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T18: Could I BE anymore OP?

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T18: Could I BE anymore OP?

Post  Dannyboy on Sun Sep 29, 2013 4:09 am

Sorry to sound like Chandler, but this is one hell of an ass-kicking tank! Razz

What's more, if you have no fear, you'll get yourself quickly killed/quickly killing..

This match i got the latter luckily, hope you enjoy it:

I decide my gun's pretty useless as a sniper so i use my speed to go round and up the hill. At the point i see the french TD i lag out.. and somehow kill him without a shot taken (or it bounced maybe) using auto-aim and clicking madly (whilst screaming at my laptop Razz). Then i just power into a few tanks who seemed to want to get themselves killed. They drive straight in front of my gun, and i rack up a few easy kills, bouncing some pesky Pz.'s autocannon. Get pretty worried as im deep in the heart of the enemy but as my team is advancing i do too, spot the arties, take one for myself, as well as another light tank, and finish off the game by killing the other T18.

Held and demolished an entire flank of the enemy team and had quite a lot of fun :DEnjoy!


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