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The game of all games

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The game of all games

Post  Dannyboy on Mon Sep 23, 2013 3:39 am

Well.. something like that^

Was my final game of the afternoon, decided i needed one more..
Sacred Valley-Encounter

How the battle went:

Decided i would go up to the area where you have turn the cap zone into the kill zone. Lots of tanks go zooming across the bridge, into the cap zone but my team doesnt seem to be doing anything to them. Get quite a few shots
A T1 heavy goes into the cap, with me above him. Just peeking out behind the corner next to the cap is a Kv1. This is when there are about 6 tanks left on each side - i have 3 kills at this point.

Trying to get shots on the kv1 but bouncing a lot.
Keep shooting at the other lighter tanks though, takin quite a few bounces and a big of hp/track damage. Now it's just me and 2 other guys against the T1 heavy, full health KV1 and a light tank. I get a couple of shots on the kv1 staying out of the T1s line of fire as he caps, and i take some damage too. The other other tanks beside me are killed by the T1. A couple more hits and the Kv1 is dead. I turn to the T1, angling my front and he seems to be bouncing most of his shots. i track him twice but bouncing almost eveything. I get occassional shots lowering him down to 4% eventually with me still around 60%. He just goes out of site, still capping, i switch to HE and finish him off.. finally

Pesky light tank comes round behind me. Slowly turning my turret/hull iface him, he rams, i fire a shot.. he rams again and you can guess what happens to him Razz

Was such a fun game, although didnt get a thanks from my teammates ;)They had probably given up already.. some juicy awards though i got Razz


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