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T-50-2 Guide

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T-50-2 Guide

Post  Ding760 on Sun Apr 07, 2013 9:44 am

Main characteristics:
- Hit points: 500 with stock turret, 560 with upgraded turret
- Cost: 62.500 XP, 725.000 silver
- View range: 330m with stock turret, 370m with upgraded turret
- Signal range: 300m with stock radio, 630m with second radio, 730m with top radio

1: Commander, which also acts as a radio operator
2: Gunner
3: Driver
4: Loader

- Top Speed: 72km/h (able to achieve up to 108km/h)
- Power to Weight ratio (when fully upgraded): 35.25 hp/t
- Traverse Speed: 36°/s with stock suspension, 38°/s with upgraded suspension
- Turret Traverse Speed: 45°/s for both turrets
- Engine power: 300hp with stock engine, 440hp with second engine, 550hp with top engine
- Comment on mobility: One of the most mobile tanks in the game, if not the very best. It's one of rare tanks that can achieve 72km/h (108km/h) , one of the best when it comes to acceleration, aided by both its high power to weight ratio and the fact that it can mount the removed speed governor consumable which further increases its acceleration, and still one of the best when it comes to traverse speed. Nearly perfect mobility for an active scout. It should be noted that both upgraded engines are available for research on the predecessor of this tank, the T-50.

- hull: 37mm on all sides
- stock turret: 37mm on all sides
- upgraded turret: 45mm on the front, 40mm on sides and rear
- Comment on armor: The true armor of this tank is its mobility. Although it's possible to ricochet high pen shells sometimes due to the shape of hull and turret, it's not a feature that can be relied upon. The tracks are also able to absorb a few shells preventing hull damage, but they can't be relied upon to do this constantly. It should be noted that once tracks break, T-50-2 becomes an easy target for almost any gun in the game, and consequentially, usually turns into a burning wreckage soon after being tracked.

This tank is able to mount 7 guns, out of which 6 are standard semi-automatic guns, and 1 is an autocannon:

1: 45 mm 20K
- Penetration: 51mm with AP, 88mm with APCR, 23mm with HE
- Damage: 47 HP with AP and APCR, 62 HP with HE
- Rate of Fire: 26.09 shells per minute
- Accuracy: 0.46m
- Aim Time: 2.3s
- Depression/Elevation: -7°/+25°
- Cost: Stock gun, no XP cost, 2.530 silver, acquired for free upon purchase of tank.
- Comment: Has a good rate of fire, decent aim time and depression/elevation angles, but underperforms in all other areas. It's inaccurate, has very low penetration and damage per shot, rendering it rather useless. Using this gun should be avoided

2: 45 mm VT-42
- Penetration: 75mm with AP, 95mm with APCR, 23mm with HE
- Damage: 49 HP with AP and APCR, 63 HP with HE
- Rate of Fire: 26.09 shells per minute
- Accuracy: 0.37m
- Aim Time: 2.3s
- Depression/Elevation: -7°/+25°
- Cost: 850 XP, 20.540 silver
- Comment: Notable improvement to the stock gun, with higher penetration and decent accuracy, along with a very slight damage increase. Underperforms compared to the other guns due to still rather low damage and barely adequate penetration. This gun should be used till one of better guns is researched, by those players that prefer accurate guns.

3: 57 mm ZiS-8
- Penetration:75mm with AP, 112mm with APCR, 29mm with HE
- Damage: 75 HP with AP and APCR, 95 HP with HE
- Rate of Fire: 20.69 shells per minute
- Accuracy: 0.46m
- Aim Time: 2.3s
- Depression/Elevation: -7°/+25°
- Cost: 550 XP, 22.910 silver
- Comment: This gun features a combination of adequate penetration and damage, with an adequate rate of fire. However, it's inaccurate, and underperfoms compared to several other guns when it comes to damage and penetration. This gun should be used till one of better guns is researched, by those players that prefer decent damage dealing guns.

4: 76 mm L-11
- Penetration: 68mm with AP, 100mm with APCR, 38mm with HE
- Damage: 110 HP with AP and APCR, 156 with HE
- Rate of Fire: 16.22 shells per minute
- Accuracy: 0.51m
- Aim Time: 2.9s
- Depression/Elevation: -6°/+17°
- Cost: 450 XP, 25.990 silver
- Comment: First of the 76mm high damage dealing guns, its only strong point is the high damage it deals. However, this comes at the cost of being the most inaccurate of the available guns, slowest rate of fire, and inadequate penetration. Depression and Elevation angles are also lowest of all available guns, but they're still adequate enough and don't present a major issue. This gun should be avoided.

