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Somua-35CA Guide

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Somua-35CA Guide

Post  Ding760 on Thu Apr 04, 2013 3:53 am

Okay, let’s get this review started. The tank today is the French tier 5 tank destroyer S-35ca. Don’t let its nickname “the bathtub” fool you! With its wide selection of powerful guns this tank is surely a force to be reckoned with, If the driver knows how to use it that is.
Let’s start with the most basic info, such as the Main Characteristics, the Crew, its Mobility, its Armor and its Armaments.
After that it’s time to go a bit deeper, with a Review Of The Tank, Advantages Of The Tank, Disadvantages Of the Tank, Suggested Crew Skills, Suggested Modules and consumables and finally any extra notes.

Main characteristics
  • Nation: French
  • Tier: Tier 5
  • Tank type: Tank destroyer
  • HP: 330Hp
  • XP cost: 12550XP
  • Credit price: 405.000silver
  • Weight limit: 19,8ton (stock tracks)/22,8ton(top tracks)
  • Gun arch: -15°/+29°

The tank holds a total of 4 crew members.
  • Crew Member 1: commander/Radio Operator
  • Crew Member 2: gunner
  • Crew Member 3: Driver
  • Crew member 4: Loader

Stock values
  • Engine power: 220Hp
  • Speed limit: 37Km/h
  • Traverse: 26Deg/sec
  • Power/Wt ratio: 11,22 Hp/t
  • Pivot: yes

Top values.
  • Engine power: 260 Hp
  • Speed limit: 37Km/h
  • Traverse: 28Deg/sec
  • Power/Wt ratio: 12,95 HP7t
  • Pivot: yes

While the differences between stock and top values seem to be marginal, the changes do in fact make a rather large difference. However you are still relatively sluggish, and lack the high speed and mobility found in other tier 5 TD’s like the stug3 and SU-85. Despite this you aren’t slow, and have no problems reaching good spots on the map before the enemy gets there, you just have to remember that you are unlikely to outrun your enemy. Furthermore you are unable to counter if agile tanks are circling you, so keep your distance and always face your enemy.

  • Hull armor: 56(front)/35(sides)/35(rear)

With almost no slope at all the armor doesn’t grant any kind of reliable protection from tier 4 tanks and above. You are forced to rely on hiding your hull, and staying out of the fire. Using your camouflage will also work at long range, but if you plan to do so you needs to be sure to have the 6th sense perk.

Gun 17 pdr AT Gun MK.II
  • Caliber (mm): 76mm
  • Ammo capacity: 86
  • Ammo types: Armor-Piercing/AP Composite-rigid(premium)/High Explosive
  • Damage: 112,5-187,5/112,5-187,5/142,5-237,5
  • Penetration: 128,25-213,75/179,25-297,75/28,5-47,5mm
  • Shell cost: 109silver/3gold(1200silver)/98silver
  • Rate of fire: 11,11 rounds/min
  • Accuracy at 100m: 0,36
  • Aim time: 2,3sec
  • Elevation arch: -9°/+22°

Of the guns this gun is recommended for mid to long range sniping. It is also the stock gun on the tank.

Gun Canon de 105 mle1930 Schneider AC
  • Caliber (mm): 105mm
  • Ammo capacity: 42
  • Ammo types: Armor-Piercing/AP Composite-Rigid/High-Explosive
  • Damage: 225-375/247,5-412,5/270-450
  • Penetration: 123,75-206,25/167,25-278,75/40,5-67,5mm
  • Shell cost: 270silver/10gold(4000silver)/280silver
  • Rate of fire: 5 rounds/min
  • Accuracy at 100m: 0,41
  • Aim time: 2.9sec
  • Elevation arch: -9°/+22°

This gun is highly recommended if you value alpha over DPM, and usually finds yourself shooting at medium to short range. Despite this it still proves capable of hitting surprisingly well at long range if shooting at exposes and stationary targets.

Gun 90 mm canon DCA 30 AC
  • Caliber (mm): 90mm
  • Ammo capacity: 65
  • Ammo types: Armor-Piercing/AP Composite-Rigid/High-Explosive
  • Damage: 180-300/180-300/240-400
  • Penetration: 101,25-168,75/131,25-218,25/33,75-56,25mm
  • Shell cost: 255silver/10gold(4000silver)/255silver
  • Rate of fire: 7,14
  • Accuracy at 100m: 0,40
  • Aim time: 2,3sec
  • Elevation arch: -9°/+22°

With its decent damage, and generally balanced stats this gun falls in between the 17pdr and the 105mm. Note that unlike the two other guns this gun lacks the penetration to reliably hurt heavily armored tier 6 and 7 tanks.

