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T28 Prototype Guide

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T28 Prototype Guide

Post  Ding760 on Fri Mar 29, 2013 9:30 pm

T28 Prototype Turreted Heavy Tank Destroyer

  • It's a "What if?" tank project 'ala WarGaming (like the E-50 Aufs.M) where they added a nice looking turret on the original T28 Heavy Tank Destroyer.
  • It's placed on the 2nd U.S.A. TD branch as a tier 8 tank.
  • It can be researched only from the T25/2 requiring an amount of 102.000 exp.
  • It cost 2.650.000 credits, without counting the costs of a new crew if you want, and the ammunition + consumables costs.
  • The tank leads to the T30 or the original T28.

Characteristics and Evolving:

  • It has 1150 hp.
  • It has a crew of 5 members: Commander, Driver, Gunner, Radio Operator, Loader.
  • That means you can keep the crew from the previous tank(t25/2).
  • It's hull armor has 203 mm in front angled pretty well giving around 250 mm of effective armor, 50 mm on sides and 50 mm on it's rear.
  • It's turret has also 203 mm front armor, 127 mm on the sides and 107 mm on it's rear.
  • The view range has 400m.

Pretty great so far, but hold on:

It weights around 65 tons with a maximum speed of 18 km/hr and an engine that packs only 440 horse power making this tank one of the slowest tank in the game.Even researching it's last engine won't make big differences since it gives only 70 more hp(510 total hp).It'll improve only it's acceleration (letting it advance to 18km/hr since the first engine let's it only at 16km/hr) and it's traverse speed.

So far it's a big tank, with alot of armour but slow as hell.

To fill the pain a bit more, playing it with stock modules will raise white hair on your head.

But getting all the modules will turn it into a beast. If you had before the original T28 or at least the T25 AT you will make the grind through the Prototype much easier by having researched at least 1 of it's guns already.
If you don't have them you'll play in a hardcore mode.

The stock gun is the last gun from the t25/2 dealing around 240 damage with 170 AP ammo penetration, every 7 seconds if you have the gun rammer installed.The gun it's uselles most times when you face same tiers in your face since it cannot penetrate most of all (few exceptions like JagdPanther II, FCM 50t, ISU-152, AMX50 100 and other medium tanks with crap armour).
I highly recommend researching the second gun (if you don't have it already researched from T25 AT) since the 28 penetration boost will come in handy along with the bigger damage input (320) having almost the same reload time as the previous gun. After you research this gun, which costs 18.100 exp, the stuff will be much easier.

Now, depending on your feelings you can research the second engine which will give a bit of mobility or the last gun, the be'a'st gun.
The last gun requires 51.000 exp to unlock, a big amount, but will turn your tank into a beast dealing over 400 damage every 8 seconds (again, with gun rammer equiped) with a penetration of 248 mm with standard AP ammo.

After that you can finally go for the suspension which will further increase the mobility of the tank.
The Radios won't be a problem since they're unlocked from the previous tank and can be mounted from the very beginning.


I highly recommend as their first skill to put 6th Sense on Commander, Clutch Braking on the Driver, Dead-Eye on the Gunner and whatever you want on the Radioman or Loader.

The tank doesn't get ammo-racked too often (or at least I never been ammo-racked in my Prototype with over 200 battles) so Safe storage on Loader isn't useful.

On the second skill you can go either for Brothers In Arms for the whole crew or Mentor for the Commander, Snap-Shot for the Gunner, Off-Road Driving for the Driver, Situational Awareness for the Radioman and whatever (again) you want for the Loader.


For the third skill pick what you didn't picked for the second one.
And for the next skill levels go for the remaining view range improvement skills (Such as Recon on Commander), Repairs and Camouflage.

You can also change Camouflage with Fire-Fighting if you think the Camouflage doesn't help enough.


Gun Rammer is a must.

On the second slot you should mount the Enhanced Gun Laying Drive.

The third slot can be filled with either a Tool Box, a Camouflage Net or Binoculars (aka Binos).

Choosing them depends on your playing style.


  • Ability to mount everything without the needing of the second suspension.
  • Great Hull Armour (203 mm armor with small weak-spots).
  • Great reload time on all guns and great penetration for the last gun ( ~7-8 seconds reload on all guns).
  • Good, but not great, for sniping ( 0.35-0.39 accuracy).
  • Good on brawl tactics, on close spaces to avoid flanking.


  • Damn Slow tank.
  • Accuracy may troll you sometimes as you might miss shots that you wouldn't expect to miss.
  • Your tank is an Artillery Magnet.You get one-shoted often if arty points a shot in your but.
  • Can be flanked easily because of it's poor mobility.
  • Weak turret armor when facing tier 8 or higher tiers (The front turret edges have 203 mm armor with ~10 degrees angling making it vulnerable to all guns that have a penetration of over 210 mm).


From the Image:

  • Green Contour marks Weakspots that can be penetrated by any tier 7 tank with decent penetration if you don't angle your tank.
  • Yellow Contour marks Weakspots that can be penetrated by any gun with more than 210 mm penetration.
  • Orange Contour marks spots that can be penetrate by any gun with ~ 240-250 mm penetration.
  • Red Contour, don't bother shooting .

Most common Weakspots:

  • The Turret edges (not mantlet) can be penetrated by any tank which has more than 210 mm penetration on their guns.
  • The mini-gun and optic devices on upper front plate.
  • The lower frontal plate.

Anyway, at long range, all those weakspots are damn hard to hit since they're small, giving an advantage to this tank when it's sniping from a bush.

The last 2 weakspots can be avoided, in close range, by angling your hull in the opposite direction from where is the mini-gun mounted.
The first one cannot be avoided since if you angle your turret the enemy can just shoot it's sides.This is the main weakspot, and the most dumbest in my opinion, because you must show your turret to shoot.


The tank can be played as front line in low tier battles, where it's placed as top tier, support tank if it's placed as middle tier or base defender if it's placed on the bottom of the lisr or in maps where the action takes place far away from the spawn points, so your tank won't make it in time.

Every time you play go for places where you can cover yourself from arty or flanking tactics.And don't forget you're one of the slowest tank in the game.

And the Golden-Rule: Never go alone.You'll be an easy pray for a pack of faster tanks.

Never stay in front of an enemy which can penetrate your turret, and knows that he can penetrate it.Even if you can kill it, you'll lose a fair amount of hit points which are critical for this tank.Do it only if you know he cannot shoot back.

I don't say you must hide from those enemies, but be careful on your actions.

In my opinion it's a tank that worths playing.Only thing you need it's a bit of game experience.

That's all.See you on the battlefield folks!

Originally written by XxAl3xX

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Re: T28 Prototype Guide

Post  Ding760 on Fri Mar 29, 2013 9:31 pm

I see the attached images are a bit small. To make it full size, right click on image then click on 'Copy Image URL', then open a new tab on your browser and paste the address into search bar. Then it'll come up as full size image.

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