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HowTheStoryEnds - Noob with aspirations

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HowTheStoryEnds - Noob with aspirations

Post  HowTheStoryEnds on Tue Feb 12, 2013 1:30 am

In Game Nickname: HowTheStoryEnds
Country: Belgium
Age: 35
Usable Languages: English, French, Dutch and a tidbit of German
Previous Clan: none
Tanks Owned : tiers 1-3 US,GE and RU
Win Rate : about 53% I think
Matches Played : about 1.5K
How did You hear about SGTA?: wot EU forum

Hi, I'm Harald, a train conductor from Belgium and I play lower tiers tanks since I'm slow in advancing, wanting to learn to handle the tanks and the maps first. I'm always up for some platooning, tank compagnying and such. Playing with friends is a lot nicer than just playing pubbies alone. Smile Due to my work schedule you'll mostly see me in the mornings or really late at night.

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