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Please allow me to introduce myself*

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Please allow me to introduce myself*

Post  godjira on Fri Oct 18, 2013 8:38 pm

Hi I'm John and I play World of Tanks. I have joined SGTA to try to take my gameplay on to the next level and play with better players and learn more about maps and strategies particularly for TC.

According to WOT Statistics, I am Great in a Hellcat and StuGIII and pretty good in mediums, I think I enjoy the challenge of medium play more so I would be absolutely delighted to platoon with anyone in my Panzer III, M7, Cromwell or T-44, if we can get a wolfpack going that would be awesome! It's hard being a lone medium sometimes I need some friends.

The stuff I struggle with seems to be at higher tiers and some heavy play. I have a T54E1 that is like Violet Elizabeth: when it's good it's very very good, but when it's bad it's awful. I also have an E100 that I am sometimes just not sure where to put it on the map that won't result in it being turned in to Swiss Cheese by a Foch. My IS-3 is currently trolling me, good game: lose, bad game: win, but it's close to unlocking the IS-8 if I can be bothered with that line.

I would definitely like to do more TCs and want to be able to eventually go back to my clan to FC. I am up for 42/7 mode as well, but I am not sure if the T69 I have unlocked can still cut the mustard there though.

I will do as many lessons as I possibly can, but the timing seems to cut right in to the time I put my little girl to bed.

I am mostly friendly will be on TS most nights and will always say yes to a platoon request, there is no point being out there on your own with all the eejits.


*If only I was indeed a man of wealth and taste.

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Re: Please allow me to introduce myself*

Post  Sapaki on Fri Oct 18, 2013 9:19 pm

Welcome aboard!

I think you will find what you are looking for in SGTA. As far as the lesson times are concerned, you can always ask from the instructor to push his start time about 30 mins later, PROVIDED you do it quite early after the class in announced (a last minute change would upset the planning of most participants, whereas a slight time adjustment request made early on would probabaly not cause any problems) so as to give you time to tuck your little one in.

Although I do not speak on their behalf, I think that most instructors would not have a problem with that.

As you will see for yourself, our TCs are quite organized and disciplined. You could gradually allow a bit more "freedom" when you FC for your clan, as usually there is less turnover in "regular" clans, and your TC team will probably conist of an evenly skilled bunch of regular participants.

If you want give me (or any Fof our FCs namely Wasp, Vallu and BoosB) a poke on TS and I can explain further the different approaches and philosophies in TCs and other teambased game modes (although I am not an FC myself...)

His Royal Majesty the Admissions Officer of the Clan Himself
His Royal Majesty the Admissions Officer of the Clan Himself

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Re: Please allow me to introduce myself*

Post  RoninRage on Fri Oct 18, 2013 9:35 pm


We already platooned a bit. I hope you enjoyed it like I did. When I am not doing weird stuff (scout tanks or fail tanks or B1) or I am already in a platoon/lesson/TC I am always up for some wolfpacking (british meds tier 8, german meds tier 6, Kv-13 as only russian med at the moment but working up that line too)and normal platooning

Also we will for sure meet again on some TC's because I am big fan of this game mode and hopefully will also enjoy 7/42 as I did in the few games we had on the test server.


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Re: Please allow me to introduce myself*

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