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AMX M4 1945 Guide

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AMX M4 1945 Guide

Post  Ding760 on Thu Mar 21, 2013 11:41 pm

Main characteristics

AMX M4 1945 (later the "AMX M4") is the tier 7 french heavy and last of the heavy tanks in the french heavy tank tech tree to not have autoloader nor oscillating turret. But like the rest of the heavies in the french tech tree after the tier 5 BDR G1B french heavy tank the M4 has superior weaponry and mobility compared to its contemporaries.

Generally the AMX M4 is somewhat specialist vehicle better suited for experienced players and overall is an average performing tier 7 heavy tank according to EU server statistics [1].

Specs of the tank:

Price: 1,395,000 credits
Exp: 47,590 to open from ARL 44
Hitpoints 1100, after turret upgrade 1200.
Engine chance of fire 20% (all engines)
View range 360m (with better turret)
Gun depression/elevation: -10/+12 degrees.


Traverse 24deg/s (best tracks)
Top speed 35kmh
Turret traverse: 30deg/s

- 90 mm F3
- 105 mm Canon 13TR
- 90 mm DCA 45
- 90 mm DCA 30

AMX M4 has crew of 5:
Radio Operator


The AMX M4 is one of the fastest and more mobile tier 7 heavies in the game. Only heavy tank that has better mobility at tier 7 is the russian IS tank but even then the AMX M4 is considerably nippier than the rest when traversing or going at speed. Also unlike the IS the AMX M4 is not a close combat vehicle at all. Turret traverse is also very good on the AMX M4 and the AMX M4 generally has no trouble keeping up with faster tanks trying to circle it. The mobility also allows the AMX M4 to avoid arty shots and change locations or flank enemies really well for a heavy tank. The good mobility also allows the AMX M4 to support a medium push or to get to critical map locations early in the game.


Overall the armor of the AMX M4 is poor. It has big profile which is hard to hide and thin armor all around. Frontal armor is only 90mm thick at moderate angle, turret front is 100mm thick on the better turret. The hull and turret sides are just 70mm thick with no sloping at all. The side armor thickness for example means that at maximum angle just below the ricochet angle (just below 70 degrees) you can only bounce shots with less than 204mm of penetration. Generally this means that bouncing shots from the sides against other tier 7 heavies is extremely difficult.

Side scraping technique generally works rather poorly in AMX M4 due to the thin side armor and forward placed turret.
It can be said that only armoured part of the tank is the small turret mantlet which can occasionally bounce or take hits without losing hitpoints just at the cost of gun damage. Generally bouncing relies on enemies hitting the edges of your tank or hitting your gun and taking it out without damage. Or hitting your tanks without any damage.

It is also worth nothing that because the AMX M4 never really had any armor it does not suffer at all from the credit bought premium ammo. It keeps its soft and hard stats just like they were before the premium ammo change. Because the AMX M4 never relied on armor the general inflation of armor and increased importance of mobility made this vehicle be almost unaffected by the premium ammo change.


The AMX M4 comes with extremely good selection of guns and all of the guns can be unlocked in the previous tier 6 vehicle (ARL 44) leading to the AMX M4. It is highly advisable to unlock the 90 mm DCA 45 gun on the ARL 44 so you can use it directly in the AMX M4. The two best guns are:

- 105 mm Canon 13TR
alpha damage: 300 hitpoints, dpm of 1875 hp/minute,
penetration 165mm with AP and 223mm with premium ammo (apcr),
accuracy 0,41 and aimtime of 2.9s

- 90 mm DCA 45
alpha damage: 240 hitpoints, dpm of 1675 hp/minute,
penetration 212mm with AP and 259mm with premium ammo (apcr),
accuracy 0,36 and aimtime of 2.9s

When you upgrade from the ARL 44 to AMX M4 you should have all the guns researched. This allows you to use the 105mm canon 13TR gun directly in your stock AMX M4 if you use enhanced leaf springs equipment. Without the enhanced leaf springs you need to use the 90mm F3 to earn the exp for the tracks. After that you can use the 105mm gun to earn enough exp to get the better turret or the tracks. Getting the better turret and the 90mm DCA 45 gun first will help you more than the better tracks.

