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Tyutyu's epic games. Warning I suck a lot so these might not even be epic for you :D

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Tyutyu's epic games. Warning I suck a lot so these might not even be epic for you :D

Post  Tyutyu on Sun Mar 24, 2013 4:59 am

Hi Fellow tankers,

Sadly my best replays are no longer available because the game has evolved to 8.4 and my old replays dont work...

In 8.4 these replays work:

ARL V39 Ace tanker, Radley + a shitload of other medals

Huge TC game with IS-3. Too bad I already had ace tanker medal coz this was epic

Gave up on ever getting Ace tanker with Jagdpanther. Looks like this was what was missing to get it

Matilda Premium Ace tanker round. Hull Down like a Boss

Ace tanker with Pershing with Kawashiro and Dongfeng_DivisionTiger tank is a sniper? No its not!!! :DDDD

Will update if there is anything I find interesting.




VK DB Ace tanker, patrol duty, 2000 damage + 5500 + spotting damage lol


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