Review of the tank
While the lack of hit points and the seemingly lacking agility and speed makes it seem to be sub-par, you needs to lock past this to really understand what this tank is about; the guns. When not counting haubitzers with gold ammo the 105 mle1930 is the gun with the most alpha on tier 5. Furthermore the rest of the guns are also performing excellent. What it lacks in DPM it more than makes up for with high Pen. Hence this tank is all about using the guns. This tank does have the longest view range of all tier 5 tanks, and such you are likely to spot them first. This allows you to either get the first shot, or to find cover.
So, what do you do in order to make proper usage of the guns? That really depends on which gun you pick.
If you take the stock 17pdr you are mostly an ordinary sniper. While the gun seems to be an OK sniper gun, it is really a beast for this purpose. Its high Pen makes aiming at weak spots something that PZ4 and other tanks has to do. Just avoid the worst spaced armors, and from there on it’s more or less point and click. Don’t hesitate to shoot at tier 7 tanks; you have the Pen to hurt them.
Now if you use the 105 mle1930 you have a different role entirely. Now you are going to spend most of the time fighting at medium to short range. This does however not mean that you can’t shoot at long range; you just have a harder time hitting. Now, your job is to support the assault by dealing large amounts of damage to crucial tanks like killing enemy TD’s, hurting heavy tanks, eliminating scouts that are about to break the lines, or just generally shoot anything that’s in your crosshair. But whatever you do, never forget that you will not survive in direct combat. Moving in for the kill is OK, but never seek prolonged firefights. Also make sure that if you move in for a kill, you actually hits the target.
You might notice that I have forgotten the 90mm gun. The answer to this is simple; because it’s inferior. The lack of Pen on it effectively removes the strong point of the S-35CA, and the role as a heavy hitter is filled by the 105mm mle1930. However, if you manage with the lower penetration, then the 90mm is worth trying.

Advantages of the tank
  • Wide selection of guns suited for a wide array of play styles
  • High alpha and penetration on the 105mm gun.
  • A relatively high tank opens up a vast range of opportunities not held by most low TD’s.
  • Large view range of 400 meters.
  • Extremely large gun traverse. Almost as good as on the Marder II.
  • Good camouflage factor.
  • Extremely good if you can utilize “poke and shoot” or hull down tactics

Disadvantages of the tank
  • Somewhat sluggish when comparing to other TD’s of the same tier.
  • Low HP.
  • Open top means artillery poses a serious threat.
  • Total absence of armor.
  • Is reliably killed in one hit by USSR 122mm guns, and most haubitzers loaded with premium ammunition.
  • Easily killed if surprised by tier 5 tanks while alone.
  • Tall silhouette.

Suggested crew skills
  • Commander/radioman: perk 1; 6th sense, perk 2; camouflage, perk 3 and onwards; free of choice.
  • Gunner: perk 1; camouflage, perk 2; repairs, perk 3 and onwards; free of choice.
  • Driver: perk 1; clutch braking, perk 2; camouflage, perk 3; repairs, perk 4 and onwards; free of choice.
  • Loader: perk 1; camouflage, perk 2; repairs, perk 3 and onwards; free of choice.

Note that if one frequents close range over long range, it is worth to consider swapping places of Repairs and camouflage.

Suggested equipment and consumables
  • Slot 1: Medium caliber gun rammer.
  • Slot 2: Enhanced gun Laying drive.
  • Slot 3. Module free of choice.

  • Slot 1: Small Repair Kit.
  • Slot 2. Small fire Extinguisher
  • Extra notes

Extra notes
This tank is hiding its full potentil until your crew reaches around 90-100%. Therefore I recommend using a crew that have already achieved 100% on the main skill. Slot 3. Small first aid kit.

Originally written by dartmaul15

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Re: Somua-35CA Guide

Post  Skeith00 on Fri Apr 05, 2013 6:17 pm

I've already passed this TD and got V39 now, but I hope this guide will cast a different light on this underestimated TD, thanks Ding Smile
I could say thats the best T5 TD. It's kinda like KV-1S among T6 Heavy's - Not a toughest tank and don't have abilities like good gun depression, BUT THIS 122mm GUN! And its alpha Dmg!
Driving this one was really enjoyable. For me, it's not a tank which I'd like to keep longer than time needed to grinding exp for next tier, but seeing, even a higher tiers, totally melting under your fire was really fun Twisted Evil

I'd like to add from myself, that his descendant, the ARL V39, is a lil' bit disappointing, especially compared to S35 himself. That's because you should (or even have to) use same top gun, and MM is giving you higher tiers to deal with. Plus you have to gain 5000xp for tracks with t3 gun, THATS CORRECT - TIER 3! on T6 TD which is sick. (Personally, I played few games, after which I just sayed "fck this sht!" and just waited for enough free Xp Shocked )

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Re: Somua-35CA Guide

Post  vorlontank on Tue Jun 11, 2013 11:08 am

i just got mine tonight. what a breath of fresh air after the previous pile of junk.


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Re: Somua-35CA Guide

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