Because of the nature of the tank it is best played as sniper/flanker/tank destroyer type of support vehicle while using the excellent gun depression and the terrain of the maps to your maximum advantage. You generally want to shoot targets from longer distances which puts more weight on accuracy and penetration specs of the gun. With the 90mm DCA 45 you can penetrate almost all tanks frontally you will meet in battle while keeping safe distance to the enemy. Some tier 8 and 9 tanks are problematic though and need careful aiming and bit of luck.

The 105mm canon 13TR carries higher alpha and dpm but suffers from poor accuracy and penetration values. If you want to use the AMX M4 as a heavy medium type of vehicle then the 105mm gun might work better for you because of the higher dpm. But that role is very difficult to pull off in this tank due to its big profile and poor armor.

So while on paper the 105mm gun has better dpm the much better penetration and accuracy of the 90mm DCA 45 gun more than makes up for the smaller alpha. The true dpm you will achieve in the battles will be much better with the 90mm DCA 45 as well because your shots hit and penetrate more often. Penetrating higher tier tanks requires careful aiming and knowledge of tank weakspots.

It is also worth noting that the 90mm DCA 45 has enough penetration to never actually require any premium ammo. With the 105mm canon 13TR gun you can sometimes load premium ammo for better chance of penetration but the improved penetration of the premium ammo of 223mm is not enough to penetrate all tier 9 tanks frontally. On the other hand the 90mm DCA 45 has premium ammo that has penetration value of 259mm which is enough to penetrate tier 9 heavies and tank destroyers from the front.


Comparison to other tier 7 heavies

Compared to other tier 7 heavies the AMX M4 has its own specific playstyle and mix of special abilities which can make it deadly and under estimated opponent. Let's look at the stats:

These statistics are a bit misleading. Despite the numbers the AMX M4 is much more mobile than the stats suggest. The shown values for top speed and traversing overall are very truthful to the in-game performance which is not the case at all when we look at some of the other tanks' stats like the Tiger p, KV-3 or T29. The AMX M4 also has very good turret traverse which makes it a difficult target to circle in medium tanks and combined that with its good track traverse it can indeed turn very quickly.

Looking at the guns and damage dealing ability the AMX M4 shines. It has the best penetration of all tier 7 tanks while also having good accuracy. As for soft stats the AMX M4 has also excellent gun depression. This allows the AMX M4 to use the terrain very effectively, use its mobility to get into good locations or flank the enemy and the high accuracy and penetration means most of your shots will do damage. Only tier 7 heavies that have better accuracy are the german tigers and they are just 0.02 more accurate and have the same aim time.

Armor wise the AMX M4 is poor. Even in hull down position its turret front remains vulnerable to enemy fire due to the lack of big mantlet. Unlike other tier 7 heavy tanks the AMX M4 can not fulfill the traditional heavy tank role. Even the tiger h can at times bounce shots with angling the AMX can not. The kind of heavy tank driving you can do in a tiger p or KV3 is simply impossible to do in AMX M4.

The AMX M4 is also rather weak against HE shells and artillery and is quite similar in this respect compared to the T29. The big difference is that T29s get shot by arty a lot more because they need to be closer and are spotted more easily. AMX can attack effectively from longer ranges which makes it also harder to detect. Also the AMX M4 is somewhat under estimated tank so the big enemy tanks and artillery will rarely focus fire on you. Unlike the T29 the AMX M4 can not take hits and bounce shots while hull down because the AMX M4 doesn't have a big mantlet to protect it.

Being a soft big tank does not help and generally you want to avoid big HE guns and HEAT (KV2, VK2801, Sherman M4 and the like. AMX M4 also has the least amount of hitpoints of the tier 7 heavies. This only further emphasizes the need to avoid taking damage. Unlike the IS the AMX M4 can not magic bounce shots with its russian armor because it has french armor.