5: 76 mm F-34
- Penetration: 86mm with AP, 102mm with APCR, 38mm with HE
- Damage: 110 HP with AP and APCR, 156 with HE
- Rate of Fire: 16.22 shells per minute
- Accuracy: 0.46m
- Aim Time: 2.3s
- Depression/Elevation: -6°/+17°
- Cost: 450 XP, 30.550 silver
- Comment: Second of the 76mm high damage dealing guns, featuring an improvement in accuracy, though not a major one, and an improvement in penetration, which makes this gun useful in some situations, especially at close ranges. This gun should be used by players that prefer dealing a lot of damage with a single shot.

6: 37 mm Automatic SH-37 (Autocannon)
- Penetration: 46mm with AP, 62mm with APCR, 19mm with HE
- Damage: 40 HP with AP and APCR, 50 HP with HE
- Rate of Fire: 54.22 shells per minute with stock turret, 32.18 shells per minute with upgraded turret
- Burst length: 3 rounds
- Magazine size: 5 rounds with stock turret, 30 rounds with upgraded turret
- Magazine Rate of Fire: 180 shells per minute with stock turret, 170 shells per minute with upgraded turret
- Magazine Reload Time: 4.2s with stock turret, 45.7s with upgraded turret
- Accuracy: 0.45m
- Aim Time: 2.3s
- Depression/Elevation: -7°/+25°
- Cost: 2.600 XP, 26.980 silver
- Comment: Very different to all other available guns. This gun sacrifices penetration, damage per shell and accuracy, for an extremely high rate of fire. As such, it's rendered useless against anything with armor which includes most heavy tanks, mediums, tank destroyers and most high tier artillery, even if golden APCR shells are used, and it's also rather useless when it comes to firing at any target at medium to long range. However, it can deal massive amounts of damage against lightly armored targets, at close ranges. This makes it an ideal gun for eliminating most of the artillery in the game and also most of the light tanks

7: 57 mm ZiS-4
- Penetration: 112mm with AP, 189mm with APCR, 29mm with HE
- Damage: 85 HP with AP and APCR, 95 HP with HE
- Rate of Fire: 20.69 shells per minute
- Accuracy: 0.34
- Aim Time: 2.3s
- Depression/Elevation: -8°/+20°
- Cost: 2.200 XP, 40.130 silver
- Comment: Probably the best choice of all the 7 guns, with high penetration value, decent damage and rate of fire, excellent accuracy which allows both for precise firing on the move and sniping, best Depression value and decent Elevation. As such, it can be used at any range, against any opponent it faces, and it's likely to yield better results than the other 6 guns, with some exceptions, such as short range combat against a lightly armored target.

"Nothing good comes easy" - A saying that can absolutely be applied on T-50-2. It's not an easy tank to drive, if played wrong it will drive you (and your teammates) crazy, but once you master it, it will be one of the nicest tanks you'll be able to drive in this game.
By definition, it's a light tank, and furthermore a tier 5 scout, also known by some as tier 5 superscout. Superscouts are a small group of tanks consisting of American M24 Chafee, German VK2801 (until the release of patch 8.4), and somewhat French ELC AMX.

This tank stands out from the other superscouts cause of its universality. While other scouts and superscouts are rather specialized, excelling at some of qualities needed for a scout, while lacking in others, T-50-2 lacks at no quality, while still excelling at some.

Its decent view range, combined with excellent camouflage value and superb mobility allows it to perform as a successful active scout. It is able to spot enemy tanks from a great distance while staying undetected, and once it gets detected, it's still able to survive by using its mobility. This even allows it to be rather useful as a suicide scout, though using this tank as a suicide scout would be a major waste of potential.

It can also perform rather well as a passive scout, using its mobility to quickly arrive at a key position. Once there, its view range along with camo allow it to spot enemies while remaining undetected. And in case of enemies managing to get close enough to detect it, it can still use its mobility to attempt relocating to a safer position, or even to attack the enemy in some cases.

Scouts are often expected to eliminate enemy artillery as well, and this tank is able to do that rather well, both on its own, using its mobility and firepower to get close enough, while dodging shells from the defenders and the artillery itself and eliminate it once it gets close enough, and as a spotter, keeping the artillery lighten up for its team to eliminate it

On its own, it's able to put quite a fight against any enemy it encounters, though it excels at engaging lone tank destroyers, and slower heavy tanks, where its superb mobility allows it to get behind the enemy or on its side, which can usually be penned if the T-50-2 is equipped with one of the top guns. However, faster opponents tend to be quite a problem, especially when it comes to medium tanks. Most of the times, when a T-50-2 engages a medium tank, and some of the faster heavy tanks, even some tank destroyers, T-50-2 will end up mercilessly destroyed. Avoiding engagements like this is highly recommended.

