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SU-26 Guide

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SU-26 Guide

Post  Ding760 on Wed Apr 03, 2013 12:29 am

Tier III Soviet SPG
By MontyBurns1982

Historical Information

The SU-26 was initially known as the SU-T-26, then the SU-76P. It was produced in 1941 by the Factory of Hoisting and Conveying Machinery (named after SM Kirov) in Leningrad.
Sources differ on the number of vehicles built, with one source claiming 14 with a 37mm gun and 12 with a 76mm gun. Another source states there were 15 built but with no mention what guns were fitted. In any case, the type was not widely utilised, although it did see combat on the Eastern front. The version presented in World of Tanks is ahistorical at best.

Leading Particulars

Hit Points 140
Required Experience 3,500 (researched from the SU-18)
In Game (Credit) price 53,000
Crew Requirement: 5 (Commander, Gunner, Loader, Driver, Radioman)
Hull Armour (Front/Side/rear) (mm) 15/15/15
Radio Range 615m
View Range 300m
76mm Howitzer Mod 1907 (Stock)
76mm Howitzer Mod 1903/30
122mm Howitzer Mod 1930
Shell Capacity
76mm Mod 1907 [48]
76mm Mod 1903/30 [48]
122mm Mod 1930 [24]
In Game Battle Tier 4, 5 and 6

In Game Performance

You start out with the same gun as the SU-18, which is weak for this tier (but reasonably accurate). The engines are the same as fitted to the T-26 light tank and carry over if you have researched them.
Aim to upgrade to the 12mm gun as soon as possible, you can mount the 76mm in the interim or just skip it. Upgrade your suspension before researching the 122mm as you won't be able to mount it otherwise. Finally, upgrade your radio when you have the experience.
The turret allows this SPG to take advantage of it's great camouflage rating, meaning you don't have to turn your hull to aim (but the turret is very very slow). Also, the SU-26 has a very low range meaning you have to get very close to the front lines which is very dangerous (make use of available cover at all times).
The top gun has a much worse damage output than the other Tier 3 SPGs, but better penetration than contemporary 105mm guns and with a high rate of fire. This means that the SU-26 will be very effective at taking out low armour targets such as scouts, tank destroyers or other SPGs.
Do not waste your shots on the heavily armoured tanks like the KV series or T150. If you have to engage them, do so from the side or rear or attempt to track them, allowing your team-mates to finish them off.
This artillery does best as an assault support piece, following behind your team and picking off high threat targets such as tank destroyers and other SPGs.


Up until the 8.3 patch, this artillery piece was exceptionally powerful (borderline over-powered). It's exceptional accuracy, fast reload, good damage (for tier) and high shell trajectory meant that most tanks up to Tier 5 could be killed with one or two shots.
Since the 8.3 patch, the has a lower shell capacity (24 instead of 28 when armed with the top 122m Howitzer), is slower over most terrain, has worse gun dispersion when turning the turret, reduced range lower hit points and a lower shell trajectory. However, it's still a very good artillery and probably the best in its tier. Use regular HE shells on most tanks up to Tier 4. try to get side, back or roof shots on heavily armoured targets such as KV1s to compensate for your low damage output, or use HEAT ammunition. However, note that HEAT is not only very expensive, but also has a high incidence of non-penetrating/no damage shots. However, when it does penetrate, it's devastating.
Like all SPGs, playing this tank with 50% crew can be frustrating, but as your crew nears 100%, you will see the accuracy of this little SPG really shine. Stick with it, and you will be a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.
There are few things a veteran tanker fears more than seeing a veteran 3 man SU-26 platoon in the enemy team!

Advantages (Pros)
  • Fast reload.
  • Accurate.
  • Good shell arc allows you to hit enemies behind cover.
  • Good damage against low armoured/open-topped vehicles.
  • Can be extra powerful if you fire premium (HEAT) shells.
  • Good camouflage values.
  • The turret allows you to take shots without moving your hull and breaking your camouflage.

Disadvantages (Cons)
  • Low mobility.
  • Lowest speed in its tier.
  • Poor turning speed and turret traverse means almost no chance against scouts unless they drive in front of your gun.
  • Poor range (less than 600m) meaning you have to get close to the enemy.
  • Low shell damage (often less than 100 per shot) against heavily armoured targets.
  • Low ammunition capacity. You will find yourself running out of ammunition in longer battles. To minimise this, only take shots that you are certain of scoring a hit with.

Suggested Crew Skills
  • Camouflage should always be your first skill, camouflage for SPGs is life.
  • Once you have camo, get sixth sense on your commander. Knowing when you've been spotted is critical to survival in an SPG.
  • After that, you can train what you want, Brothers in Arms (BIA) is good giving you plus 5% crew skills (but be aware all crew members need it to be effective), or you could try snap shot which helps with your dispersion time. The most useless skills tend to be things like repair, as if you've been shot at when playing an SPG, you're likely to die shortly afterwards, especially with only 140 HP.

Suggested Equipment
  • As with all lower tier SPGs, a camo net is mandatory.
  • A rammer is great for obtaining a slightly quicker reload time.
  • Enhanced gun laying drive will give you -9% aiming time
  • Optionally, install a spall liner which may help you survive a near miss (a direct hit will kill you regardless due to low HP).
  • You can use consumables, but the only one that will give you a reasonable advantage are the extra rations which give you 10%+ to crew skills for the battle. The rest are pretty useless on this SPG.


  • A good tip when playing this artillery is to drive up a ramp, which will increase your shell trajectory at the expense of reducing your range (great for those annoying campers behind buildings).
  • It is also worth buying the camo paint as this gives you a small camouflage bonus, which really helps because this is a such a stealthy SPG (and at lower tiers most players have low equipment/crew skills). Only buy this if you intend to keep this tank (otherwise it's wasted credits/gold).
  • Be aware that this artillery piece generates tracers like all other SPGs. Thus, get into the habit of moving every shot. If you park your hull at 90 degrees to your gun, you can move side side with only minimal disruption to your aim.
  • As with all SPGs, keep an eye on the minimap. The slow speed of this SPG will not allow for a quick getaway if your team gets flanked.
  • Again, as with all SPGs, wait for your targeting reticule to shrink to its smallest size, unless you have to kill the enemy to survive, win the game etc. High accuracy still doesn't guarantee a hit.
  • Avoid hills and swampy terrain where possible, this thing moves over difficult terrain like a couple of geriatrics swimming through treacle.

See you on the battlefield fellow SU-26 tanker!

Originally written by montyburns1982

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Re: SU-26 Guide

Post  Wen90 on Wed Apr 03, 2013 3:03 am

Nice guide to probably one of the most overpowered SPGs in the game.

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Re: SU-26 Guide

Post  we_just_dinged_em on Wed Apr 03, 2013 3:57 am

Wen90 wrote:Nice guide to probably one of the most overpowered SPGs in the game.

Not since the nerf, lost a lot of dispersion, shell arc, range, ammo and gets into Tier 6 nearly ever battle.

the days of shooting 9 kills per game are over, still a nice arty tho.


Positively the WORST place to learn about tenks!

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Re: SU-26 Guide

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