As for other soft stats the AMX M4 has decent view range. Camo value of the tank is really poor though and even as a pure sniper it is no use to carry equipment like camo net [2]. It is also better to let others spot for you.


As tier 7 heavy tank the AMX M4 meets vast variety of different types of vehicles. It has no special match making so it fights with heavies, mediums and tank destroyers from tiers 5 to tier 9 and all tiers of light tanks in the game. The AMX M4 also meets artilleries from tiers 4 to 6 [3].

The AMX M4 is very well suited to fighting all kinds of tanks. High penetrating accurate weapons allows it to do reliable damage to all tanks up to tier 8 frontally from mid range and to most even from long ranges. Due to the lack of armor the AMX M4 may find some difficulty in battles where it is the sole heavy tank on its team because it does not have the armor to bounce shots even from tier 6 tanks frontally. Also the good mobility may encourage the driver to push too deep too soon in the battles with nasty consequences.

Overall the AMX M4 has really nice combination of soft stats which allow it to be formidable force in every battle. As top tier tank it suffers from lack of armor and big size which make it unsuitable for typical heavy tank role. Even as top tier tank the AMX M4 is best played as sniper or 2nd line support vehicle. In higher tier matches this role works extremely well for it though.


The AMX M4 really shines in maps where it can use its long range accuracy and gun depression. Open maps like Murovanka, Redshire, Steppes and Erlenberg provide lots of good positions where the AMX M4 can do lots of damage to enemies while using the terrain to its benefit. Usually this involves sitting behind a bush or hill behind your front line tanks or using terrain and gun depression to deliver solid dpm. Typical to french tanks the gun elevation upwards is not very good so avoid positions where you need to aim and shoot upwards.

On city maps being patient and not being first generally works but here the AMX M4 has to fully rely on its team mates to push the charge. On city fights the good penetration helps when fighting other tanks frontally but it is always better to use the mobility for flanking in such cases. For peekaboo fighting in cities or holding a street you want to use something else. Good penetration and accuracy allows you to hit weakspots like lower glacis or cupolas in such situations with good accuracy though.

In city maps you want to look for places where you can shoot enemies from behind cover at longer ranges. Trading shots with anything is always pure suicide in the AMX M4 though and sometimes it is better to run away than fight so you can fight again later on with better chances.

Advantages of tank

Main strengths of the AMX M4 are:
+ very good gun depression (ability to aim down)
+ good accurate high penetrating gun(s)
+ mobility

Disadvantages of tank

Somewhat difficult tank to play due to the lack of armor and big size. Also has the poorest camo of all tier 7 heavies. Generally the French tanks are also the hardest tanks to play well but with good skills can really win games if the mobility and weapon potential are well used.

Suggested crew skills

If you have a crew you can use from the tier 6 french tank the ARL 44 it is suggested to do so.

The best crew skills are generally the same as ARL 44. 6th sense for the commander and repair skills for the rest as their first skills. Alternatively switching the repair skill for other crew skills that help with aiming or mobility will work fine as well. Skills that help with module damage are not recommended because generally module damage is not a problem with AMX M4.

Suggested equipment

As a sniper the AMX M4 works best when it can see the enemy from far away, can aim fast and shoot first. This means using binoculars, large caliber rammer and enhanced gun laying drive. When you first get the AMX M4 it is advisable to use use the enhanced leaf springs (class 3) so you can use the 105mm gun. After you have earned the exp for the better turret and tracks you can replace the enhanced leaf springs with the binoculars.

For consumables the typical loadout of small repair kit, small first aid kit and fire extinguisher works the best. Using 100 octane fuel instead of fire extinguisher is a good choise as well if you can afford the extra cost per match.

Extra notes

Sources and links:
[1] Win ratio statistics:
[2] Tank camouflage data:
[3] Match making chart:

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