel at all of them. I will give you a few hints on how to behave on most situations, however, know that there is no substitute for your situational awareness and experience. It’s important to always keep in mind your role on the battlefield and what you intend to do next: the Bat is not a tank that forgives mistakes easily.

Early game
During this phase, I suggest you avoid being the first one to engage the enemy: enemy tanks are usually grouped together at this stage and you may take too much damage for no reason. I usually do one of two things. I either stick a bit back as support, intercepting enemy light tanks or protecting the flanks of some of the heavier hitters. The other thing I often like to do, is an early spot. Most maps have positions from where you can get early spots on the enemy tanks, with extremely low chances of getting shot in return. If you’re going to do this, it’s important to ping where you are going to spot and let your arty know that you’re going to spot there. Otherwise they may be busy moving into position and they may not aim at all.
You should only be the first to make contact with the enemy when it’s very important to take a strategic position, such as the hills on Mines and Malinovka and so on. But even in such cases, make sure you have plenty of support. Being the only one up there most of the times spells sure death.

Mid-late game
During this phase you will adopt a variety of roles. So many in fact, I can’t spell them all out for you. I can only try to give you a few pointers. Two rules of thumb:
1. Conserve your HP. You don’t have that much to begin with and it can be extremely important, especially during the late parts of the game.
2. Always deal more damage than you receive. Now, it’s somehow easier because of the auto-loader, but you should still be extremely careful.
Aim to engage distracted or alone targets that cannot fire back at you. Either fire from afar, or get close, unload and run away. Firing from afar is tricky: you’ll often find that you’ll waste at least 2-3 shells. When you only have 5, it’s bad. Getting closer allows you to deal more damage, but also makes you more susceptible to receiving it. Plan your approach route and then your way out. If you’re planning to make an escape, say through the left, you should approach a tank through it’s right, make it turn it’s turret towards you, go around it’s back and go where you intended to. That way, his turret will be facing the other way and he won’t be able to shoot you in the back as you make your run. Don’t stop. Ever. At close ranges the Bat is very accurate on the move, so unload your shells as you drive by. One thing to keep in mind, is that fear factor that I mentioned. It's useful to you, because many players panic and make mistakes when they see a Bat Chat approach them. On the other hand, they are aware of how dangerous a Bat is, so they will instantly focus fire on it.
One vs one scenarios. Most of the times, you can take one shot from an enemy tank and then kill him before he can shoot again. And most of the times it’s worth it. Just a few cases when you should not do it.
- tanks such as the T62 will be able to shoot you at least twice before you unload your whole clip
- extremely high alpha tanks; you may be able to kill him afterwards, but taking 1000 damage from a JagdPanzer is not worth it
- other autoloader tanks (unless you know they’re low on shells or reloading)

The last pointer I can give: use the entire map. Having a long reload is a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because it gives you something over 40 seconds of free roaming. With most tanks, you have to stick around the same spots if you want to deal consistent damage. With the Bat, move away, drive around the map (benefit of the speed) and come from another direction or strike on a different flank. Especially in late game scenarios where you’re alone versus several tanks. Hit and run. Always try to drive around the map and come from unexpected directions. You can even force the enemy to chase you and, with a bit of luck, separate them. One by one, they are a lot more vulnerable to you.

I think that about sums what I have to say about the Bat Chat. It’s an exceptional vehicle and it’s extremely versatile. That’s why making a guide that covers everything is impossible. I hope I helped at least in small part.

The Bat is by and a far my favourite tier 10 vehicle, as it’s unbelievably fun to drive, not to mention that is one of the most useful to have, given it’s wide usage in clan wars and companies.

If you think I got something wrong, you’d like to add something or you find mistakes, post a comment or drop me a PM. I’ll add, remove, fix or whatever is necessary.

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Re: Bat Chatillon 25t Guide

Post  Guest on Fri Apr 12, 2013 11:54 am

Failure to mention the advantage of less payload delivery time on the 105mm is a sin on a batchat guide.


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