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Lorrain40t - formula 1 in a lorry shape

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Lorrain40t - formula 1 in a lorry shape

Post  Boos B on Thu Mar 07, 2013 11:27 pm

Another missunderstood tank: the Lorraine40t. It is big, it is soft, but still can be a very nice tank. Why you ask me? Well, let me explain.
Hull Armor: 40/40/25 mm
Turret Armor: 45/30/20 mm

Damage: 240/240/320HP – 300/300/400HP
Penetration: 170/248/45mm – 232/263/50mm
Rate of Fire: 9.45 / 6.71
Accuracy: 0.38
Aim time: 2.7
Turret Traverse: 38 degrees per second
Gun Arc: 360°
Elevation Arc: -6°/+11°

Mobility :
Engine Power: 850hp / 980HP
Speed Limit: 60 km/h
Traverse: 30deg/s – 32 deg/s

Power/Wt Ratio: 22.37hp/t (base)

Chance of Fire: 20% - 15%
View Range: 400m
Signal Range: 400m – 750m
Hit Points: 1,550HP
Weight Limit: 38.0/38.8t – 40.8t


Pros and cons
+ very accurate gun
+ auto loader with decent penetration and damage
+ Quick and mobile

- Big profile
- Paper armor
- reload of the autoloader
Trying to keep it simple here. It is a mighty quick and maneuverable tank. It has a big profile, but the auto-loading gun is awe-inspiring. People know that, when you spit once, 5 more will follow.

Mobile, good gun, but paper armore, what would I do with that.

* Start with sniping. It reduces your exposure and will allow you to maintain proper oversight.
* Act as support tank. Let the big boys engage, then flank the poor guy.
* Hit and run is a good strategy. Peek-a-boo will kill you, but with your mobility you can really get in and out of a fight quickly.
* Remember safe spots. Whenever you reload, you need approximately 40 seconds. These make you the most vulnerable during your game. Return to a safe spot, then get back when you are reloaded.
* Take a place where you have long lines of sight.
* reload when possible. This has 2 advantages:
1) enemies do fear you. They count your shots. You can destroy an E-50 with you damage potential with only taking 2 hits, meaning you live, he doesn’t. If they mistake you for reloading when you are not, leaves a big morale impact. I have seen tanks panicking when they thought I was reloading, when in fact I had 3 shot left.
2) you never know when you can, so do it when you are still in control.
* do not feel the necessity to shoot all shells. Take your time. When they shot, pop 2 or 3 shots, return and keep them locked in their position.
Please note that I personally do not recommend side scraping and angling on this tank, due to the weak armor.

So which mods to take?
I prefer personally to have some items that help me with accuracy and quick aim time. I would say, that anything done in the Lorraine has to be done quick.
* vertical stabilizer
* ventilation
* I tend to use coated optics here.
As another advice: try to get the best gun as quick as possible. It makes a huge difference, but to be honest, I only started enjoying the Lorraine after full upgrade.

* Fire extinguisher
* repair kit
* first aid kit
I put the repair kit in the middle. You will want to move quickly when detracked in the open. This will allow you to spam 5 and move immediately.

Crew skills
What skills would you take when playing the Lorraine?
I prefer a mix of perks and skills. I start with 1 perks then repair:
* Sixth sense
* Repair
* Brothers in arms
* Recon / Jack of all traits
* Firefighting

* Snap shot
* Repair
* Brothers in arms
* Eagle eye / Dead eye
* Firefighting

* Smooth ride
* Repair
* Brothers in arms
* Off-road driving
* Firefighting
So, I go for sixth sense first. I want to know if I am spotted. If you are spotted, it means that prolly you can receive some shells incoming. For my gunner, I go for Snap Shot, which increases your accuracy when turning / moving. For the same reason I go for the smooth ride, which helps your accuracy on the move.

Then I start repair. A Lorraine standing still removes all benefits. You want to be able to move quick.

Brothers in Arms is up next. I use firefighting to get the skill up to 100%, then respec to BiA. It gives overall bonuses, which are not much per skill, but as a total package very interesting.

The last is a bit more to your own preference. I like off-road driving, recon and dead eye.

Last skill I take is firefighting. Although not critical for this tank, it is very useful. As you can see in the weak spots, the armor is thing and the engine is big. Fires are not uncommon (although less frequent then germans.)
To be honest, I use these skills mostly like this. I feel they are the most useful.

Weak spots

Now this is my personal preference, and I am looking for feedback should you have any.

Boos B

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Re: Lorrain40t - formula 1 in a lorry shape

Post  Ding760 on Fri Mar 22, 2013 3:35 am

Just saw this thread now lol.... personally i think the Lorraine got nerfed bad in last update.

I remember I used to dread seeing it. Now they are just meh... and sometimes you really kill it fairly easily....

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