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SGTA : clan, academy or both ?

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SGTA : clan, academy or both ?

Post  Sgt_Kelly on Tue Mar 19, 2013 9:06 pm

I’ve been wondering if it wouldn’t be beneficial to split the activities of SGTA over two clans, one for the actual academy where inexperienced recruits learn the ropes and another which is more along the lines of a conventional clan for competitive play etc.

It would create more room on the roster for actual students while not tossing old hands who obviously want to keep their affiliation with the clan out into the cold.

People could “graduate” from the academy to the competitive clan. If it proves succesful the number of clans could be increased even further, with each one specializing on a particular phase in one’s WoT career (e.g. climbing tier 1 to 5, the more skill-intensive play from tier 6 onwards and top level highly competitive play).

Thoughts ?

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Re: SGTA : clan, academy or both ?

Post  Vallu01 on Tue Mar 19, 2013 9:48 pm

It's been discussed and done in the past, didn't work out. 2 big problems. 1) Wasn't enough players to create a competitive clan 2) No competent Commander who would have time for it. There were those with the time and those with the skill, but not both. There was about 15 SGTA members who tried this, you may have heard about EU-T, didn't work for reasons mentioned above.

That said, those players moved on and are now in RR, Relentless Rebels. All still playing together and with SGTA members, well those SGTA members who bother to use Academy HQ chat and TS that is. SGTA members with the skill and tanks to do CW shouldn't have any problems joining them if they so wish.

Multiple SGTA clans, wouldn't work IMO. Not enough people to manage that, nor the enough members willing to use TS or custom channels for communication.

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Post  lazydot on Tue Mar 19, 2013 9:51 pm

it will remain Academy. There is always option for people to leave if they want to join a clan which suits them. Because some of us leaved SGTA already in the past to join a real clan with different goals like being more competitive (Absolute TC, CW and ESL) there is "Academy HQ" channel with "proacademy" as password for those who want to stay in touch with older students and instructors. To bad to few of you guys joining this channel. But well its your choice.

In -R-R- clan we have like 10 ex-SGTA members, if some of you gets on a higher level of experience and success (1400+ WN7, 2k+ DPB on tier 10 heavies, 1.5k+ DPB on tier 8s heavies etc) there will always be option to join RR if you want.

And if you manage to be not only good but great you will be able to join all the "top" clans with highest per player requirements like 322/PTS/QV/EFE/UNICA/OMNI/KAZNA/IDEAL etc.

If some one of you really wants to do the job of creating and organizing 2nd SGTA-clan for more experienced people who doesn't want to leave SGTA, do it, its up to you, no one will ever prevent you doing it :-)

EDIT: Finish sneaky bastard managed to post before me, oh no! Well, Vallu basically nailed it.

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Re: SGTA : clan, academy or both ?

Post  Sgt_Kelly on Tue Mar 19, 2013 10:20 pm

Righto, just thought I'd float my little balloon Embarassed .

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Re: SGTA : clan, academy or both ?

Post  Wasp on Wed Mar 20, 2013 1:19 am

Vallu and Lazy said it all pretty much.

But I want to add that you will need active players to keep this second clan alive and you need active players in SGTA to keep the academy alive.

Active means being online nearly everyday, joining TS to chatter around, platooning and doing lessons or stuff.
Moreover you need people who are willing to spend time on a computer game, not just playing but also organising lessons, training battles and TCs or competitions.

I can't ask anyone to invest time into the academy and I don't want anybody to feel forced to play everyday because it is time consuming and I really understand everybody who don't.
But to keep a clan or a project like the academy alive you need a few players like Vallu, Lazy and Rancid who are willing to spend time and energy so you guys can enjoy your stay in SGTA.
And as far as I see it those people are getting lesser and lesser over the time...

I really appreciate your suggestion, Kelly, because it shows you care about the state of the academy.
I hope you are not too disappointed about this strict no from our side, but we are lacking the kind of players described above for more than one clan atm.

o7 Wasp

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Re: SGTA : clan, academy or both ?

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