Some tips about driving T-50-2 successfully:

if you intend to actively scout:
- Keep your distance from the enemy as high as possible, it makes you a harder target, and that will make you live longer.
- Always drive as if you're spotted, don't get relaxed for a single moment. Change directions at all times, never drive in a straight line. T-50-2 is quite capable of holding its speed high while turning, and you'll need to turn if you want to dodge those shells flying towards you.
- Never decelerate for anything while under fire, and especially do not stop. If you stop, your tank will likely explode rather soon.
- Equip ZiS-4 gun and don't be afraid to fire it on the move, even at top speed, the gun is rather accurate and will allow you to deal some nice damage on your own. But keep in mind your primary role is to spot for others, not to deal damage yourself, focus on spotting and shoot only if it doesn't interfere with driving and dodging enemy fire
- Do not suicide scout, lighting up enemies for first 20 seconds of the game while your artillery is still loading shells might get you a scout medal, but it's much more likely to get you a big credit loss along with a likely defeat.
- Be careful when driving across bumps, you might find yourself airborne and you could end up with a broken track after landing. If you can't avoid a jump, try to land with both tracks at the same time as this greatly reduces chances of track damage.

if you intend to passively scout:
- Learn key positions at which you can hide on every map, most of them have some except for the urban maps, pick the correct ones and watch enemy team get torn to pieces by your teammates, thanks to you
- Do not fire your gun, you will get spotted almost certainly, and that's never a good thing. Damage you can do by firing a shot or two at the enemy is insignificant compared to the damage your teammates in bigger tanks can cause while you spot for them
- If you did fire your gun, fall back immediately, or rush the enemy, whatever you do, do not stay in the place you fired your gun at, as you're more likely spotted and even if you have sixth sense perk, by the time it activates it will be too late to move

-Regardless of actively or passively scouting, only go after lonely and slow targets, and do not go for enemy artillery if there's any relatively fast tank in between you and the likely artillery position. If the target has backup, that backup is likely to tear you to pieces way before you deal any significant damage to your target, and if the target is fast, it will win the engagement on its own. Going after arty while there are fast tanks in between you and it is mostly always going to end up in your explosion, far away from artillery positions.

So, to sum it up, T-50-2 is an universal scout, which makes it unique in World of Tanks at the moment. It can do everything well, and if driven properly, it's likely to be directly responsible for the team's victory. Driving it properly is not easy to do, especially if you don't have much experience in scouting, but it can be mastered, and once you master it, you will have lots of fun with it. Don't expect success from day 1, but in the long run, you can be sure you'll have many great games in this tank.

Advantages of tank:
- Great mobility
- Good selection of guns
- Excellent signal range, you'll always let everybody know what you spotted
- Can be a game changer in capable hands
- Universal scout
- Decent armor for a light tank
- Very enjoyable tank to play
- Can stand its ground against most opponents in 1vs1 engagements

Disadvantages of tank:
- Low amount of hit points
- Vulnerable tracks, engine and ammorack
- Struggles in some urban maps where scouting is unnecessary
- Has weaker guns than most of its peers
- It doesn't excel at view range
- Has rather high matchmaking, can end up in a full tier 10 battle (depending on your point of view, this could actually be taken as an advantage - higher the tier enemy is, more damage upon spotting you can achieve, and therefore more profit)
- Rather expensive to maintain

Suggested crew skills:
For those that prefer active scouting or that intend to do both active and passive scouting

1: Commander:
first skill: Situational Awareness
second skill: Recon
third skill: Camouflage
fourth skill: Sixth Sense

2: Gunner
first skill: Camouflage
second skill: Snap Shot
third skill: Repairs
fourth skill: Designated Target

3: Driver
first skill: Off-Road Driving
second skill: Clutch Braking
third skill: Smooth Ride
fourth skill: Camouflage

4: Loader
first skill: Camouflage
second skill: Repairs
third skill: Safe Stowage
fourth skill: Adrenaline Rush

Alternatively, for those that intend to focus on passive scouting:

1: Commander:
first skill: Sixth Sense
second skill: Camouflage
third skill: Situational awareness
fourth skill: Recon

2: Gunner
first skill: Camouflage
second skill: Designated Target
third skill: Repairs
fourth skill: Snap Shot

3: Driver
first skill: Camouflage
second skill: Off-Road Driving
third skill: Clutch Braking
fourth skill: Repairs

4: Loader
first skill: Camouflage
second skill: Repairs
third skill: Safe Stowage
fourth skill: Adrenaline Rush

Suggested equipment:
The first two slots should be filled with improved ventilation and coated optics.
As for the third slot, in case you intend to do only active scouting, fill this slot with enhanced torsion bars or cyclone filter, as you'll want to give additional hit points to either your tracks or engine. In case you don't intend to focus on only active scouting, use binocular telescope in the third slot.

Extra note:
Unfortunately, T-50-2 is not staying in WoT for much longer, it will eventually be replaced by another tank with similar characteristics, due to the fact that historical T-50-2 didn't resemble in-game one at all.

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